Groove of the Day/Ariana Grande/”Be Alright”

Starting things off, I would like to send some Veterans Day love to all of the oh, so brave women and men (and service animals, too!) out there who’ve fought so fucking hard for our country. Your services will no doubt continue to shine a light of freedom down for us all. Thank you.

Second, happy Friday to everyone. And guess what, kids? We survived this week and something personally tells me we’re going to survive every week from here on out. Because if there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that when times get tough, we are stronger when we put aside the shade, the hoops holdin’ and the wig snatchin’ to  come together as one on the dance floor of life. 

I also believe that the almighty power of music also helps anyone get through anything, which is why I can assure you that Philly Mixtape will be serving it up for any of you kids out there who could use an escape into the music, entertainment and business wild every once in awhile….which is like……all of us. 

With that being said, let’s press play on Ms. Ariana Grande’s deep house driven ditty, “Be Alright,” because I know that there are many of you (myself included) out there who may not see it that way now, but indeed things are going to be alright, bitch… long as we have that music to get us by. 

Now, groove. 



Grooves of the Weekend

It’s time to go get with your favorite DJ and make like Zhane in ’93 (if you know who they are, call me, let’s hang out) because it’s (almost) Friday night, which means the weekend is here. 

However, this isn’t just any weekend as it’s the last few days before, you know, Tuesday. But, lucky for us, Philly is just bursting with lots of things to do over the next few days to help ease our minds from the stress of it all, in which we’ll see Capital Cities, 50 Cent, Katy Perry, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Wonder and many, many more all stopping by to lend their talents whether on or off  those not-so-elusive election front lines. Either way, it’s all good, because….music

But since those grooves can sometimes be like a big ol’ bag of Lays potato chips and we can’t seem to decide on just one, here’s a whole playlist of tasty treats to help us forget about this, that and the other thing. (meaning Trump) So, sit back, relax and let’s get this pre-election weekend party mother f#$king started. 

Enough said. 

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Groove of the Day/Madonna/”Survival”

If there’s anyone out there who’s decided right this minute in thinking of owning a creative life whether it be in the form of a brilliant new invention, a freshly painted drag name, clickin’ those keys for the first time or any other way you put that creative genius to werk, as creative director of one of Philly’s fast rising music and entertainment sites…I have some news for you…the ride (oooh, gurl, it is) will never, never (like T Swift ever) be easy….but you must. 

Now, Brenda, that’s no reason to go ahead and get all scurred now, because although it will put you through some truly wonderfully weird torture as you dive deeper into your own creative/life truth for everyone else to see (eek!) there’s plenty of those days where it’s straight up like Ms. Abdul fucking awesome, almost like punching Regina George in the face.

Plus, you’ll also get to experience what’s it like to be a parent for the first time (mad props to those who are doing it and understand that concept)….and just wait until they’re two and are able to walk and talk on their own…calling CPS because you can’t…but oh, wait, yes, you can….so do it. 

Diving a bit deeper into today’s spill, I personally take full creative pride in saying that I’ve deeply, deeply (like…deep house deep) considered lately what my life would be like without Philly Mixtape all up in it or what it would be like launched in another city. What it all boils down to is as much as I’ve enjoyed putting in that work over the past few years (and all truth..I have, hunty), I guess lately I almost kind of live for those “ugh” creative/life times because not only do they make you a better self awared human being in both business (you, like, grow and stuff) and in life, but it’s always somehow kind of nice to look at these or those times in business and in true werk that no one ever speaks of just how god damn fucking hard it can be. 

But if you’re sistah or a mistah who’s simply out there doing in for themselves while holding it the fuck down while dealing with the rest of it while (barely) finding the time to do you, boo (business way of life…personal werk is the hardest to keep up with) nothing but pure Philly love all damn day whether on or off the local or legendary entertainment map. Because it truly shows that you’re striving to get “it,” even if we may never eventually know the true definition of exactly of what “it” is, but all you have to do is take a seat every once in awhile and just keep on survivin’ like Madge on this delightful Bedtime Stories groove because it truly is so much fucking fun while you’re out there in the creative wild…so get out into the jungle no matter how short or long the vine because it’s all waiting for you.