Forgot About Friday/Snow

Oh, the ’90s. 

Ask anyone whose lived through the decade (which is basically everyone that reads Philly Mixtape..and by the way, thank you..celebrating two years of entertainment truth this week, kids!), and they’ll tell you that it’s those three little words right there perfectly sum up the one time Monica Lewinsky owned decade. 

And for all of the millennials out there who’ve wondered why us older kids are a touch more bat shit cray and woke, you can blame it all on Milli Vanilli’s rain and everything else that came out of the decade. One of those fabulous elements being today’s Forgot About Friday subject, Canadian rapper Snow and his former “Informer” bad self which took over the Billboard charts and our ’93 lives like a, um, blizzard.

Of course, this was also the year that Rupaul’s “Supermodel” took over our runway lives, so you know that when Snow told us he was going to “licky boom boom down,” we were there and ready to werk all parts of whatever the fuck that means. While the rapper indeed went down as one of the biggest one hit wonders of all time, there was still enough interest in his debut set, 12 Inches of Snow (yay, puns!) to push it past the platinum mark in sales, and being as a fact that truly no one can serve up another Snow song without looking it up (#weekendchallenge), you get the idea of just how big “Informer” was in our everyday lives. 

However, since this is Snow were talking about here, there’s always a forecast calling for a bit of drama, and that seemed to be the case during the rapper’s heyday. As if his DJ companion, Marvin Prince, quitting mid tour in 1994 wasn’t enough, later that same year, the dearly departed and legendary Prince was a bit peeved at Snow after failing to submit his name/symbol to a handful of tracks beyond the solo “Runway.” And while there was supposed to be a court case and all the legal works involved, Prince left it up to his mother and her friend in the law business, in which documents somehow “disappeared” and the case never made it to the court room. 

But judging how Prince’s career was around decades before and after the year long reign of Snow, it just goes to show how you should always let the family handle your business or no more licky boom boom downs for you, boo. 

Seriously, does anyone know what the fuck that means? Even Suri’s stumped, but then again…oh, the ’90s. Which is why we could dive a bit further into all of Snow’s late ’90s/early ’00s werk, but really, what’s the point? Seeing as how every ’90s kid out there pressed play on “Informer” before getting down to all of these words, it seems as if that Forgot About Friday point has been made and then some. 

Beat drop. Happy weekend. 

And seriously….thank you like Alanis to all of those who support Philly Mixtape. While many have tried to block the truth (namely one person in Philly whose name shall not be revealed until the Mixtape Memoirs are on the New York Times bestseller list), and there’s even one fine “business” on Instagram whose taken the name for their very own, but since shade and imitation are the best form of flattery….it truly says that there can only be one original Philly Mixtape..and it’s right here and all because of you out there who, like, really care and stuff. 

And of course…as you will see a bit later down the 2017 road…this all couldn’t be done without a little Britney. 


5 Albums Celebrating Milestones in 2017/Divas of ’87 Edition

If there ever was a Super Bowl trophy awarded to a list with the most ’80s diva prowess, it would be this one right here. So, take a look and let albums by Ms. Whitney, Ms. Debbie, Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Watley and two (underrated) albums from Ms. Madonna take you all the way into the end zone for a touchdown of diva life, honey.

Whitney Houston/Whitney As if the fact that next week marks five years since the entire world lost our beloved diva of everything, we now must accept that her stunning sophomore set will be three decades old this year. But no need to feel all emotional and wonder where your broken will go, because when it comes to this album, we must celebrate music life. So, go find that somebody and dance it out all night long….because Whitney is here to stay

Madonna/Who’s That Girl Soundtrack/You Can Dance There are three things we must state here…….Who’s That Girl is the most underrated film in Madonna’s, um, body of cinema werk…..two…..the title track from its accompanying soundtrack as well and “Causin a Commotion” are the second and third most underrated grooves in her music vault, so get into them….and three….”Spotlight” from Dance is the first. Any questions? Didn’t think so. 

Debbie Gibson/Out of the Blue While there are many things we can spill about here when it comes to Ms. Gibson’s Billboard owning debut opus, like how every track still hits our ’80s “G” spot and how Debbie’s perky personality for days was the real winner here. But, alas, we must give respect and attention where it’s due because to this very day, with soul destroying single, “Foolish Beat,” Gibson remains the youngest person ever to have written a Billboard number one hit. So, no need to feel sorry for her at all, she’s healed up very nicely. Well, except when it comes to the all-white outfit in the “Foolish” accompnying video. We don’t think anyone can truly get over that. 

Tiffany/Self-titled  While Ms. Spears owned those ’90s shopping mall tours, Ms. Tiffany certainly set the bag, er, bar extra high when she came along in the late ’80s and made us work for our Fashion Bug and Deb lives. Serving up a debut album that was full of flame haired life and Tiff’s scratchy, yet woke vocals, namely in tracks, “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “Danny,” “Spanish Eyes,” and if we really want to go there, “Could’ve Been,” that is if those dumped-on-the-playground memories have properly healed yet. Sigh..

Jody Watley/Self-titled  Sass, sass, big ass gold hoops and more sass. Yes, those were all of the elements that Ms. Jody Watley served up on her debut album and then some, which was her first set after venturing out on her own from her accompanying group, Shalomar. And gurl, did it work like a charm, especially in those singles including “Still a Thrill,” “Don’t You Want Me,” “Some Kind of Lover,” and “Looking for a New Love,” all of which will make you want to hit that runway of life where Ms. Watley’s debut album is there waiting and waiting to still give it to us thirty years later.



10 Classic Mandy Moore Singles

Kicking things off with a bit of TRL truth, we all know how it went back in the Carson Daly day…Godney, Xtina, Jessica SimpsonMandy Moore

However, looking at how Ms. Simpson is still stuck in the Macy’s shoe department (although they are quite fabulous) and Ms. X decided to continue her “career” on The Voice, it’s safe to say that Ms. Moore is now a runner-up to the legendary Ms. Spears..and it’s about god damn time. 

Of course, the “Candy” coated girlfriend has rightfully earned that spot with her solid wig snatching portrayal as “The Mom” on the NBC ratings blockbuster/life destroying show, This Is Us, in which coincidentally sales for Kleenex have gone way up because this show will make you feel all kinds of it

So, while we patiently clutch our pearls in anticipation for next Tuesday’s episode, let’s celebrate Ms. Moore’s well deserved time to shine in the spotlight by remembering all of those singles that became her path to own all of Us and the world. 

“Candy” Let the games begin with a fond remembrance of all of those Abercrombie & Fitch outfits and one shiny lime green VW Bug that you know you wanted to cruise around in and pick up boys with Mandy…and most likely still do. 

“Walk Me Home”  The first of two offerings from the 2000 dance flick, Center Stage. If you don’t remember the movie, this video will definitely jog your ballet’ lovin’ memory. 

“So Real”  Like, it’s just so real we can’t f#$king take it. Oh, wait, yes we can because those late ’90s teeny boppers synths still own our lives. 

“I Wanna Be With You”  Sigh…just went you thought it was safe to put down the Kleenex..

“In My Pocket” One of the most delicious and most underrated tracks to ever hit radio airwaves. And no no, Ms. Hathaway, that certainly wasn’t a question. 

“Cry” You might as well grab that second box of Kleenex and press play on A Walk to Remember because…life. 

“Crush” When it comes to this light and frothy tune, we’ll meet Ms. Moore by the water fountain after study hall any day of the week. 

“I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week” Her name is Amanda Leigh and she’s coming to break your heart into a million tiny pieces…and you’ll indeed love every single moment of it. 

This…. No explanation needed.