5 Reasons Why We’re Now Officially Ready For a New Britney Era

Oops….Britney Jean Spears done did it again, y’all. 

With just a click of her fabulous heel steps, the legendary reigning Vegas queen just turned the world on its axis all while snatching the summer groove crown with the release of her oh, so steamy new single, “Make Me”(Ooh).” First of all, that cover. Second of all, the bedroom ready headboard breaker was cooked up by UK music producer BURNS (Rihanna, Calvin Harris ), while co-penmanship is credited to Spears herself. Yas. 

It’s no secret that Spears’ new single had a wee bit of trouble getting released into the mainstream music wild due to “production troubles,” which in turn also kept any details about her upcoming ninth studio album (tentatively titled ‘B9,’ or as we’ll most likely be calling it Private Show) under wraps.

But now, here we are and she’s certainly done it again as everyone is buzzing about Britney’s sexy new musical direction…which just might be her most interesting one yet. So, here are 5 reasons why we’re certainly more than ready for whatever the legendary Ms. Britney Spears  is about to unleash upon us very, very soon. 

1.Because “Make Me(Ooh)” is god damn everything….. In case you haven’t heard, Britney’s new single is summer music truth. Although a far cry from her EDM soaked dance-pop, Spears delivers raw, real vocals on top of a coo-ey sex groove that is sliced by a fiery guest spot by red-hot rapper, G-Eazy. There’s no denying that Britney isn’t the best vocalist in the world, but she knocks it out of the park mostly because her vocals don’t nearly sound as processed as they usually do–it’s a nice treat, indeed. Plus, the line “raise my roof” is classic and it’s now ahead of  Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” on the iTunes 100. Enough said. 

2.Have you seen Ms. bitch lately? Not that we ever want to go back in time, but Britney has certainly come a long her way from her crazy head shaving days of yester-Spears. It seems that ever since ’07 (#neverforget), our girl has kept on an incredible transformation road, which has made her the legendary the pop diva she will now always be. However, looking at how f#$king fierce she looked during her performance medley at this past May’s Billboard Music Awards, and how she sick she looks in both the just released commercial for her new fragrance Private Show and the leaked clips from the “Make Me” video, this bitch has never looked better….seriously. We’re ready, gurl. 

3.Shes about to take the current sex jam diva trend to a whole new kind of level… If you haven’t noticed lately, our current radio divas are getting a little more sexually feisty with their latest offerings. First, Ms. Grande set things off with the sex-scorned anthems on her latest set, Dangerous Woman, especially with the (literally) stripped down title track. Ms. Demi Lovato is also taking it all off in her delicious new track, “Body Say,” and now it looks as if Britney is headed in the grimy, gritty sex jam direction. 

Much like we’ve seen with the R&B laced Blackout and the dance floor ready material on Femme Fatale, Britney knows how to take a music trend and run with it, so you know her and her team of producers (this is Britney here, she needs helps’s all good) are about to take all of us and all pf those other girls up into the sex jam bedroom and show them how it’s done. 

4.Because we can finally move on from “Pretty Girls”… Hard to believe that it’s only been a year since the “Pretty Girls” disaster, but it certainly feels longer because it took so long for new Britney music to smooch our headphones. And while we all know the story of why the song didn’t do so well (all Ms. Azaelea, of course), we can finally move on with our lives, because you know you played it just to remember the last thing we got from the diva. “Make Me” is certainly a more pleasant solution to our new Britney music problems, and now we can finally wash away the memory of “Pretty Girls” forever. It’s time to say goodbye. 

5.Because we’re just like, so ready for the new album. Get it, get it, Brit Brit…we’re waiting. 


5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Check into Pennsylvania 6 This Week

By now, many of you out there reading this right now are well versed in everything that Pennsylvania 6 Philly has to offer. Whether you’ve indulged in any one of their decadent menu items off of their American Contemporary Cuisine tinged dinner menu, got your oysters on during happy hour, or made way to their weekend bubbly brunch, you love it, you really, really love it. 

They’re also no strangers to opening their doors to hosting an array of fabulous events along the way, including a number of political fundraisers and their wildly successful Not Your Basic Brunch parties, which are set to dance their way back into your lives this fall.

This week is of course no expectation as PA6 will be hosting not one, not two, but three wonderful events that will make you want to head straight on over to 114 South 12th Street right away. (That’s their address in case you want to Uber there after you read this article). 

So, just what is on Penn 6’s deliciously love-filled agenda this week? Read on to find out much more and we will see you there! 

1. The Komen Philadelphia Young Professionals Community will be taking over happy hour tonight…Since Tuesday is the most “blah” day of the week (it really is), why not get into “almost hump day” formation by stopping by Penn 6 at 6 tonight for a special happy hour with the Komen Philadelphia Young Professionals Community, who are re-launching with a new vision along with a bright new energy, and would love for you to join them in their reinvented venture. 

A suggested $10 donation at the door (or any donation you would like to offer), will make way to a two hour open bar, delicious light fare, good company and even better forward conversation as these young guys and gals come together to maybe, hopefully getting us closer to the finish line for the race for the cure of breast cancer, which is a battle many have lost along the way and is one that many are fighting as we speak right now.  So, come out tonight and support the Komen Philadelphia Young Professionals Community, because they’re more than ready to rock it out in all of their pink glory. 

