• 5 Reasons Why We’re Now Officially Ready For a New Britney Era

    TweetOops….Britney Jean Spears done did it again, y’all.  With just a click of her fabulous heel steps, the legendary reigning Vegas queen just turned the world on its axis all while snatching the summer groove crown with the release of her oh, so steamy new single, “Make Me”(Ooh).” First of all, that cover. Second of

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Check into Pennsylvania 6 This Week

    TweetBy now, many of you out there reading this right now are well versed in everything that Pennsylvania 6 Philly has to offer. Whether you’ve indulged in any one of their decadent menu items off of their American Contemporary Cuisine tinged dinner menu, got your oysters on during happy hour, or made way to their

  • Jam of the Day/Beyoncé/”7/11″

    TweetA Bey beat that truly needs no explanation (do any of them?), “7/11” was the “surprise” video and track that the Queen of Heart Attacks and tennis fan served us with in 2014 off of her Beyoncé:Platinum record. While the song itself was a deeper step into the Lemonade direction, its accompanying video is always just

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