• ‘Joanne’ Review:Maybe ‘ArtPop’ Isn’t So Bad After All

    TweetOne minute, twelve seconds.  That’s about the time it took me to skim through Lady Gaga’s just released and much, much-anticipated new record Joanne before I said to myself…what the fuck is this? Johnny Cash she ain’t and around the campfire we’re not. (Except “Dancin in Circles” and the Hall & Oates-esque “Hey Girl” co-starring Florence

  • Lady Gaga’s Best Ballads Ranked

    TweetThough Lady Gaga’s LG5 project was a much-hyped one only a month ago, it’s all but fallen by the wayside since first single “Perfect Illusion” dropped (and tanked) in September and left even the most rabid  fans (not to mention the general public — hello, No. 84 position on iTunes) wanting. Listeners clicked “Play” wanting a “Bad Romance” or “Just

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