2.Werk 4 Orlando will make you feel the love on Thursday night..In just two days, Pennsylvania 6 and Philly Mixtape will be joining love-filled forces up to bring you an incredible happy hour fundraiser called Werk 4 Orlando, with proceeds going to help those affected by the senseless tragedy at Pulse Nightclub, which shook all of our worlds a month ago today. 

A suggested $10 donation at the door (or any donation your generous heart desires) will also give you a lovely ticket to win a fabulous gift basket provided by Philadelphia Distilling, who are joining us as sponsors for the love-filled evening. (And there may or may not be a delicious cocktail called a “Summer Smooch” waiting for you, which may or may not be love-muddled with watermelon…guess you’ll have to stop by to find out!)

Also for your early evening delight, there will also be close to two dozen items featured in a truly spectacular silent auction, among them being generous donations from Pennsylvania 6, Franky Bradley’s, Nutz & Boltz gay men’s clothing, Loew’s Hotels, Boxers, and many more businesses and restaurants from the area who’ve been absolutely wonderful in showing their love for Orlando and beyond. 

However, since there’s no better way to get the message of love across then through the power of music and entertainment, also joining us for the love rollercoaster ride is an incredible cast of extraordinary local entertainers including DJ Chris Urban, local singer Jo Stones and local songstresses Lisa Parks and Chali, who will be introduced to the stage by red-hot NYC drag diva Pissi Myles, who I personally know is more than ready to help us continue the message that love, love and more love always wins over that pesky hate…always. It’s a message that we need to keep getting out there…so let’s do it.

All proceeds from the auction as well as proceeds from the door will be going towards funding both Planting Peace and The Center Orlando, two incredible charities who are making great love waves in making sure the victims families of this senseless tragedy are not just taken care of, but making sure we never, ever forget the names of the 49 lives we lost on June 12th, 2016.

On behalf of Philly Mixtape and Pennsylvania 6, we can’t wait to see everyone there! And for much, much more on this event and other ways you can show your true werk for Orlando, smooch it up right here.

3.Golden Girls Quizzo on Sunday will have you checkin’ your fabulous purse for your cheesecake life…. Hey, there, you sassy golden gurrrl. How well do you think you know Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Ms. Rose of everyone’s favorite former Saturday night NBC comedy diva squad, Golden Girls? 

Well, get ready, Stan, because Burlesque star Turnpyke is about to put all of your GG knowledge to the test when he takes over Penn 6 this weekend for a Sunday Funday Quizzo that will truly push you to your Miami limits. Even more fabulous is that Blanche Devereux herself–aka fabulous Philly drag queen, Aloe Vera–will be, um, manning all of your quizzo questions to make this one bubbly brunch you’ll never forget. Well, unless you’re a Rose. Meaning, grab those forks and those pencils and prepare to dig into all of the cheesecake love you can handle this Sunday. 

4.Their scrumptious summer menu is in full effect…. Although each of the above mentioned events will certainly want to make you show your Pennsylvania 6 love this week, their main attraction of course is their current summer menu, which is all wrapped up with the finest culinary touches and taste bud tantalizing, thanks to Chef Mark Ricker. 

Among the items that have been making the summer menu rounds is a light-and-smooth Monkfish Osso Bucco, which is hugged by maitake mushrooms, baby tokyo turnips, all while drizzled with a hot-and-steamy truffle jus.

There’s also the Berkshire Pork Collar placed on top of logan turnpike cheddar grits which is so riduculiusly good that it’s sort of ridiculous. Then of course there’s their infamous raw bar and this soft polenta..well, you, get the idea, so get your idea of what you want to order right here when you stop by to revel in Penn 6‘s mouth-watering summer menu…because you know you want to now. 

5.Theit trademark Gin-Jin cocktail is just what you (yas, you) need…. What do you get when you mix muddled cucumber, a healthy serving of gin, a gleaming dash of elderflower and top it off with a spicy, yet sinfully sweet ginger-cayenne elixr? You are blessed with Penn 6’s trademark Gin-Jin cocktail, which is just one of the delicious adult beverages on their cocktail list that will certainly put the “Be” in your “Yoncé,” along with the Champagne rocked Southern Belle and those tasty Buleit Old Fashioned’s for days. Thirsty? Yas. 

So, which will day we will see you this week? The answer is simple–everyday. 

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Jam of the Day/Beyoncé/”7/11″

A Bey beat that truly needs no explanation (do any of them?), “7/11” was the “surprise” video and track that the Queen of Heart Attacks and tennis fan served us with in 2014 off of her Beyoncé:Platinum record. While the song itself was a deeper step into the Lemonade direction, its accompanying video is always just so light and frothy as it comes complete with lots of nostalgic outfits, (an almost stepped on) Blue Ivy and one fish eye lens camera that we still haven’t  been able to escape from. 

And since today is officially 7/11, its the perfect groove to blast as we smack it, smack it in the air and get ready for a brand new week that will hopefully be filled with love…lots and lots of love. 

Now, slap on your Kale sweatshirt and dance it out like Bey and her girls. Happy Monday.