• ’80s Groove of the Day/Neneh Cherry/”Buffalo Stance”

    If you were to musically sit me down and ask me to compile a list of my all-time favorite ’80s grooves, Neneh Cherry‘s ’88 ode-to-the-gigolo opus, “Buffalo Stance,” would certainly be at the top of that list.  From that opening record scratch, to its synth-ful swagger to Ms. Neneh’s on-point vocal sass (by the way, how’s

  • Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Neneh Cherry/”Buffalo Stance”

    While we’ve could easily put Neneh Cherry’s synth-fully delicious ’80s tune in “Forgot-About-Friday” land, I figured we would save that spot for her brother, Eagle Eye.  (“Save Tonight,” anyone?) Also, since it’s “Throwback Thursday,” I can’t think of a better song to kickstart you guys up today than Ms. Cherry’s ode to gigolos and suckas.

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