• 15 Reasons to Get Down to ‘Britney’ Right This Second

    If there’s any diva out there who can bring us together with just a flick of her werk, it’s certainly Ms. Britney Spears, whose iconic third studio set, Britney, has just entered its freshman year in music school.  Served up on Nov 6th, 2001, Brit Brit’s fiery self-titled record was a departure of sorts from the cookie

  • Groove of the Day/Ariana Grande/”Be Alright”

    Starting things off, I would like to send some Veterans Day love to all of the oh, so brave women and men (and service animals, too!) out there who’ve fought so fucking hard for our country. Your services will no doubt continue to shine a light of freedom down for us all. Thank you. Second,

  • Grooves of the Weekend

    It’s time to go get with your favorite DJ and make like Zhane in ’93 (if you know who they are, call me, let’s hang out) because it’s (almost) Friday night, which means the weekend is here.  However, this isn’t just any weekend as it’s the last few days before, you know, Tuesday. But, lucky

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