Forgot About Friday/Brooke Hogan

Picture it….2006…..Justin Timberlake was bringin’ “Sexyback”……….Beyoncé had us all living that “to the left, to the left,” life….people were just starting to pay attention to then U.S. Senator Barack Obama and Brooke Hogan was crushing hearts on Hogan Knows Best and destroying the Billboard charts with her music career. 

Okay, so that last statement may be a bit of a stretch, but Ms. Hogan was on that show and did have a music career that lasted for about…ten minutes, which is why she’s the perfect diva to set off another fresh round of Forgot About Friday

Growing up with The Hulkster, Brooke decided to steer away from wrestling and instead surrounded herself with music provided by the Isley Brothers, Earth, Wind & Fire, Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton. Catching that not so elusive entertainment bug early, B started taking piano lessons at just five years old, eventually going on to add dancing, cheerleading and voice lessons (??) to her ever-growing entertainment resume.

After landing an opening spot on tours for Hilary Duff and Backstreet Boys, Brooke recorded her first single, “Everything to Me” in 2004, the same year the Hogan family was spotlighted on a VH1 television special that would eventually become the show you loved-to-hate-to love….Hogan Knows Best. Of course, Ms.Hogan’s fame skyrocketed and the world would not only get to see the eldest Hogan sibling spat with her overprotective father (and brother, hey, Nick) but it would also document her thirst for becoming the next great pop diva. We would no sooner get to see esteemed 2006 music producer Scott Storch (Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, 50 Cent) take the young diva under his wing to record her first record, Undiscovered, which included collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Beenie Man, Cam’ron and future long lost music subjectPaul Wall, who teamed up with Brooke on the record’s lead single, “About Us.” Remember? Of course you do…Linda. 

However, since this is an FAF music life we’re dealing with here, all good things must come to an end, and that they did (very quickly, mind you), when by mid-2008, Brooke’s family had disintegrated on TV, leading to the cancellation of HKB and the divorce of her parents. Having just turned 20 years old at the time, Brooke transformed her newfound independence into another reality TV series, Brooke Knows Best, which launched that summer….and lasted just that summer. But before her career left us, she did serve us with her sophomore set, The Redemption, which was more of the same pop fluff, as evident in gooey tracks “Strip,” “Handcuffed” and “Hey Yo,” which pretty much sums this reinvented Forgot About Friday experience all the way up. 

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Groove of the Evening/Spice Girls/”Holler”

Let’s spice up our evening a little bit, shall we?

With smash hits “Wannabe,” “Say You’ll Be There,” “2 Become 1,” “Spice Up Your Life,” “Viva Forever” and “Stop” notched on their girl powered up bedposts, we dare not say that anything cooked up by Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh--aka the legendary UK music mistresses Spice Girls–falls into the dreaded “underrated” category. 

Except for one……..”Holler,” the lead single from the Girls R&B owned third (and final!) 2000 studio album, Forever.

Recorded after Ginger left the group to record “Look at Me” (but she was such an important part of the Spice Girls, right, Ana Faris?), the gals third record was a departure of sorts from the pop tart tantalization of their previous efforts, Spice and Spice World, as the ladies wasted no time in calling the late ’90s/early’00s music producer pimp himself, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, to executive produce the album. 

While Forever stalled in the U.S., it still went on to sell four million copies worldwide and proved that our beloved overseas goddesses could do it without ol’ what’s her name…until they didn’t, which is why “Holler” (and…sigh…”Goodbye” for that f#$king matter) went pretty much nowhere except for like, number four on TRL..….most likely because this video. 

So, while we patiently wait as to whether those SG reunion rumours like Lindsay are actually true (again), it will certainly have to do, so relive it up and spice up your life, bitch. 

Besides what other track do you know that dares to be so bold in rhyming “holler” and “follow?” Genius. 

Thank you, ladies. 

This month’s grooves sound like….



