Groove of the Day/Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj/”Side to Side”

Out of all the things we truly came to terms with this summer–Trump really did that say that s#$t and Ryan Lochte is really a board certified..dumbass–one thing we also realized is that Ms. Ariana Grande is certainly not living that Nickelodeon feud life anymore because she’s, like, a grown up pop star, now, you guys! 

Gently gliding miles away from last summer’s pesky donut licking, um, scandal, our favorite window shattering songstress first served us life at the top of the season with the release of her slinky, scandalous third record Dangerous Woman. (which followed a now classic romp on SNL…please come back, girl). Although the album landed in the runner-up position its first week out, the ravenous record continued to dominate the top twenty of the Billboard 200 album chart all summer long, thanks to its slinky title track, followed by the release of the thunderous “Into You,” which was paired perfectly with a cotton candy coated video in which she finally Yas, Frankie Grande kween. 

But perhaps its the way she’s closing out of the sexy season is what makes the former Sam & Cat star the queen of all things summer music (no shade, Britney…we all also know Bey now that you’re in a class all of your own) by serving us Labor Day life with the video for the third single release (we’ll get there soon, “Be Alright”) from Woman, the reggae-ed up,  “Side to Side.”

The Jane Fonda/”Anaconda” flavored video and single (and according to The Cut, it’s about what you think it’s about), also co-stars Ari’s “Bang Bang” bestie, Nicki Minaj, who stops by for a little neon ignited sauna action and a little tea spilling with her girl, Mizz Grande. 

While we don’t know if “Side to Side” will finally give Ariana that number one single she deserves at this point (girlfriend works really, really hard), what we can do is jazzercise it up to her eye-popping latest visual, which in turn will help you forget all about that performance of it at this past weekend’s VMAs. Enough said. 

Well, that and those heels and those live pipes on an exercise bike on live T.V. is never a good idea. Never. 

Then of course, there’s this….

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Mixtape Music News

1.Janet Jackson kicks off Unbreakable World Tour in Vancouver….

The Queen is back is back in concert diva form…

Last night, Ms. Janet kicked off her Unbreakable World Tour in Vancouver, serving it up to a near-capacity crowd at Rogers Arena. But…get ready….the diva opened with a new song featuring Missy Elliott, rumored to titled “Make It Work.” 

Before the living legend took the stage, Ms. Elliott tweeted, “Positive vibes to my sis @JanetJackson the opening of her tour 2night! U r UNBREAKABLE. Do ya thang.”

Later in the evening, the spitstress tweeted about their new tune writing, “can’t front that new @JanetJackson is a clubbangger @flytetymejam & terry merked dat beat.”

If that’s not enough Janet heat for you on this sticky afternoon, she performed a mix of old and new tracks during last night’s concert, including “Feedback,” “Miss You Much,” “You Want This,” “Pleasure Principle,” “Escapade,” “All Nite (Don’t Stop),” Love Will Never Do (Without You),” and one of her most underrated hits, her shining collaboration with the dearly departed Luther Vandross, “The Best Things in Life Are Free.” 

On another music note, Just how we will pass the time until Janet hits Philly in February? We simply won’t be able to. 

2.You can ALREADY buy Kanye For President merchandise….

Sigh…we sure don’t waste anytime, do we? 

Just hours after Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy “announced” his intentions to run for president in 2020, merchandise with his face started appearing online….and it just keeps going. 

There really are no words for this, but if you’re looking for ‘Kanye in 2020’ sweaters, shirts and buttons, go right here. You won’t believe it. 

3.Margaret Cho threw major shade towards Giuliana Rancic real on last night’s VMAs Fashion Police

Remember earlier this year on the Oscars red carpet when Giuliana Rancic commented that Zendaya’s dreads probably “smelled like patchouli oil…or weed?” (Really, how can we forget?) The comment not only drew criticism from Zendaya herself, but in the wake of the controversy, both Kathy Griffin and longtime Fashion Police diva Kelly Osbourne left the program. 

Since that oh, so fateful moment, Rancic apologized for offending people and explained her side of the story. “In the editing process some of the gestures that I made, some of the things that I said were taken out for time. So I made peace signs, I said bohemian twice. Those were taken out for time and so when the joke aired some people were offended by it,” she said.

But one thing we know now is that the much-talked-about comment is not being let go on the revamped version of the show. When Melissa Rivers, Rancic and guest panelist Margaret Cho sat down to discuss VMAs fashion, Ms. Cho couldn’t resist getting in a dig at Miley Cyrus that was actually directed at co-host Rancic.

“I feel like that hair probably smells like pot and patchouli,” Cho deadpanned, while looking right at Rancic. 

In Miley’s VMAs fashion case, Cho was probably right. 

4.Simon Cowell says One Direction split was inevitable…

Perhaps one of the saddest music stories from this year came just a few weeks ago when UK boy band One Direction destroyed our lives by announcing that they were taking a break next year. 

Well now, Simon Cowell, (who pretty much owns them), has gone on record to say that he’s “sorry,” and that he tried really, really hard to make sure the world wasn’t caught off guard by the fateful announcement–in which we totally were.

Calling the news “the world’s worst-kept secret,” Cowell told UK‘s The Mirror, “I kind of hinted a few months ago they’d be having time off. We haven’t had a conversation where anyone has said it is the end, but the conversations have been ‘we’re exhausted, can we have time off?’

The X Factor judge also went on to tell the overseas mag, “You saw in the film we made that they went out to get shoes and within seconds they were mobbed. You can’t live your life like that forever.”

Either way, it still hurts. 

5.Jimmy Kimmel explains the Nicki/Miley beef….in emoji form…

As we all know by now, the real highlight at this past Sunday’s VMAs was when Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus on stage. (no need to rehash, we all know what’s good by now.) However, last night on his late night program, Mr. Jimmy Kimmel decided to bring some humor into the situation (as if it wasn’t hilarious enough already), by giving an exact play-by-play of the now infamous feud….in emoji form. 

Thanks to the buffet of characters available in the emoji world, there just happened to be one for each part of the hoops holding. Meaning…you just have to watch the clip below…right now. 





Summer Groove of the Day/Nicki Minaj/”Super Bass”

Tonight, Ms. Nicki Minaj alongside special guests Tinashe, Dej Loaf and Meek Mill (grab those shades), will hit the coveted stage at the Susquehanna Bank Center as part of her summer Pink Print Tour. While there’s no telling what crazy “Anaconda” antics the oh, so voluptuous music vixen has up her, um, sleeve (Mariah shade, perhaps?), one thing you can guarantee is that she will no doubt be performing her summer smash, “Super Bass.” for everyone’s Minaj music pleasure. 

Along with its candy-button-coated video,”Bass” quickly boomed the Billboard charts in the summer of 2011,going on to become Ms. Nicki’s first certifiable top 5 smash. With its mix of pop and hip-hop, the uber-catchy single played a big part of the diva’s rise to music fame, with Claire Suddath of Time magazine naming “Super Bass” as one of the Top 10 Songs of 2011. But we must also give a shout out to the lovely Ester Dean for lending her vocal chops to the track’s catchy chorus. Because, let’s face it, where would we be without that “boom, boom-badoom boom, boom badoom-boom” in our lives?

Practically nowhere. And neither would little Sophia Grace and Rosie, either. 



Always grab that summer super bass….always.