Jam of the Day/Beyoncé/”7/11″

A Bey beat that truly needs no explanation (do any of them?), “7/11” was the “surprise” video and track that the Queen of Heart Attacks and tennis fan served us with in 2014 off of her Beyoncé:Platinum record. While the song itself was a deeper step into the Lemonade direction, its accompanying video is always just so light and frothy as it comes complete with lots of nostalgic outfits, (an almost stepped on) Blue Ivy and one fish eye lens camera that we still haven’t  been able to escape from. 

And since today is officially 7/11, its the perfect groove to blast as we smack it, smack it in the air and get ready for a brand new week that will hopefully be filled with love…lots and lots of love. 

Now, slap on your Kale sweatshirt and dance it out like Bey and her girls. Happy Monday. 





20 Philly Events Worth Your Entertainment While This Week & Beyond

Now that 4th of July is behind us, there’s no need to argue that it seems as if summer flies by from this point on, so that’s why Philly Mixtape will be bulking up its events calendar to 20 shimmering displays of Philly entertainment love, all to delay you from the presumed summer truth that is ahead of us. 

Kicking things off this week and beyond, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and Hall & Oates will be taking over our legendary music lives once again, Sum 41 will have us living that TRL life at this year’s Warped Tour, and we are just nine days out from Werk4Orlando, a love-filled happy fundraiser that will have Philly Mixtape teaming up with Pennsylvania 6 to bring you an incredible love-filled early evening that you’ll never forget. 

However, first up on the list is the latest on Philly4Pulse, a blockbuster fundraiser that will be taking over the gayborhhod very, very soon…meaning if you haven’t take off your night job yet, now is the time to do it because this groundbreaking event is truly going to be spectacular. 

Let’s go. 

Philly4Pulse/July 21st In less than three weeks, every single one of your favorite rainbow rockin’ hot spots in the gayborhood (and waaay beyond) will be joining love-filled forces and serving up , PHILLY4PULSE, a historic fundraiser that will be constructed for a one night only massive event for the victims and families of the tragic shooting that took place at Pulse Nightclub almost a month ago.

Kicking things off at 7 pm, you’ll be able to find guest bartenders from City and State government offices in and around the Skittles-hued hood, including Rue Landau, Councilman Squilla, Councilwoman Gym, Congressman Brady, Captain Jack Ryan of the 6th District, Senator Farnese, and Officers from GOAL. In was also recently spilled that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims and Philadelphia’s Director of LGBT Affairs Nellie Fitzpatrick will also lend their prowess in this historic event that will certainly be one to remember. 

But let’s talk about the tremendous entertainment that’s about to put on a show that will make us never forget our 49 brothers and sisters we lost in Orlando last month. While there’s still many, many details yet to be revealed, it’s confirmed that Mimi Imfurst will be taking over the Voyeur stage, Valanni’s Noel Mayas and Madison Kennedy Matthews will be hosting ArtPop4Pulse, Woody’s will be serving up a Latin flavored dance party and Franky Bradley’s stunning drag troupe Franky’s Foxes will be whipping up something very, very special for your love-filled evening and then some. 

Another fabulous thing you should look out for will be details on how to grab a $20 VIP ticket, which will grant guests access to all performance venues and dance parties throughout the evening, in which funds will go to The Center for Orlando, the Florida city’s LGBTQ hub, which you should absolutely check out right here. 

For much, much, more on this truly one-of-a-kind event, get your rainbow on right here and stay tuned for much more Philly4Pulse tea to be spilled over the next few weeks. This will be one gathering that you and your fabulous drag mother will not want to miss. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke/All Over Philly Now that we’ve celebrated our independence, keep it ringin’ for the rest of the summer by heading out and saying hello the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr, Philly’s one-and-only Sing Your Life Karaoke queen, who has a collection of grooves that are guaranteed to make all of your song butchering dreams come true. You can catch her on any one of these nights tending to every single one of your musically sunburned needs. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2, Sarah’s Place, 1216 N. 29th Street Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.

Monarch Philly/All Summer Long By now, you’re well versed in just about everything Monarch Philly (formerly North Shore Beach Club) has to offer, including their wet-n-wild Industry Tuesday nights, as well as their action packed weekend night swim, which always features a revolving roster of guest DJs from around the Philly club scene. This upcoming sizzling week and beyond is no exception as DJKB, Adrian Hardy and DJ Daily will be taking the dance reigns to get you in the right mood that will make you want to get your cabana and bottle serviced up life on for the rest of the summer. For much more, including info on how you don’t have to break your bank every time you take a dip in the pools at Monarch, you should absolutely doggie paddle it up right here. 

DJ Chris Urban at L’Etage/Every Saturday Night Celebrate your summer dance floor life by getting sinfully served by the swagger of one of Philly’s hottest DJs.

Sister Act:The Musical/Walnut Street Theatre/Now through July 17th Only twelve more days until Sister Mary Clarence is out of your lives for the summer…

Weezer & Panic! at the Disco/Tonight/BB & T Pavilion There’s still tickets left for tonight’s concert, so if you want to see if the Fonz is going to pop up and recreate his iconic Happy Days/”Buddy Holly” moves, get your Chachi on right here. 

Songbird Season 6:Beyonce Week/Tonight/Tabu Lunge & Sports Bar Does this one really need an explanation? 

