Groove of the Day/Cathy Dennis/”Falling”

Although there’s certainly to be a few of you kids out there just wondering who the f#$k Cathy Dennis is, that’s certain to change before you dive headphones into her blissful banger, “Falling” and a playlist of her greatest werk that’s sure to warm up this chilly Tuesday. 

Getting her start in the early ’90s as front diva to UK dance collaboration, D-Mob (“C’Mon and Get My Love” all damn day), Ms. Dennis would then go to strike out on her own strobe lit accord, serving us on the dance floor with two studio albums–Move to This & Into The Skyline which would become  home to moderate Billboard chart hits, “Just Another Dream,” “You Lied to Me,” “Too Many Walls” and “Irresistible.” And of course, we simply can’t leave out “Why,” her offering to the critically acclaimed Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack, in which she also appeared in an episode where she stopped by to perform the delicious ditty at The Peach Pit. Remember? Of course you do, Brenda. 

But perhaps Ms. Dennis’ greatest charting diva accomplishment came in ’91 with Move to This smash second single “Touch Me (All Night Long),” which took over the Billboard charts and put our girl on the music map. Originally recorded by R&B singer Fonda Rae, “Tuch” (as it was originally spelled), became a minor hit for her and her backup band Wish in 1984 and get this…..was actually featured in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, which of course you can watch below. 

However, although Dennis will forever make us move for our music lives, her best beats come in the many, many, many songs she’s written for a buffet of music artists including Kelly Clarkson (“Before Your Love”), Katy Perry (“I Kissed a Girl”), S Club 7 (“Never Had a Dream Come True,” Carrie Underwood (“You Won’t Find This”) and the one-and-only Ms. Britney Spears in which Mizz Cathy had a pen in two of her In the Zone tracks, “Showdown” and “Toxic.” Yes, kween. 

All of this should not just help you dive straight into “Falling,” butt into this playlist of Ms. Dennis vibes that’s sure to warm up any chilly fall day and beyond…, move.

 This month’s grooves sound like….







Dance Music Tea w/Goldroom

With musical influences that range from Daft Punk to Bob Dylan to Nirvana, L.A. based Goldroom has made quite a lavish career for himself from cooking up one-of-a-kind dreamy, synth-kissed electronically charged dance grooves. 

Formed in 2011, Goldroom is primarily the alias of electronic producer/songwriter Josh Legg, who first got his hand in the music scene by linking up with classmate Kyle Peterson while studying psychology at the University of Southern California, and the two formed the band, Nightwaves, a synth-pop music project. While the duo did go on to find underground success and form the record label, Binary Entertainment, the act only lasted a short while and the two former college music buddies went on their seperate ways.

Keeping on with owning his future dance music life, Legg added drummer Nick Sandler and keyboardist/vocalist Mereki Beach, which magically transformed Goldroom into a live three-member ensemble in 2011. Jumping right into the dance music scene, they rewerked tracks including Niki and the Dove’s “Mother Protect” and serving up an insatiable remix of Charli XCX’s “You(Ha Ha Ha),” and released their debut EP, Angeles, a shimmering set of original tracks with Legg taking the lead on vocals.

But in 2013, things changed up a bit in Goldroom’s music game when he decided to enlist vocal guests for follow-up EP, Embrace, in which the success of the record would lead him to become a force to be reckoned with on the dance music festival scene, eventually gliding into the shimmering West of the West, Goldroom’s first official full-length studio set. 

Tomorrow night, Goldroom will take the stage alongside Chicago based grooved up duo Autograf at the TLA for a show that’s guaranteed to put the “dance” in your “party.” But before he rightfully owns all of his Philly fans, Legg took a seat at Philly Mixtape‘s dance music tea table, spilling about life on the road, his favorite album, and of course, whether or not he’s grabbing some Wawa while he’s in town. 

Take a groovy gander into Goldroom’s world below and then get those tickets for tomorrow night’s show right here. 

And listen to this playlist of Autograf and Goldroom grooves, too. 

Hey, man! Thanks so much for taking time out of your crazy touring schedule. Speaking of that, I know you’re all over right now, where exactly am I talking to you from? I’m actually in my hotel room in NYC right now. We played a special show last night that was just for friends and family, which was amazing. Now, I’m just pretty much relaxing. 

Now, you’ve been to Philly quite a few times. Any favorite venues you’ve turned it out at? Oh, yeah, I love Philly. We played at Coda last year and also Dolphin…

Oh, yes, the good ol’ Dolphin Tavern. It’s definitely one of the most underrated hot spots in Philly. For sure, but, you know, we had a blast when we played there. It’s a chill spot. 

Okay, let’s talk about your new album, West of the West. I listened to it yesterday, and I’m sure I can speak for a lot of your fans when I say it’s just got those grooves, man. If you had to pick one track that was your standout favorite, which one would it be? Honestly, they’re all pretty special to me because I wrote this album while I was in the road and it’s all about that life. But, if I had to pick one it would be “Breaks,” because it’s just has this special vibe that only creating music on the road can truly bring. 

How about if you were stuck on a deserted island…what’s the one album you would have with you and why? Ah, the good ol’ stick on a deserted island question…my answer always seems to change with this question, but if there’s one record that seems to come up often, it’s Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever. It’s just brilliant all the way through. It’s got all the the hits, it’s just a rare breed of records that are actually good from start to finish. 

Now, on Friday night, Le Youth was just at Coda. Now, I know you guys have worked together before, any new projects in the werks? Yes, Mr. Wes! He’s actually a great friend of mine. We got our start together in L.A. and we became best friends on the West Coast scene. We’ve done a lot of festivals together. He’s a great guy. A true talent. 

Any dream collaborators you hope to work with one day? For me, it’s all about working with the unknown music artist That’s kind of what I’m known for, and I definitely want to keep it that way as I go further along. There’s just so much crazy talent out there, you just have to get out there and find it. But once you do, there’s truly nothing better because you feel like you’re helping someone along with their career as well. 

What words of wisdom would you give to someone who maybe just picked up their very first of headphones right this second? Keep on. It’s never easy and expect that everything you do is going to suck. I can write 100 songs and only think that one of them is good. But just keep on, because it’s all worth it in the end. 

I just have to ask, going to grab any Wawa while you’re in town? Yeah, man. Absolutely. My friend got me hooked when I was here last year. He was like, ‘Dude, we gotta go get some Wawa right now. You’ll be hooked.’ He was right, it’s so good, especially during the after hours. 

Anything you want to shout out to your Philly fans to get them even more hyped up? Yeah, man. We’re ready. This tour is the real deal. [Autograf] are great touring partners. We’re all tuned up and ready to serve out  a fresh show for all of the Philly fans.