25 Records We’re So Frickin’ Excited for This Year

When it pertains to the 2019 year in music, there’s just so many burning questions that we’re oh, so thirsty to have answered, like……

How much cookie dough will we consume on those lonely Saturday nights when listening to Adele‘s new album??……..How much work will Rihanna have us putting in when it comes to her ridiculously anticipated new set?……..Why does everyone think Ari‘s “7 Rings” is their song??…..Will Lady Gaga record a set based on her awards season experience titled, Dear Glenn, How DareYou, You Were My One…

And then of course there’s…….What life lessons will Cardi B serve us with her on her sophomore set??………Will Madonna leave the cape at home when she starts to promote her new record??….What will Karen O and Danger Mouse‘s full collaborative record fucking sound like??…..Does anyone still care about Kanye

Yes, we’re hoping to get all of these answers and then some as it’s going to be quite a wild year in all of those grooves that make us go yes.

There’s really nothing else to say here except ladies, gentlemen and Carly Slay kweens, it’s time to rev up those streaming engines right about…now. 

Adele You better be clutching those pearls because it’s absolutely been confirmed that the world’s favorite Mum and wig/album sales snatch-er is gearing up to serve us with her follow-up to 2015’s, 25. While details are scarce at this point, we can no doubt expect the “Hello” diva to destroy our fucking souls once again.

So, now it’s time to figure out just what the record will be called–29? 76? 534?1,239? Only 2019 will spill that English Breakfast tea, but in the meantime, it’s best to stock up on the raw cookie dough and practice not calling that ex…because she’s comin’ and we can’t wait for the Adele sadness and madness that will eventually take over 2019.  (TBA)

Rihanna We’re just, like, so fucking ready. No further statements. (Hopefully This Weekend???)

Madonna While our beloved Material Queen promised us last year that a gleaming follow-up to 2015’s Rebel Heart was about to be served, she decided to pull the cape out from under us (we’re done with all of that, right, boo?) and decide that this will be the year that we will finally be getting that album.

But at the end of the music day, bitch, she’s Madonna, and we’ll thirstily wait for anything she has coming our 2019 way. And that impending world tour she’s promising with her next artistic adventure? We’re already mentally waiting in line for those tickets. Who’s ready? God damn everyone. (TBA)

Ariana Grande/thank u, next  It seems like just yesterday that Ms. Grande served us with her Grammy nominated Sweetener set (actually, wait, it was), but if you’re worried that lead singles “Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings” are in need of a full Ari record to call their home, your fears will be ending as our high pony’d diva is about to dish out her next studio venture in just a couple of weeks. 

Throw in her soon-to-take-over-the-world Sweetener World Tour (she’ll be in Philly on March 26th and June 24th!) she’s about to go on, and it looks like the “Breathin’” owner is certainly making another year to call her bitch……and us and all of our bank accounts (gee, thanks…just bought it) will be living for every god damn minute of it. (Feb. 8th) 

Lana Del Rey/Norman Fucking Rockwell She’s coming baaaaaack. Who’s ready for some delightful pop music misery this year? Everyone and their Mizz Lana drag mother. Sigh…”Summertime Sadness” for life. (March 29th

The 1975/Notes on a Conditional Form If you’re not listening to these British bad boys on a regular basis, you absolutely should be as their fourth studio set is about to invade the states released this summer. First, get down with their debut ditty, “The Sound,” and then eagerly anticipate whatever these fine-tuned gentlemen have coming up because indeed this is one sound and one groove we could ALL get down with right now. (May 31st)

Carly Rae Jepsen Or shall we say…Ms. Carly Slay? We most certainly will because the “Call Me Maybe” songstress is about to turn our rainbow worlds upside down once again with what will most likely be a fresh set of bops that she’s been carefully cooking up (just add glitter!) for us to prance around to all year-long. Ready, Carly Kweens? Yas. (TBA)

Dua Lipa You would think that music’s Ms. Thing would want to take a breather after dominating the global charts with her 2017 self-titled debut, but absolutely not because as we see with the fact that she’s literally everywhere right now, it’s just not her forte to slow it down anytime soon. Which means we all need to get ready for a whole new set of “Rules” and yes, we’ll dance for Ms. Dua‘s sophomore set if we want to, because chances, we most certainly will. (TBA) 

Cardi B Sophomore slump? Never heard of it already when it comes to whatever the “Money” and “Bickenhead” spitstress is going to do to us when it comes to the follow-up to last year’s chart owning/soon-to-be Grammy winning Invasion of Privacy record. But.chances are, it’s going to be everything because she has proved to be everything and more to the whole the entire world. And yes, Cardi, we’re fucking scared, too. (TBA

Sleater-Kinney Because St. Vincent plus Sleater-Kinney equals 2019 life and beyond. No, you’re not hallucinating, they’re all producing this upcoming release together and will no doubt like Gwen craft up a record that no one has ever experienced before…we’re waiting. (TBA