We the People/L’Etage/Wednesday Join DJ J CLEF as he serves up a night of delightful drag, bouncing burlesque and disco kissed dancing provided by a diverse showcase of some of the best talent the City of Brotherly Love has to offer, including Cleo Phatra, Miss China Doll, and the always fabulous, Ms. Icon Ebony Fierce. Yas. 

A Tribute to Stevie Wonder featuring DJ Spinna/Thursday/The Foundry Because Mr. Wonder is and always will be straight up life…especially when the raw talents of DJ Spinna are doing him mother f#$king justice. 

Vans Warped Tour/Friday/BB & T Pavilion Yes, it’s 1999 all over again thanks to a roster that includes 3OH3!, Sum 41, Yellowcard, and of course, Chunk No!, Captain Trunk! Pass the JNCO’s, please. 

Chris Lake/Friday/Coda Just dance. Really, it’s all you need to do, especially when it comes to the throbbing catalog served up by Mr. Lake. 

Billy Joel/Saturday/Citizens Bank Park Because you still want to know who really started the fire. Well, that and the fact that you’ll always be completely obsessed with Mr. Joel. 

Florida Georgia Line/Saturday/BB & T Pavilion Giddy up right here and get those tickets, kids….and Nelly, is that you? We can only hope. 

Sindustry Sundays at Valanni Since Sunday Funday is the most fabulous day of the week, chill at Valanni each and every Sunday as they kickstart their new Industry night starting at 10pm, which will feature an all new late night happy hour munchie menu and cocktails…lots and lots of cocktails, all while DJ Drootrax spins the grooves that you will want to hear as you brace yourself for Monday. 

Hall & Oates/Sunday/BB & T Pavilion Yas, being rich is a bitch, gurl. But you know what else is a bitch? Not going for those tickets and missing the legendary local twosome’s annual summer stop. 

Bob Dylan/Sunday/Borgata Because what could be better than being serenaded by the stoned grooves of the legendary Bob Dylan down at the Jersey Shore? Absolutely nothing, and it’s just another reason to get excited before Jakob Dylan’s dad (sigh..) stops by the Mann later this summer. 

Lion Babe/SundayThe Foundry If you’re looking for a way to truly chill out before the start of yet another work week, then the Brooklyn based retro soul stylings of Lion Babe at The Foundry are just what the music doctor ordered. Just listen to their glistening single “Jump Hi” and find out why. 


Werk 4 Orlando/July 14th In just nine days, Pennsylvania 6 and Philly Mixtape will be teaming up to bring you a love filled happy hour fundraiser called Werk 4 Orlando, with proceeds going to help  those affected by the senseless tragedy that occurred at Pulse Nightclub last month. 

A suggested $10 donation at the door as well proceeds from an incredible silent auction featuring close to two dozen items from local (and one from maybe the Jersey Shore?) businesses and restaurants will be going towards funding both Planting Peace and The Center Orlando, two incredible charities who are making great love waves in making sure the victims families of this senseless tragedy are not just taken care of, but making sure we never, ever forget the names of the 49 lives we lost on June 12th, 2016. 

Also along for the love rollercoaster ride is an incredible cast of extraordinary local entertainers including DJ Chris Urban, local singer Jo Stones, local songstress Lisa Parks and spicy salsa dancer Chali, who will be introduced to the stage by red-hot NYC drag diva Pissi Myles, who is ready to help us continue the message that love, love and more love always wins over that pesky hate…always. 

On behalf of Philly Mixtape and Pennsylvania 6, we can’t wait to see everyone there! And for much, much more on this event and other ways you can show your true werk for Orlando, smooch it up right here. 

The Golden Gurlz/August/Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar With a cast that includes Drag Mafia head mistress Brittany Lynn and acting diva partners in ratchet crime Pissi Myles and Bella Cane, we’re going to need all the time in the world to prepare ourselves for what will be unleashed in the gayborhood with this show next month. And remember….always be a Dorothy in the streets and a Blanche in the sheets.

Listen to Music/Every damn day Because, why the f#$k wouldn’t you? 


Jam of the Day/Janet Jackson/”Rock with U”

Out of all of Ms. Janet Jackson‘s deliciously underrated grooves (“Got Til it’s Gone,” “Son of a Gun,” anything post-Nipplegate), perhaps none are as silky smooth as “Rock with U,” the second single served up off her ’08 Discipline record.

Cooked up by Ne-Yo, Jermaine Dupri and Eric Stamile, Ms. J’s strobe-lit sonnet was only received as a “bubbling under” chart success, but was welcomed with open headphones due to its oh, so sexy video. Directed by Saam Farahmand and provided with extraordinary choreography by Gil Duldulao, the bright, bold video features dazzling futuristic costumes and a buffet of on point dance moves that we’re still trying to copy. But what makes this video extra special is that it was shot in just one long take. which easily puts in the ranks of being one of Janet’s most creatively satisfying and dance-worthy clips right alongside “If,” “Miss You Much,” “Rhythm Nation” and “All For You.” 

Those out there who’ve reveled in every step of the video for “Rock with U,” know exactly what we’re talking about here, and for those of you who haven’t, well, you’re certainly in for a real treat as we begin to set sail into 4th of July weekend. 

Ready, set, rock. 

Be sure to rock it out with Philly Mixtape on…….

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