• Tuesday Music Truth

    1.Is there music shade between Sia and Katy Perry?  Although “Chandelier” songstress Sia may have written for all the divas including Rihanna, Beyoncé and Adele, there’s one A-list diva whom the camera-shy Aussie songwriting pariah hasn’t had the easiest working relationship with: Ms. Katy Perry. During a spill to Rolling Stone about her forthcoming studio album

  • Hump Day Music Truth

    1.Adele owes Lorne Michaels her NBC life… A chart destroying 3.38 million albums aren’t sold in a week without shrewd promotion, but Ms. Adele managed to own this feat with relatively few U.S. media commitments, each of them on NBC. Long time NBC player and Saturday Night Live guru Lorne Michaels played a big part

  • Tuesday Music Truth

    1.The Vamps cover The Biebs…. On a recent visit to BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, The Vamps stopped by to perform a rendition of Justin Bieber’s smash-hit apology tune, “Sorry.” The English Breakfast tea sipping band came full swing with their rock band arrangement and a slew of back-up female vocalists who made up for

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