Jam of the Day/Paula Abdul/”Cold Hearted”

If there’s one thing that any ’80s kid out there will remember, it’s how the video for Paula Abdul’s third Forever Your Girl chart-topper, “Cold Hearted,” came into our lives and didn’t stop until it had its naughty way with us.  

Directed by the brilliant David Fincher (Madonna’s “Vogue” The Social Network), the sexy, slither-y clip was inspired by Bob Fosse’s choreography of the “Take Off with Us” scene in the legendary dance movie All That Jazz. In the video, we got served with an eager Abdul who came armed and fabulous with a gaggle of sexed up back up dancers following her every move…just like we did back then. 

The classic clip also spent three weeks on top of MTV’s Top 20 Video Countdown (miss you, Adam Curry) and would push Paula’s music career even burger onto the chart destroying map. It’s a moment in music time that no one will ever forget, and it’s one that we should cherish forever because let’s face it, there will never be another Paula Abdul.

And this timeless music video is just one of the many reasons why. Now, dance like there’s no tomorrow. 

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Summer Groove of the Day/Paula Abdul/”Rush, Rush”

Welcome back, everybody! As we all know, this past Memorial Day weekend marked the unofficial start of summer, so now begins the time for sunburns, umbrella-laced cocktails, and of course, all things summer music. Philly Mixtape will also be reinventing itself for summer these next few weeks, gearing up to serve everyone a fabulous helping of warm- weathered music truth all season long that will be guaranteed to put the “California” in your “Gurrrl“…..

As we head into all things SPF-approved music, put those designer music shades on and look out for summer music themed 5 Reasons Why, Mixtape Summer Music Vaults, and we’re planning on breaking so many music tea mugs these next few months…’ll never want to invite Philly Mixtape to the tea party ever again. If you guys thought we spilled all the tea this month, get those party dresses ready for June as Mixtape will be taking our first music tea across the globe! Also, since Philly Mixtape is a proud supporter of all things LGBT lovin,’ we have an incredible Philly pride week in the werks that will just make your glitter bomb explode, honey…

Kicking off our summer music party off in a most delightful way, your daily serving of morning jump-off grooves will now transform into a bright, daily deliverance of all…those….summer grooves that we know, love and have given us beautiful summer memories the best way possible–through the power of their magical summer vibes…

Your first official Philly Mixtape summer groove, the breezy, luscious early-’90s pop gem, “Rush, Rush,” by Ms. Paula Abdul,is absolutely perfect to get the summer music train movin.’ For one, it’s got the perfect melancholy flow for your Tuesday after Memorial Day, and two, it’s accompanying Keanu Reeves co-starring Rebel Without A Cause-themed video is just so much fun to watch! Also, a little fun fact-Paula’s record label execs thought it would be risky for the diva to release a ballad as the lead single from her Spellbound set after serving up a multitude of dance hits that were on her previous werk, Forever Your Girl.  Indeed, “Rush, Rush” was a risk that certainly paid off, as the single bulldozed its way to the top of the charts for 5 weeks in the summer of ’91, at the time making it the longest running #1 single since Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” There’s no doubt that Paula’s dreamy number rushed straight into our music lives….and we loved every minute of it. Besides, with the opening line, “You’re the whisper of a summer breeze,” how could it not be perfect to kick off what’s going to be an incredible serving of grooves that will give you that even music tan all Philly Mixtape summer long! Enjoy! 





Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Paula Abdul/”Promise of a New Day”

I guess yesterday’s kickstarter jam, “Spotlight” by Madonna, got me feeling a little inspired, so I decided to keep the good vibes going today by serving up a little gem called “Promise of a New Day” by the one-and-only, Paula Abdul. Those of you that had the tape where it came from, ‘Spellbound,’ know that this jumping number kicked off Paula’s underrated second set. With its inspirational lyrics (“See the wisdom from mistakes of the past), gliding beat and melancholy melody, Ms. Abdul’s delightful single will no doubt lift your spirits on this chilly Tuesday. Also, “Promise” would go on to become Paula’s last #1 single on the Billboard charts, so we should never forget it. Eagle’s calling your name today, so dive in below and get inspired by “Promise of a New Day.”