Grammy Performance of the Evening/Ricky Martin/”The Cup of Life”

There are truly only three words that can sum up Ricky Martin‘s legendary 1999 Grammy slay…ay…dios…mio

Not only is it one of the best awards show moments of all time, but it was also this performance that catapulted Senor Martin from a General Hospital soap star into a full-blown global icon. Bottom line…if you didn’t know who Ricky Martin was when he took the stage on this night nearly two decades ago, you certainly did after he owned all of us with his live pulsating take of “La Copa de la Vide(Cup of Life).”

Of course, it also didn’t hurt that Madonna (this was also the year Ray of Light snatched it all) fell head over heels in love with Martin that same night, and if Mother Madge approves, than you know it’s all good and may we always and forever live la vida loca when it comes to reminiscing about Ricky and…all of this



VMA Performance of the Day/Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke/”We Can’t Stop”/”Blurred Lines”

There’s truly only word to describe the riveting performance that Ms. Cyrus and Mr. Thicke delivered of their respective hits………………………….THIS.

Get to twerkin’ and be sure to check back on Philly Mixtape Monday morning  for your official 2015 VMA performance report card. Who do you think will make it to the head of the music class this Sunday night?




VMA Performance of the Day/Prince/”Gett Off”

Let’s get a little cheek-to-cheek with Mr. Prince on this fine Tuesday morning…

Back in ’91, Prince (or maybe his name was something else back then..could we ever keep up?), was riding high off his Diamonds and Pearls record, so the music world was pretty much his oyster. And judging by his orgasmic VMA performance of D&P hit, “Gett Off,” the self-proclaimed “Purple One” was certainly aware of this.

During a set that lasted nearly seven minutes, the timeless pop icon certainly served up 23 positions in a one-night-stand wearing a ventilated yellow suit that literally left nothing to the imagination. Although he was in the middle of a fiery stage loaded with with musicians and whirling dancers, Prince’s slithery movements and jacked guitar work remained the focus of everyone’s attention that evening…until his ass showed up. After saying the line, “Let me show you, baby, I’m a talented boy,” the “Bat Dance” crooner spun around  to reveal that his oh, so yellow suit had holes in the seat to showcase his Diamonds derriere.

While this certainly wouldn’t be a big deal today, back then, seeing an ass(!) live on T.V.(!) was just so…shocking! But since we were all aware of Prince’s risky reputation, it certainly didn’t surprise his fans as he delivered a VMA performance that would certainly sting our pop culture minds forever. 

Go right here to “Gett Off” with Mr. Prince.