25 Albums to Get Hyped for This Fall

What do new albums from Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Melissa Etheridge, JoJo, MIA, Calvin Harris, Xtina (??), Fergie and Green Day all have in common like Ms. Alicia Keys? They’re all featured on Philly Mixtape‘s fall album preview featuring 25 albums that are guaranteed to get your headphones and your foliage lives all sorts of hyped and ready. 

Happy fall, y’all! 

Alicia Keys/Hopefully Soon Because a little Ms. Keys in the pumpkin spice owned weather is always the perfect combination. And if every song is as striking as her current fire, “In Common,” than we simply can’t wait for the album in which the singer recently said is “the best music I’ve ever made.” Ready. 

Beck/October 21st After touring in lieu of the massive success of his Grammy-snatching 2014 Morning Phase record, Beck recently spilled to RS that “It felt like starting over” because he saw quite an array of young faces in his (usually sold out) concert crowds. With the younger element mixed in as well as listening binges to the records of Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper, the ‘Loser” singer ventured back to the beat-driven sounds of his more classic albums including Odelay and Midnite Vultures.  Linking up with his former bandmate Greg Kurstin (Adele…enough said), Beck seems more than ready to serve us with new tracks, “Seventh Heaven” and “Wow,” which are creating quite a buzz due to their big riffs, melancholy melodies and Talking Heads influences? Hey, only in Beck’s world, and pretty soon, we’ll all be living in it. 

Bruce Springsteen/’Chapter and Verse’/September 23rd A companion audio album, if you will, to the upcoming memoir, Born to Run, five never-released songs are on deck in which we’ll get to hear a pre E Street Band backed Springsteen singing along with other bands before he locked it all up with his famous band mates to become…The Boss. Also on the much-anticipated set will be 13 other songs ranging from a 1972 demo of “Growin’ Up” all the way to 2012’s “Wrecking Ball.” No comparison to Ms. Cyrus, of course. 

Calvin Harris/? Now that he’s stepped away from the Taylor, the well paid DJ Harris is getting back to what he does best–making music to make us f#$king dance, case in point his latest trio of singles, “Hype,” co-starring Dizzy Gillespie, “My Way,’ and of course this summer’s delectable dance ditty, “This is What You Came For,” co-starring Ms. RiRi. Now, if we could just get a release date and any truth to the rumors of an Ariana Grande collaboration for his follow-up to 2014’s Motion….only dance music time will truly tell. Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting under those shiny disco lights.

Capital Cities, Title TBD/October 21st Three years ago, L.A. based synth-pop duo Capital Cities served it up with their Billboard Top 10 hit, “Safe and Sound,” and then were pretty much never heard from again. But luckily for us, those one-of-a-kind grooves will be fired back up just in time for basic bitch season, in which it’s rumored we’ll be getting funkdafied uptempo breakup jams in “Vowels,” and big, swinging popalicious melodies, hopefully like CC’s cover of Madonna’s ‘Holiday,” which is everything. More of that, please. 

Fergie/Double Dutchess/TBD In her latest single, the thump-tastic, “M.I.I.F. $$$,” Ms. Fergie Ferg states that she didn’t mean make us nervous, but now we’re all nervous that her long, long awaited follow-up to ’06’s The Dutchess (which turns 10 next week..and yes) is never coming out. So, what’s the deal, Mrs. Duhamel? Meanwhile “L.A. Love” will have to do because we don’t want our $$ back. 

Green Day, Revolution Radio/October 1st It’s already been four years since Billie Joe Armstrong and his Green Day brothers served out all kinds of ambitous music life join on the electrified  ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! album trilogy, but looking ahead to their latest studio venture, the pop-punk superstars have created a scaled back that spotlights a nation in turmoil. Lead single “Bang Bang” is inspired by the perspective of a mass shooter, while the roaring title track was conceived by elements from Black Lives Matters protest marches. The legendary music gentlemen close it out with the gentle “Ordinary World.” “After all of the chaos that’s on the album, whether it’s pop culture or whatever new apps we’re using, everything gets so complicated and at some point you want something simple,” spilled Armstrong to Roling Stone. That’s sort of what [the song] is about.”

