Holiday Groove of the Day/Nat King Cole/”The Christmas Song”

If there’s one December groove out there that rivals Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” as simply the best recorded holiday jam..ever, it’s certainly Mr. Nat King Cole‘s 1961 take on the still so lovely, “The Christmas Song.” 

Written by Mel Tormé and Bob Wells, the classic sonnet was written during the sizzling summer in 1945 and according to Tormé was conspired as an effort to “stay cool by thinking cool.” Passed on to the legendary Nat King Cole trio in 1946 (their label actually didn’t want them to do it!), the group recorded the cheery tune and it became a massive hot on both the Billboard Pop and R&B charts. 

Cole recorded a solo version of the song a few years in 1953, but indeed, it’s his ’61 recorded version that still hits the holiday hearts of many as it’s complete with a sweeping Ralph Carmichael led orchestra and of course, that voice.

There’s a reason why the departed Cole’s effortless take on “The Christmas Song” has earned its place in the Grammy Hall of Fame….and kids everywhere from ages one-to-ninety-two are reminded of it and all of its shimmering brilliance every year around this time.