• Music Tea w/DJ Robert Drake

    If there’s one entertainer in the entire tri-state area who knows more about ’80s music than your mother, your brother, your grandma and your third cousin twice removed put together, that esteemed honor would go to iconic Philly DJ Robert Drake. Whether he’s testing your ’80s music knowledge, musically chatting it up as host and

  • Jam of the Evening/Michelle Williams/”We Break the Dawn”/Karmatronic Rewerk

    While the original mix of Ms. Michelle Williams’ post-Destiny’s Child ’08 solo trek, “We Break the Dawn” (written by Solange!) was a bit of a snooze fest and failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 (can girlfriend ever live?), overseas beat maestros Karmatronic came along and created a classically killer club rewerk that takes

  • 25 Philly Events Worth Your DNC Entertainment & Beyond

    So, anybody hear that the Democratic National Convention is heading to Philly, like, right now?  Of course you have and here we all are getting ready to brace ourselves for the historic event in the making that’s about to take over the City of Brotherly Love. And while there may be little traffic and security

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