Hed Kandi/TBD Although legendary overseas dance label Hed Kandi usually serve us with about five compilations per year, they truly shine in the fall by releasing their shimmering year end sets, which could feature any dance music artists ranging from Gorgon City, Kiesza, Duke Dumont, MNEK, Sam Feldt to AlunaGeorge and back around the disco ball. We’re ready. 

Iggy Azaelea/?? Hard to believe(well, not really) that it’s been two years since Ms. Iggy had us all sorts of “Fancy” and living for our “Black Widow” lives, but due to all that shade, plans for a new album have been put on the shelf..or have they? Because there is a new album out there…somewhere and just may be served out this fall. 

JoJo/Mad Love/Oct 14th After what’s felt like years of anticipation (oh, has), our “Leave” and “Too Little, Too Late” galpal is finally striking back with a ferocious new sound and sass, as clearly evident in her feisty Wiz Khalifa co-starring Love lead single, “F$ck Apologies,” which truly holds nothing back when it comes to the return of Mizz. JoJo. Also on board for the Aquamarine star’s new romp is “Here” and “Wild Things” songstress Alessia Cara, and the one-and-only Terror Squad and “Conceited” bitch herself, Ms. Remy Ma, who pops them bottles on the simply titled, “FAB.” We’re like, so ready for that one.

Katy Perry/? Besides it being revealed that Ms. Katy Perry is the highest paid woman in music, the “Dark Horse” singer also helped deliver her sister’s baby this week, all while finding the time to get back into the studio top record the follow up to 2013’s so, so Prism set. While it’s unclear whether or not Olympics inspired single “Rise” is the jump off jam for this new era, all we know is that we’re all certainly ready for some new Katy Kat grooves in our lives….perhaps something a little bit deeper this time? 

Kings of Leon/Walls/October 14th After 2013’s Mechanical Bull left a bad taste in devoted Kings fans mouths, Drummer Nathan Followill recently told RS that he thinks the group overthought the 2013 record:”We had a shitty time trying to chase a hit.” For this new set, they fell into that West Coast vibe, taking over a recording studio in L.A. and brought in Florence and the Machine producer Markus Dravs to create an album with a “no-pressure vibe.” But since this is Kings of Leon we’re spilling about here, there will still be lots of plugged in vibes, case in point, “Find Me,” which has already been dubbed as a classic King’s “arena pounder.” Prepare to get lifted, bro. 

Lady GagaJoanne/Oct 21st Besides the oh, so plugged in lead single, “Perfect Illusion,” we didn’t know much about Ms. Germanotta’s much anticipated fifth studio set…until yesterday In a music tea with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, the former ArtPop diva spilled that she was still in the studio and hoped to have the thirsty new set headphones ready over the next 48 hours. The “Just Dance” songstress also revealed the album’s title–Joanne, named for her late aunt, whose death from lupus at age 19 left a lasting heartache on Gaga’s father’s family. If you’ll recall, the singers middle name is also Joanne, so you can put your paws up in betting that the upcoming record is going to be an extremely personal ride. For much more on Gaga’s latest studio venture, peep this Rolling Stone article right here. 

Melissa Etheridge/Memphis Rock and Soul/October 7th What happens when you put that legendary voice in the studio to record a full album of blues and jazz covers, including ones from the likes of Otis Redding and Staples Singers? We’re about to find out because for her fourteenth studio set, Ms. Etheridge got down to her blues roots and then some, meaning we better start clutching our music pearls in anticipation of those always dazzling live performances right about…now. 

Metallica/’Hardwired …. to Self-Destruct’?November 18th Yes, that Metallica are back to amplify our f#$king worlds once again. Really, just read that album title, you can tell they haven’t lost their edge one bit. As if the group who served us with “Enter Sandman” ever would. Let’s rock. 

