15 Essential Madonna Rewerks

Madonna fans certainly know how to hold music hoops when it comes to discussing just which one of her records is our favorite. But if there’s one thing that all of us Madge fans can agree on, is that she’s the undisputed Queen of all things dance music.

Since arriving on the scene in ’82 with the cheeky, “Everybody,” Ms. Ciccone has proven to be royalty both on the Billboard charts and on dance floors across the globe with her catalogue of disco-licked ditties. Over the span of her four decades making us dance for our lives, Madonna has earned forty-six #1 Billboard dance hits (a record no one will beat.), with each one taking us into all kinds of different dance directions.

But the main art of Madonna’s astounding dance success is that she’s been absolutely rewerked for her life by some of the best in the DJ biz–Dave Aude, Paul Oakenfold, Peter Rauhofer (R.I.P.), David Morales–and many more on a long, long list of legendary turntable masterminds who’ve taken on the Queen of Pop‘s most precious hits and turned them into thunderous dance floor confections.

Since we’re inching closer to Madonna’s birthday this Sunday, there’s not a better time to cut to the front of the line of the beat buffet that I’ve personally cooked up for everyone. Now, since every DJ and Madonna fan are different, these are the ones that have personally tickled my headphones through the years and will continue to do so for all of music eternity. Meaning, I love hits like “Music” and “Hung Up” just the groovy way they are, which is way they’re not on the list. #nomusicshade

At the end of the day, it’s all abut what you like and what you get down to, and I hope everyone will absolutely get down to some of my favorite Madonna rewerks. Enjoy!

Ready…set…get your Madonna Rewerk Wednesday on.


“Holiday”/Stardust/Stuntmasterz Mash-up 

Because music always sounds better during a Madonna “Holiday.” 

“Into The Groove”/You Can Dance Rewerk

A nearly nine minute rewiring of Madonna’s best dance single. Pardon Philly Mixtape‘s french, but putain pur bonheur.

Vogue/12″ Mix

12″ of “Vogue” means even more striking and posing. 

“Deeper and Deeper”/David Morales Club Mix

Mr. Morales takes the already deep tone of the original and takes it into even more deliciously deep house music waters. That organ intro though….

“Secret”/Junior’s Extended Luscious Club Mix

The absolute pinnacle of ’90s house music is right here. 

“Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”/Miami Mix 

The truth is…those castanets will get us every time and that this remix owns our Evita lives. 

“Frozen”/Calderone Refire

Mr. Calderone took the icy mood of the original to even more chilling dance heights with his retelling. The legendary DJ would also turn every single released from Ray of Light into ten-minutes plus of hard core late-’90s dance music lovin’ that our headphones will never forget. 

“Nothing Really Matters”/Club 69 Speed Mix

’90s dance music mind f$%k part one….

“Skin”/Club 69/Victor Calderone & Peter Rauhofer/The Collaboration Remix

…and ’90s dance music mind f$#k part two. Thank you, Mr. Rauhofer and friends. 

“What It Feels Like For A Girl”/Oakenfold Rewerk

The remix that was featured in the accompanying video that became Madonna’s last banned videos on the music channel. Even today, Oakenfold’s opus still plays out just as intense as it did when Madonna was picking up her grandmother from the Ol Kuntz Rest Home

GHV2 Megamix/Thunderpuss

One of the most highly regarded Madonna hits mash-ups of all time. Headphones down. Now, put them back on and listen. 

“Hollywood”/Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duck Mix

THIS was the thunderous remix that was playing when Madonna terrorized, err, kissed Britney and Xtina at the ’03 VMA’s Enough said. 

“Get Together”/Peter Rauhofer Private Mix

While he keeps the moody pace of the original, the dearly departed Mr. Rauhofer creates a whole new kind of deep after hours fantasy with just might be one of his most underrated rewerks.

Erotica/Confessions Tour Remix

Equally as naughty as the original, but with a little more “S” and a little less “M.” Pure bedroom confessions bliss. 

“Girl Gone Wild”/Dave Aude

Mr. Aude takes the Benny Benassi cooked up original to new levels of Molly-tingling music ecstasy. Part throwback late-’90s house/part amped up, all things one of Mr. Dave’s best Madonna remix offerings.

Bonus–“Bitch I’m Madonna/Rosabel’s Bitch Move Refire

DJ Rosabel Takes the “eh” feeling of the original to new, soaring electrified dance heights. Hit the floor with the Material Girl…right now.