• 10 Dance Floor Fires Guaranteed to Chase Those End of Summer Blues Away

    Here we go, kids.  Pretty much forty-eight hours from now, most of you will be at your Labor Day weekend getaways and will have one mission in mind–to get it done summer ’16 style. Whether you’re bulldozing through the Jersey Shore, spray painting on that Speedo for Rehoboth or just planning on kickin’ it Xscape style

  • 5 Ways to Check…Your Life Out of a Creative Slump

    Let’s spill about that not so elusive creative artistry life for a moment, shall we? (to those who of you out there in Philly who are just straight up living it…werk). Oh, how it can take you to the highest of all highs when you’re getting the fucking job done one moment, and then make

  • Groove of the Day/Deee-Lite/”Groove Is in the Heart”

    Which classic ’90s flow still has the ability to funk you up all night long and is just all wrapped up in liscious? That would certainly be NYC based psychedelic dance group Deee-Lite’s retro floor filler, “Groove Is in the Heart.”  Consisting of Supa DJs Dmitry, Towa Tei and funkdafied and fabulous lead diva Lady Miss Kier, Deee-Lite first

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