Groove of the Day/Missy Elliot/”I’m Really Hot”

There’s really not much to say except that it’s really, really hot outside once again and this classic flow provided by Missy Elliot from her ’03 record, This Is Not a Test is guaranteed to heat things up just a little bit more. 

But in the most delightful way, of course. 

Now, dance because the weekend is almost here and you need be…ready

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Groove of the Day/Mýa/Silkk the Shocker/”Movin’ On”

Oh, the days when R&B songstress Mýa stormed the music charts. Life was just so much simpler back then, wasn’t it? 

That’s because at a fresh eighteen years old, the D.C born songstress and future Grammy winner would serve us life with Billboard chart owning hits “It’s All About Me,” “Ghetto Supastar” (O.D.B…Rest in Peace) “Case of the Ex,” “Best of Me,” “Free,” “My Love is Like…Wo,” of course, “Lady Marmalade,” and today’s always trunk ready groove,”Movin’ On” (that bass line, though), co-starring….Silkk the Shocker. 

With her light, yet husky vocal tone mixed in with those moves (MTV Icon:Janet Jackson, anyone?or Chicago?) Ms.Mýa easily fit the mainstream mold amongst other divas all up in the late ’90s female solo/group R&B game–Destiny’s Child(the original four!), Total, Mokenstef, Changing Faces, Monica, Brandy (who were both wrapped up in The Boy is Mine era at the time), and of course the late great Aaliyah. Anyone who followed her short lived, but sweet career knows that girlfriend worked it out as hard as she could before the music industry (sigh..)switched turns and that beloved moment of life ready music became a distant memory. But, oh, yas, there’s certainly no need to argue that those classic jams still sound as fresh as they did the day they were sent to radio. 

With “Movin’ On,” not only get to wonder just what the f#$k happened to Mr. Shocker’s music career, but we’re still served with a solid groove that will indeed help us move on from the fact that it’s now September 1st, meaning it looks like summer is (un)officially over (and sunshine, for that matter? Eeek!), but as long as we have tracks like this one that will continue to just give it to us in every way, it’s all mighty damn good. 

Now, sway along with this classic Mýa flow because…life. 

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10 Dance Floor Fires Guaranteed to Chase Those End of Summer Blues Away

Here we go, kids. 

Pretty much forty-eight hours from now, most of you will be at your Labor Day weekend getaways and will have one mission in mind–to get it done summer ’16 style. Whether you’re bulldozing through the Jersey Shore, spray painting on that Speedo for Rehoboth or just planning on kickin’ it Xscape style at a block party on the, um, block, it’s truly time to relax, unwind and let the sunny (and f#$king hot!) memories take over for one last sun-kissed romp. 

Of course, it can also be a depressing time of year for some of us (okay, all of us) because…summer, which is why the perfect playlist is required to help make us not feel all emotional like Britney on a botched Matt Lauer interview. Here’s ten from deep inside the Philly Mixtape end-of-summer dance music vault, ranging from the recent (Hey, Ms. Lovato) to the classic (you still betta werk, Ms. Houston), but each of these floor fires are guaranteed to not just chase those Lana blues away, but help you man the f#$k up because looking at how fast time goes by quickly goes by these days, Memorial Day 2017 will be here before you know it. 

Now, let’s dance and be safe as f#$k (and dry??) this holiday weekend. 

Lana Del Rey/Summertime Sadness/Cedric Gervais Refire If this Ms. Rey rewire provided by Mr. Gervais isn’t leading your (dreaded) end-of-summer playlists…they just don’t count. 

Steve Appleton/”City Won’t Sleep”/Moto Blanco Remix Your feet won’t sleep once this classic Moto Blanco music flavoring gets underneath them and takes you out into the deepest depths of the dance music sea. True story. 

David Tavare/”Hot Summer Night” One of those satisfying grooves that plays out like a rewire…and then isn’t. 

Bananarama/”Look on the Floor”/Angel City Refire Not that you should ever stop playing “Cruel Summer,” but do it and then see why when it comes to this precious gift from the dance fire heavens. 

Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”/Todd Terry Rewerk A deeply delicious Demi rewerk is perfect for when you just wanna take a bite of the dance music cherry and have some fun…and remember..don’t f#$king tell your mother, bitch. 

Jennifer Lopez/”Waiting for Tonight”/Hex Hector Refire No explanation needed. 

Whitney Houston/”It’s Not Right, But It”s Okay”/Thunderpuss 2000 Remix While it’s not right that summer has seemed to have come to an abrupt end, it’s okay as long as we have Ms. Houston’s anthem for the ages intertwining with our werk lives for all of dance music eternity. 

The Knocks/Carly Rae Jepsen/”All That”/Knocks Bootleg Remix Now, cool it down…but not too much…as it’s time to get out there and poach one last summer one night stand to this remix

Candi Station/”Summer Time With You” End of summer chill/baby makin’ jam provided by the dearly departed Ms. Station and this timeless sugary groove. 

Dave Aude/Jessica Sutta/’i’m Gonna Get You” Now, get out there and get it and own fall because there’s a whole lot of pumpkin spiced everything headed your way and you need to dance your way past all of those basic EDM bitches at Starbucks. Go. 

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