Table Talk w/Morgan Page

There’s really no need to argue that no matter what we go through in this funked up thing called life, you just have to keep putting that mind, soul, spirit and body to work…it’s really quite that simple. 

And you know what is really quite simple? Getting your access to witness globally renowned beat all-star Morgan Page pulverize NOTO this Friday night as he’ll be putting all of those elements to the strobe lit test with a set that’s guaranteed be nothing short of explosive as we set sail into the first weekend of March. 

Feelin’ good yet? If not, you should be because he’s coming, Philly, and we need to be more than ready to welcome this forceful iconic DJ’s pulsating presence. 

A Vermont based musician, producer (and new baby Daddy!), Morgan Page made himself known on the dance music scene in the early ’00s thanks to a series of house tracks and remixes for the likes of Terry Lee Brown, Jr. and a shade-worthy rewiring of Ashlee Simpson‘s cheeky 2004 hit, “Boyfriend.” Yes. 

The soon-to-be world destroying DJ became a household name in 2009 after his glorious collaboration with folksinger Lissie on the classic anthem, “The Longest Road,” earned him his first Grammy nomination. Page then scored a second nomination the following year for his shimmering remix of Nadia Ali’s “Fantasy,” and needless to say, he had certainly arrived and wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

That has certainly proved true a decade later as Page has not only served us with a headphones full of dynamic studio records (dive straight into 2010’s Believe, 2012’s In the Air and 2015’s DC to Light hereconquered a three-year residency at The Wynn in Las Vegas, and he’s certainly made the outdoor music festival scene his bitch…and we’ve loved and lived for every groove-filled second of it. 

Before his impending smashing set at NOTO, Morgan was kind enough to take some time to turn the tables with Philly Mixtape, where he took a seat and spilled about new fatherhood, what keeps him motivated and goals for the rest of this year and beyond. 

Listen up..because this true professional DJ has certainly been speaking and we need to keep paying 

First up, tell me about the exact moment you knew that being a professional DJ was exactly what you wanted to pursue in life…I honestly never thought it could be a viable career. Being a DJ was fantasy in my head and making music was really the first step. While in middle school I saw my first demo of how computers could “talk” to synths and it blew my mind. 

Which DJs have inspired you along your path? Sasha and Digweed were big inspirations. I remember in high school they were sending me test pressings for my radio show and I’d have to fax charts to London. My high school classmates were like “what the hell are you doing?”

Like those legendary DJs, you’ve also played around the world, ya know, just a little bit. Any favorite places you’ve ever been to? Anywhere you haven’t played that you’re itching to get to..right now? My favorite venue is Red Rocks in Colorado because most clubs start to become a blur and feel similar. Outdoor venues in unique settings are the best. I still haven’t played Tomorrowland yet which would be amazing!

So….your official club refiring of your outstanding collaboration with Tegan & Sara’s for “Body Work” is one of my personal favorite remixes of all time, and I’m sure for a lot of the fellow beat junkies out there. But above the bounce, it’s quite a motivating force through its beat. Which rituals do you personally have on a daily basis to keep you going strong through creating fire like this? My daily ritual involves a lot of coffee, writing morning pages and to-do lists on a big legal pad, and just locking myself in the studio. I keep track of every technique or method of working that I find useful or inspiring on my quick tips page, which you can check out right here.  

I also see that you’re a new Dad! Congratulations! I have to know…does baby Bea have her first pair of headphones yet? Thanks! She needs a mini pair of V-Moda’s. It’s exciting to have a baby and a studio so close. I can start training her early!

Any classic albums you personally can’t live without? I don’t revisit music that much – I listen more to podcasts and audiobooks, because I spent so much time listening to music in the studio. But I love Odesza’s debut album and Beck’s “Morning Phase”

Of course, what all of us Philly fans want to know…..what can we expect from your soon-to-be thunderous set at NOTO this Friday night? Big room progressive, lots of vocals, tons of custom mash-ups and edits of my originals and some familiar favorites. 

Describe your 2019 ambition in one pulsating little word or phrase. Focus..on..the..core. 

And there you have it. To get lost in the Morgan Page experience this Friday night at NOTO, put those headphones on and click those keys right here

For much, much more table talkin,’ rewerkin’ madness, cut a rug or fifty with Philly Mixtape right here and here

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Rewerk Wednesday/Morgan Page

“You do your body werk…”

Yes, that’s exactly what we all do whenever the hard pumping beats provided by renowned American house DJ Morgan Page get to bumpin’ and grindin’ on the floor….

…..and this Saturday night he’s about to serve up all of it with a takeover at Premier Nightclub in Atlantic City

Born and raised in Vermont, Grammy Award nominated Morgan Page kickstarted his life into the world of electronic music at the oh, so young age of 12. (Don’t we all?) A few years down the road, his mixes caught the ears of disc jockeys at local radio stations around the area and soon Page would really make a name for himself after grabbing a key slot on the University of Vermont’s top station. Oh, yeah, he was also still in high school at the time. Yes. 

It was from that career jump where Page really expanded his thirst for knowledge in the dance music universe (there’s just so much!), and it wasn’t long before he took an internship at the Plastic City dance label. And from there, well, the rest is pure strobe-lit history. Besides releasing a buffet of 12′ inch singles beginning in 2000 and still going strong today (his latest E.P., Breaking Borders, just came out a few days ago), he would also release close to a dozen albums over the next almost two decades that would serve out hit-after-hit including “Fight For You” co-starring Lissie, “Call My Name” with Tyler James and this year’s “Other Girl” featuring Rayla and “Fight My Way” with Moses Keenan. Play them all. 

But perhaps Page’s most shining piece of floor art is his throbbing and pumping rewerk of “Body Work,” a groovy 2012 number he dished out with everyone’s favorite twin sister music duo, Tegan and Sara. And although any of Page’s above listed accomplishments and club burners are certainly a good enough reason to be curious as to hear what he’s going to throw down this weekend in AC, there’s just something (okay, everything) about this remix that will make you put in that werk, hunty. 

Hey, there’s a reason why Morgan Page held down a three-year residency in Las Vegas…and it’s all going to be on display at Premier Nightclub on Saturday night. Get those tickets and then let’s fucking dance...because we must.