Academy Awards Performance of the Day/Adele/”Skyfall”

If we were to spill some English Breakfast music tea and count how many ways we simply love Ms. Adele, we would seriously be here for all of music eternity. Whether she’s teaming up with Ellen DeGeneres to prank Jamba Juice (if for some reason you haven’t reveled in this now legendary skit yet, go right here), showing her love for Kesha at this week’s Brit Awards, dressing up her son as Elsa from Frozen for a “mum” day at Disneyland, or just being Adele, there’s really no reason not to be completely head-over-heels in music love with our beloved overseas soul shattering diva. 

Of course. the real reason we’re obsessed with Adele is for the on point music and performances she always delivers (except for that pesky Grammy performance from a few weeks ago, because, you know, shit happens), which is especially true in her slaying performance of  “Skyfall” from the 2013 Academy Awards. 

Since the “Send My Love(To Your New Lover)” (next single, please?) songstress already owned the music industry back then (and its clearly evident she still does), why not have her own the Oscars, too? Ms. A slaughtered her James Bond tune that night, eventually winning the Oscar for Best Original Song and truly making us believe even more that she can really do no wrong. Dressed in a stunning black gown with long swept hair, to sum up this performance in the words of the late Joan Rivers, “Gorgeous, gorgeous , gorgeous.”

Enough said. Just watch and relive the magic. 



Academy Awards Performance of the Day/Michael Jackson/”Ben”

A 1972 song originally written with Donny Osmond (!) in mind, “Ben” was offered to a then fourteen-year-old Michael Jackson, who recorded the delicate number after Osmond was unavailable to record it due to his hectic touring schedule. (Keep in mind the year, kids).

Serving as the theme song for the film of the same name (which served as the sequel to the 1971 horror film about a boy and his killer pet rat, Willard. #lol), “Ben” spent one week scurrying at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Jackson’s first #1 solo hit and also making him the third-youngest solo artist to have a #1 hit following Stevie Wonder, who was thirteen when “Fingertips, Pt. 2” went to number one, and Mr. Osmond, who was months shy of his fourteenth birthday when “Go Away Little Girl” owned the pole position a year prior. 

Michael’s somber rodent scorned ballad also won a Golden Globe for Best Song and was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1973, losing to “The Morning After” from The Poseidon Adventure. However, when Jackson performed the tune at the Oscars that night, he not only stole the show, but it was truly the first time the world saw a foreshadow into his impending future as being the one-and-only King of Pop.

It’s a truly breathtaking moment in MJ time that no one will ever forget anytime soon, and if you haven’t watched this iconic performance in a while, now is certainly the time as we get ready for the Oscars spectacle this Sunday. 



5 Reasons Why Lady Gaga is THIS Close to Making a Big Music Comeback

Okay, so….Lady Gaga…here we go. You see, the two of us have sort of a torrid music love affair. Oh, how I lived for days of bluffin’ with my muffin and playing music love games with her earlier material off of earlier studio sets, ‘The Fame’ and ‘The Fame Monster.’ However…when she began to migrate into more ‘AHS:Freakshow’/”I’m-not-Madonna” music territory on later career albums, ‘Born this Way’ and ‘Artpop,’ well, my disco stick got soft for Gaga. (You can read my G Philly review of ‘Artpop’ right here…you’ve been warned.) It all became too preachy, too theatrical, and it just seemed as if Ms. Germanotta was just trying way too fucking hard to be…something that even she wasn’t sure she was supposed to be. I must say though, lately, I seem to be melting, because girlfriend is (slowly.. #babysteps) getting back into my good music graces once again. If her recent toned down/glammed up look and sound and performance of last night’s incredible ‘Sound of Music’ tribute at the Academy Awards are any indication, I’m going to spark up my bad romance with Gaga once again and say that I think she’s about to make a grand music comeback. Let’s face it, until she puts out a killer chart destroying new set, she’s not quite there yet, but she’s pretty much THIS close. In fact, I came up with 5 Reasons Why indeed we’re ALL getting close to getting down to Gaga once again. Dive in.

1. She just stole an awards show…

Much like Missy Elliot hijacked the Super Bowl last month (don’t worry you did too, Left Shark), Gaga stole the Academy Awards last night with her ‘Sound of Music’ tribute. Since Missy’s now imfamous halftime takeover, we’ve seen the rain hater’s music spike in sales, back in the studio with Timbaland and recently jumping on a remix of the Kiesza/Jack U banger, “Take U There.” Indeed, Ms. Missy is looking poised to get her freak on with the charts again, and that Super Bowl kick off point was just what she needed to fire up the music dutch. The same can also be said for Gaga, indeed her name (once again) is on everyone’s lips, and whoever put this together for her, you absolutely get the Philly Mixtape award for best PR move of the year. Let the Gaga comeback games begin..



2.She’s gotten her confidence back…

You better work, Gaga. Besides rocking those red Playtex dishwashing gloves(that gown,, for her Oscars red carpet look, on stage performing, she looked absolutely stunning, decked in an all white flowing gown topped with a hint-of-Slurpee wig. She was poised, elegant and confident-something we haven’t seen the superstar in quite some time…or maybe even ever. If you haven’t noticed, she also looked radiant at last month’s Grammys and pretty much anywhere else we’ve seen her appearing these days. If the deli couture and Kermit the Frog tea-sippin’ dresses are out…then we’re all in.



3.She’s back in the studio with Red One…

When Gaga first danced onto the music scene nearly a decade ago, her pulse partner in crime was famed producer Red One, and the two delivered such classic bangers as “Just Dance”, “Poker Face” and “Monster.” Together, they were a force to be reckoned with, but when Gaga moved into her ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Artpop” era, with the exception of a few tracks, Mr. One seemed to fade into the producer background. In recent ecstatic music news, just last month, Gaga released a pic of the pair in the studio working together once again. While it would be wise for Gaga not to replicate the same sounding ‘The Fame’  type of tunes, we can only hope the once daring duo are creating something beyond diva-licious, reminding us why we all fell in love with Gaga in the first place-for her fierce futuristic dance music.

“Poker Face”


4.She just reminded everyone that she…can…sing!

There were a lot of people surprised this morning that Gaga could actually sing! Omg! However, this doesn’t surprise me because during her pop diva demise, her classically trained vocal stylings certainly got lost in the meat dress. As proven on her recent Grammy winning jazz album ‘Cheek to Cheek’ with Tony Bennett and last night’s Oscars performance, girlfriend’s just got…the…chops. Now, imagine those chops on some brand spankin’ new dance tunes? She just reminded us once again that she’s certainly got the sound, and while it may have gotten lost inside in the ‘Born This Way’ screams…it’s back and better than ever.




5.She’s about to get married to Taylor Kinney…

Wouldn’t that alone get anyone ready to do just about anything in life? I rest my disco stick.