Groove of the Day/Anjulie/”Brand New Bitch”

Whether she’s serving us all kinds of sass on her hits “Boom,” “You and I,” “Dragonflies” and today’s Monday/life ready anthem, “Brand New Bitch” or penning tracks for Nicki Minaj, Kelly Clarkson and Emma Roberts (yes, that Emma Roberts), Canadian songstress Anjulie has indeed proved herself to be that bitch in the music industry. 

While she hasn’t broken onto mainstream chart territory quite as she has in her native homeland, her songs always find their way to getting wildly remixed (the Bimbo Jones rewerk of “Boom” will also give the start of your week new life) and groove their way straight to the top of the Billboard Dance Charts. Lucky for us, “Brand New Bitch” (which is also her biggest in Canada) is already pumped full of life, complete with a crunchy dance pop groove underneath those on-point and truly one-of-a-kind vocals that take the banger to a whole new kind of f#$k off level. 

So, whatever you need to do to feel like a “Brand New Bitch” for the start of your week and beyond, let Anjulie’s ignited floor romp help get you there. 

Now, dance. 



Music Memory Monday/Stacie Orrico

Born into Italian descent and raised in Seattle, Ms. Stacie Orrico is one of five children of Christian missionaries. After her family moved to Denver, the diva began singing at local churches in her pre-tween days, first gaining major recognition at the age of 12 when she received the top honor in the vocalist category at the Estes Park Christian Artist Seminar in Colorado.

From that experience, Orrico began to build her singing career and released her 2000 debut set, Genuine, which was a mixture of Christian pop with an intertwining of urban flare. While the album was received in “bubbling under” chart fashion, music critics praised the record and compared it stylistically to fellow soulful divas Christina Aguilera and Lauryn Hill. They also took a liking to the fact that the young starlet either wrote or co-wrote most of the tracks on the set, including the Michael W. Smith (!) produced ballad “Dear Friend.” Sigh….

The following year, Ms. Stacie would release a six track seasonal set called Christmas Wish, and it was from making the rounds in support of the album that she would soon meet up with Mr. Matthew Knowles, who not only offered her a deal with Virgin Records, but asked her to join Beyonce, err, Destiny’s Child on their 2002 U.S. tour. Since we all know there’s no better exposure  than hanging out with Queen Slay, Orrico’s career would suddenly skyrocket and she would soon serve up her self titled 2003 debut set, which gave her tons of TRL recognition, as well as a pair of successful Billboard chart singles in “Stuck” and your favorite pondering it all jam,  “There’s Gotta Be More to Life.” The newfound success would also earn Orrico a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary/Pop Gospel Album, but unfortunately she lost and was clearly robbed.

However, due to the fact that she was still a teenager at the time, Orrico decided that the constant pressure and fast pace of the music industry was too much for her, so she took a break from it all and moved back in with her family in Seattle in the mid ’00s. She did manage to strike back in 2007 with the album, Beautiful Awakening, but as we all know by then, those coveted TRL days were long gone, and unfortunately, so was  Orrico’s short-lived music career. 

But no need to trip because after her break from the public eye, the diva headlined the QB Goes Live concert in 2008 in Cambodia, performing to an audience of over 50,000 at the Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium. She also maintained overseas success with a short tour in Japan, and a few years later, she linked up with lite rock group The Fray on their third set, Scars and Stories, appearing on the track “Ready or Not,” which took The Fugees original to new music heights.

While we may never know of Stacie Orrico will rule the music charts again, what we can do is be grateful for what she gave us in those earlier days, because let’s face it, life was just a little easier and breezier when her airy grooves were making the music rounds back-in-the-day, wasn’t it? Double sigh….



Mixtape Music News

1.Janet Jackson announces 2nd leg of Unbreakable World Tour…

Feb 24th….Wells Fargo Center…..all we need to know. Tickets go on sale July 20th. For more info, get to werk right here.

2.Lea Michele pays a touching tribute to Cory Monteith two years after his death….

Today mark two years since Glee actor Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room after combining “intravenous heroin use” with alcohol. He was 31.

Future Scream Queen Lea Michele was dating Mr. Monteith when he passed away and earlier this morning, she posted a photo of the actor driving on Twitter. “Today we remember the laughter and joy you brought into our lives every day,” she wrote. “We think of you always and love you so.” You guys can check out the touching photo right here


3.50 Cent files for bankruptcy…..

Uh-oh. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to court documents filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy, Mr. Jackson’s “debts are primarily consumer debts.” The one-time unstoppable rapper reported assets and liabilities ranging from $10-$50 million.

The unfortunate filing comes close to two months after 50 Cent’s boxing promotions company, SMS Promotions, filed for “relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy code.”

And as if 50 didn’t have enough drama, on Friday, a jury ordered Mr. Cent to pay $5 million to Lastonia Leviston who claims the rapper acquired a sex tape she made with her boyfriend at the time, which he used in a 2009 13-minute video featuring him as commentator, Pimpin’ Curly, throwing shade Leviston and fellow rapper Rick Ross, who have a daughter together.

Yikes, 50. 

4.Ryan Murphy spills all kinds of tea about Lady Gaga on ‘American Horror Story:Hotel’..

Comic-Con attendees got quite a scary treat when the stars of the much anticipated American Horror Story: Hotel appeared on a joint panel with the stars of Scream Queens.

Returning AHS vets Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters were joined by new addition Matt Bomer and co-creator Ryan Murphy to preview just what the hell will be going down when viewers check into the haunted hotel this October.  

Although Murphy and his stars were tight-lipped (as they usually are), they did reveal their character names: Bates is Iris, Bassett is Ramona, Peters is Mr. March, Bomer is Donovan and Paulson will play Hypodermic Sally. (#yas)

“Actually everybody on this side of the table are bad boys and girls this year,” he said pointing to the entire AHS team on the panel. “The fun thing about the show is I always want to write the opposite of the season before.”

Murphy also went on to high-praise his new leading lady, Ms. Lady Gaga, who is all set to play an evil character as well. “She said, ‘I want to be evil.’ And I said, ‘OK, you came to the right place,’ ” Murphy said.

But, one thing Gaga won’t be doing this season? Singing.  “Never say never,” said Murphy. “I felt I got that out of my system. I loved doing it and I thought it was a weird thing that we did. But no, I feel like the fun of it is doing something different. So I feel like we did that.”

Hey, at least we’ll always have “The Name Game“……


5.We can all calm down….Demi Lovato didn’t throw shade at Ariana Grande…..

Just to clear things up on this steamy July Monday–Demi Lovato says there is no music shade between her and Ariana Grande. However, over the weekend, that was quite a different story according to some fans…

At this past weekend’s MLB All-Star game, Lovato performed her 2013 single “Made in the USA.” Some thought the patriotic song choice — as well as the fact that Lovato reportedly asked everyone in attendance the question, “How many of you guys are proud to be an American?” — were meant to shade Grande, who is still recovering from Donutgate, err, wisdom teeth surgery. 

Not so, according to Lovato, who addressed the rumors on her Twitter account on Sunday…over and over again. 

No shade, right?