• Grooves of the Weekend

    TweetIt’s time to go get with your favorite DJ and make like Zhane in ’93 (if you know who they are, call me, let’s hang out) because it’s (almost) Friday night, which means the weekend is here.  However, this isn’t just any weekend as it’s the last few days before, you know, Tuesday. But, lucky

  • Groove of the Day/Madonna/”Survival”

    TweetIf there’s anyone out there who’s decided right this minute in thinking of owning a creative life whether it be in the form of a brilliant new invention, a freshly painted drag name, clickin’ those keys for the first time or any other way you put that creative genius to werk, as creative director of

  • Groove of the Day/Cathy Dennis/”Falling”

    TweetAlthough there’s certainly to be a few of you kids out there just wondering who the f#$k Cathy Dennis is, that’s certain to change before you dive headphones into her blissful banger, “Falling” and a playlist of her greatest werk that’s sure to warm up this chilly Tuesday.  Getting her start in the early ’90s

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