• Dirty Dancing Tea w/ Alyssa Brizzi

    TweetWhether you still live for the soundtrack, you’re a certified master of the infamous “Lift,” belt out all of the words to the dearly departed Patrick Swayze‘s “She’s Like the Wind” in the shower or because nobody puts Baby or you in the corner, for that matter, the classic movie, Dirty Dancing, certainly has something

  • Academy Awards Groove of the Day/Madonna/”You Must Love Me”

    Tweet Although we’ve spent the week featuring those grooves that didn’t snag the Academy Award for Best Original Song, this is the winning Madonna owned ballad from Evita we’re spilling about here, so respect and attention must be paid.  Of course, who get forget the Material Girl slipping into the wardrobe, style and songs of

  • Halloween Groove of the Day/The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast/”The Time Warp”

    TweetFeatured in both the 1973 stage adaption and in the 1975 cult classic film, “The Time Warp” is just one of the beloved songs from everyone’s favorite Halloween inspired pop culture spectacle/musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Becoming an instant hit, the song is one of the major audience-participation activities during screenings of the film(which you know

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