• Summer Groove of the Day/Fergie/”London Bridge”

    TweetYou know how sometimes you hear a song for the very first time and think to yourself, “what the f$%k is this?” Well, that’s certainly what it was like the first time I laid my headphones on Fergie’s solo debut ditty, “London Bridge.” But then after a few more listens that were perhaps mixed with

  • 5 Reasons Why We’re Ready for Britney, Bitch

    TweetYou guys all know by now that Philly Mixtape is obsessed with all things Ms. Britney Spears. Why you ask? Well, does anyone really know why? Maybe it’s her I’m-that-bitch-yet-I-really-don’t-want-to be demeanor. Or, maybe it’s because girlfriend has been through it (no rehash needed), and has survived with flying colors. Most of all, as all

  • Weekend Kickstarter Groove/Funky Green Dogs/’Fired Up’

    TweetSadly, our ’90s dance party must come to an end, but not before Philly Mixtape delightfully serves up the glorious classic club cut, “Fired Up,” by Funky Green Dogs. If you haven’t gotten lost in this explosive beat buffet before, now is your chance, because this….track. With its stomping opening, thunderous breakdown and extravagant vocals

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