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Happy Thanksgiving Eve to everyone! 

Whatever you’re getting into tonight (or if you’re like me you’re staying in and finally partaking in Black Mirror on Netflix) make the most of it because we all deserve a righteous celebration.

And since we have options like Uber, Lyft, taxi cabs, your Mom, your bestie or anyone else that will no doubt like Ms. Stefani take the time to get you safely from here to there, there should be no reason for anyone to be so fucking stupid as to drink and drive tonight. 

Hey, there’s just no sugar-coating things anymore. With that being said, let’s dance and get ready for all of that music and turkey that’s in your future over the next few days starting right about… 


15 Philly Entertainment Events Taking Over Your Weekend & Beyond

The weekend has finally arrived….so get out there and have some fun….because we all deserve it, and these next fifteen events for your TGIF pleasure and beyond deserve….you. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke/All Over Philly Because you know you’re dying to get out there and let it all out to your favorite song in the special way that only you know how to deliver, join Sing Your Life Karaoke queen Sara Sherr all gobble, gobble season long where you can find her at some new gigs listed below that are more than ready for your November screeching pleasure. Sun, 9-2, Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues, 9-2, 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs, 9-2 W/N W/N 931 Spring Garden, Fri, 9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St. Saturday, 9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave.

The Wizard of Oz/Tonight-Jan 8th/Walnut Street Theatre Call Auntie Em, because it’s that time of year when Dorothy, Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Glinda, Fiona (oh, wait, wrong show) and those oh, so lovable Munchkins take over your holiday season, so get those tickets

In My Body/Tonight-Sunday With an array of performance art forms ranging from song, spoken word, movement, covering and the truth in covering and uncovering gender identity, bullying, pride, aging, trauma, self-loathing, sexuality, love, you definitely don’t want to miss this world-premiere production of a new musical that proves that every body tells a story….even yours. With just a few performances left, snatch those tickets up…now. 

DTF:Daryl & Timaree Fun Hour Served up as “the greatest sex ed/comedy/game show in the known universe,” join hosts Dr. Timaree Leigh and comedian Darryl Charles as they once again break all kinds of mugs in discussing  sex, love, and, like, the rest of it. The informally hilarious festivities kicks off at 8:30 and Mr. Charles and the wonderful Ms. Leigh will see you there!

All Wrapped Up:Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl/Gayborhood/Tonight With everything that’s going on, it’s easy to forget that we are heading into the the most wonderful time of the year–the holigays!  So tonight, join the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus and Angry Orchard as they jingle their balls, er, bells through the Philly Gayborhood on their annual holiday bar crawl in their most hideous holiday sweaters. Guiding your slay will be Aurora Whorealis & Stella D’Oro, who’ll be serving up lots of fun gay-mes and sassy sing-alongs at every stop! This is one event that’s guaranteed to cheer you right the f#$k up, so head to Sears right now and grab your sweater and the boys will see you there starting at 7pm at Destination Dogs, where they’ll walk it on over to Boxers at 8pm, Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar at 9pm, and end the night at TavernOn Camac at 10pm. 

Life’s a Ball:The Miss Tabu Pageant/Tonight Brace your inner ladyboy, because tonight at 9 pm, join current reigning Queen, Dusty Relix, as she is about to pass down her crown after a sparkling year as the very first Miss Tabu. Also along for the grand tuck will be Ariel Versace, Connor Michalchuk, the hilarious BEV and very special guest, Maxine Chambers. And yes, they will be judging ….for your life.

It’s a Sex Dwarf Pirate Party/Club Mousai/Tonight Legendary Philly DJ Robert Drake is at it again with another round of his iconic Sex Dwarf soirees, kids, and after the week we’ve all had, you know he’s more than ready to throw it down right at 10.

DJ Chris Urban at L’Etage/Saturday Another Philly DJ who’s more than ready to make you werk is certainly Mr. Urban, who’ll more than prove that tomorrow night with the armory of music madness that’s about to be heaved out from behind those L’Etage decks. The funk starts at 10 pm. 

Nina Sky/Coda/Saturday Ooh, gurl, get ready to move that body because lovely sister act Nina Sky is getting ready to throw down with a DJ set this weekend that’ll have you checking your purse for your 2004 life. “Oye mi Canto,” indeed. 

Toni Braxton/Caesar’s Palace/Saturday Sing it, Mizz Toni. Just sing it for all of us. 

Pentatonix/Liacouras Center/Sunday A little shot of the iced out vibes of this dynamic quintet is something we could all use right now. 

“Not Your Basic” Brunch:Pajama Jam/Nov 20th/Pennsylvania 6 Philly/2 pm Just when you thought you got all the cob webs out of your weave from last month’s Halloween shenanigans, Valerie Teachout and the rest of her NYBB crew are back with this month’s round and it’s all about just chillin’ the f#$k out and nursing Saturday’s night’s hangover. So, slap on your sweats, onesies and Vicky’s Secret best for a one-of-a-kind pajama party complete with MSG loaded Chinese Food to soak up the booze, massages for all that tension, and of course, a feast of laid back grooves provided by DJ Ernesto and his Spin City Beatz Crew. See you there! 

The Golden Gurls Live at Tabu/Dec 11th As taken from the Gurls official Facebook page…..”The Golden Gurls Live returns with two NEW classic episodes. Starring some of your favorite gayborhood divas: The Vaginally Challenged Brittany Lynn, Pissi Myles, Bella Cane, Connor Michalchuk-and featuring Aeryanah Von Moi & Anne Ferguson Allen. Let us thank you for being a friend and jingle some balls…urr…bells as The Gurlz slaughter-ahem-skewer some of your favorite childhood memories with parodied renditions of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” AAAAND “The Case of the Libertine Belle” with special guest star JESSICA FLETCHER in a “Murder She Wrote” crossover! Due to pre sale demand only 40 tickets will be offered. Grab yours before it’s too late! “

That last part is certainly no joke…so go right here….now. 

And for much, much more with Ms. Brittany Lynn and friends….peep this. 

Listen to Music/Every God Damn Day Right, Ms. Jackson?