MIA/’AIM’/Out Now What’s wonderfully weird, a touch political, full of fucked up beats and just what you might need to bump in your trunk right now? That would be AIM, the latest from Sri Lanken spitstress MIA (get it?), that proves she’s not going anywhere, no matter what you think of her, Madonna. #memories 

Missy Elliot/??? This one is more of a mystery than the current season of AHS, but it has been over a decade since Ms. Elliot served us with The Cookbook, and that’s a god damn long time. If only she would find the perfect beat to serve us because “WTF” just…didn’t. No shade, it’s just that…we’re more than ready for some brand spankin’ new M-I-S-S-Y-E. Aren’t you? Yas. 

Norah Jones/Day Breaks/October 7th Get ready to live like it’s 2002 all over again because for her latest studio offering, soulful Come Away With Me Diva Norah Jones is going back to her piano-based jazz roots that delivered her all…those…Grammys (8!!) in 2003. For this smooth, silky go around, Jones has her own band, including sax legend Wayne Shorter, all of whom gently glide beside her on several original slow jams, while the singer also covers Duke Ellington and Neil Young, which we’re sure turned out to be pure moody and delightful music magic. Welcome back, Ms. Jones. 

Phish/Big Boat/October 7th There’s no denying that the legendary psychedelic rockers just keep going and going and going. And you’ll certainly be following them around again and again once the push for their latest studio set begins next month. 

Pitbull/Climate Change/October 7th Get ready to “dale” like su vida depends on it this fall, kids. And Ms. Kiesza (remember her?) is stopping by to lend her vocal power on the title track. Ay dios…mas musica de Pitbull para todo el mundo. 

Regina Spektor/Remember Us to Life/Sept 30th So, you know the lovely singer who owns the Orange is the New Black theme song? Well, this is her and after taking a little bit of time off to become a mom, she’s back to own your soul once again with her gritty, groovy ballads and unmistakeable vocal flair. Yas, piano kween. 

Shawn Mendes/Illuminate/September 23rd Be still out tween hearts this fall because the eighteen-year old “Stitches” swooner is finally getting his first big boy studio album, you guys! 

Tinashe/Joyride/October This may seem hard to believe, but R&B goddess Tinashe has been on the scene for nearly three years now, but her debut set hasn’t been released to headphones yet…until now. After a January release date (among a handful prior) was delayed, the sexy singer, songwriter and fabulous dancer ended up taking some time off from a spring tour (she stopped by Philly a few months ago) to complete the highly anticipated project. Of the delayed set, the “Compay” diva spilled, “Looking back on it now, delaying the release inspired me to create stronger material. The adventure — the highs, lows, setbacks and triumphs — most influenced me during the process of creating this album. Joyride is about embracing the crazy journey life throws at you.” Indeed, and we can’t wait to just put it all in gear with Ms. Tinashe’s Joyride this fall. 

Tove Lo/Lady Wood/October 28th Hey, with a title like this one, we know exactly what we’re getting into when it comes to Swedish singer Tove Lo’s eagerly anticipated sophomore set. Pass the old “Habits,” please…because when it comes to this bitch…they’ll never die hard. 

Van Morrison, ‘Keep Me Singing’/September 30th Yes, that Van Morrison is going stronger than ever before at seventy-one years old. Now, be quiet and get your “Brown Eyed Girl” on because…life. 

Xtina/????????? Okay, now this one may be more of a stretch than Missy’s latest album, but the singer has been, oh, fuck, who are we kidding? Xtina’s follow-up to Lotus is never coming out…however…the disco-kissed Nile Rodgers produced “Telepathy” plucked from Baz Lhurman’s red-hot Netflix music drama, The Get Down, is all sorts of delicious. 

So, groove on and happy 2016 fall music season! Let the games…begin.