Karen O & Danger Mouse So, what’s going to happen when two of the most delightfully cray minds in music get together for one collaborative record? We’re about to find out this year, and we better buckle up for this one because if lead single “Lux Prima” is any indication, it’s sure to be one hell of an explosive studio ride…and we can’t wait. (March 15th

Mark Ronson/Late Night Feelings If you’re obsessed with the “Uptown Funk” DJ’s Miley Cyrus collaboration, “Nothing Break Likes a Heart,” than you’re more than ready to start streaming his upcoming fifth studio set when it arrives this year. The title is ready, and all we need is that release date…now. (TBA

Ms. Janet So, delish rumors have it that our Queen Ms. J is silently and creatively at work on a follow-up to her 2015 set, Unbreakable. We certainly know that Ms. Jackson-if-you’re-nasty likes to take her creative time with the recording process (leave her alone, she’s werkin’ here), so that’s just what we’re going to let her do. In the meantime, let’s get through those lonely we-need-a-new-janet-album-now nights together and patiently wait for her next artistic adventure.  (TBA

?????????? While it’s nice to have a proper streaming schedule to follow all year-long, you never know who is going to surprise us with their next record–Beyoncé? Bruno? LMFAO? Brit Brit? Ah, only the music sands of time will tell, but in the meantime it’s time to get frickin’ excited because it’s looking to be quite a fabulous year in music for 2019. 

Happy streaming! 

Also for your listening pleasure this year….. 

Maggie Rogers/Heard it in a Past Life(out now)……….Mike Posner/A Real Good Kid(out now)………Backstreet Boys/DNA(out now)……..Rudimental/Toast to Our Differences(Jan 25th)…….Avril Lavigne/Head Above Water(February 14th)……..Betty Who/Betty(Feb 15th)……..Bryan Adams/Shine a Light(March 1st)…….Weezer/self-titled(March 1st)……..Solange(TBA)…..Bastille(TBA).…..Coldplay(TBA)

Cover photo courtesy of Aunt Sue 

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10 Must Have Grooves For Your Summer 2018 Playlists

Happy (almost) summer, kids! 

While the next few months are all about feeling fabulous, heading down the beach, bitching about sunburns and pining over short-lived flings, what’s most important during the summer months is to make sure those sun-kissed playlists are stockpiled high with lots and lots of delicious grooves. 

Which is why you should absolutely stay tuned to Philly Mixtape all summer long as there’s bound to be multiple servings of some of the hottest tracks this side of slay….and it all begins right now for your Memorial Day Weekend

So, lather up the Banana Boat and dive into ten must have additions to your pulsating playlists featuring smokin’ hot remixes of Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, sizzling sonnets from Pia Mia, Camila Cabello, Pharell Williams and Gorgon City, and one Janet classic that seemingly gets better with age. 

With that being said….here we go now…get busy

Happy summer streaming! 

Ariana Grande/”No Tears Left to Cry”(DJ Linuxis Remix)  Sigh….how many more f#$king days until Sweetener owns our lives? But in the meantime, hey summer…we see you. 

Pia Mia/”Ocean Drive”  Whether cruisin’ down Ocean Drive in Miami or Broad Street right here in Philly….turn this shit up. 

Camila Cabello/”She Loves Control”  Dear Mizz Cabello, please release this deliciousness as your third radio single, like, right now. 

Gorgon City/Kamille/Ghosted/”Go Deep”    You know what they say….the deeper, the better. We’re talking about that beat here…get your mind out of the gutter 

Allie X/”Vintage”  One for the start of your summer romance…….

Cardi B/Khelani/”Ring” ……and one for the end of it. 

Calvin Harris/Dua Lipa/”One Kiss”(Jauz Remix)     Obsessed with the original and its accompanying video? (btw…yas, Ms. Lipa, yas) Then you’ll absolutely want to dive into every synthed-up smooch of this fiery rewerk. 

Camilla Cabello/Pharell Williams/”Sangria Wine”   There’s a one-hundred percent chance your drunk uncle is going to attempt to “Wine” it up at a wedding this summer. Ay dios mio, indeed. 

Janet/”Throb”    Because summer life just isn’t complete without this janet. banger, um, throbbing in the background. 




Groove of the Day/Missy/Lamb/”I’m Better”

In a week that’s been, well, 2016, leave it up to our girl Missy Elliot to swoop and save our lives with a new song and video for her latest futuristic and krunkalicious banger, “I’m Better,” co-starring rapper Lamb. 

While we have no idea if this is the jump off lead single to what will be her seventh studio album (and very, very much anticipated), who…the..f#$k cares…it’s Missy for God sakes.

However, the cray video did come with a trailer for some kind of Misdemeanor documentary that’s headed our way this year, but since we don’t want to lose any sleep in excitement over what’s to take over our lives Missy style in 2017, let’s just relax and get down to the ready sounds of her latest heat. 

Happy Friday! 

This year’s grooves sound like…