10 Reasons to Fly Away with Cirque’s ‘Volta’ Before It Flies Out of Philly

Oh, August……

While indeed it’s a month filled with those classic dog days of summer, it’s also a month full of dread as you know in the back in your mind that it’s time to get the kids back to school and get back to….that routine-kind-of-life.

So, how about we don’t worry about all of that just yet? Yes. 

Cirque Du Soleil’s spectacular production of Volta (their 41st Cirque spinoff) is still gliding over at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and is looking to help you (yes, you) break up those end-of-summer doldrums until it flies from Philly to Seattle next Sunday, August 19th. 

Since its debut this past July 12th, Volta has dazzled audiences from all across the tri-state area, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to witness everything this immaculate show has to offer(and it’s a whole lot, folks), you should absolutely do it now. 

And just in case you need further convincing, here’s 10 reasons why you should fly away with ‘Volta‘ Before it flies out of Philly next weekend. 

1.It’s under the Big Top!!   Just like the circus….but better. Take a look at this Big Top behind-the-scenes action when Volta took over the Old Port of Montreal for its opening last year. Amazing…to say the least. 

2.It’s fun for the whole entire family….   Well, you might not be able to bring the family cat, dog or goldfish, but grab grandma and grandpa, call the aunts and uncles, gather up the cousins…because there’s still some family packages available! Plus, Volta is a pure stress reliever before the craziness another school year begins. Now you know you definitely want those tickets. 

3.Let’s talk about this ridiculously limber cast……   Rope skipping, precision walking, roller skating, unicyclying, ballet dancing, baton twirling, bungee stunts, contemporary dancing, trampowall-ing, shape diving…..and all of that’s just in the first five minutes! Curious for more? Watch this stunning clip below and then get ready. 

4.Oh, wait, someone actually hangs from their hair!!   Just watch the video and prepare to be amazed…and maybe say, ouch??!! By the way, her name is Danila Bim and you need to show her your love right now because she is truly something else. 

5.It’s story will move you to pieces……  A big top residing show centered around extreme sports, Volta tells the gripping, freeing and oh, so wildly entertaining story about a popular game show host named Waz, who becomes blinded by fame and fortune–both in the literal and biblical sense. After he meets a high-flying group of free spirits at his lowest moments in life, they encourage Waz to spread his wings and fly so he can begin his journey by taking a trip back in time to find his true self. If the story line sounds familiar, it’s because most of us are still trying to find our true selves every day…especially these days. While we may not be able to figure out the whole truth within it all, Volta will no doubt help us get a tad bit closer to it while providing a most entertaining escape…so in a word…go. 

6. Because we could all use some top-notch entertainment in our lives right now…   Hey, if there’s one thing that we can all agree on right now, it’s that it’s a crazy world for all of us! And if there’s one thing that Volta has proven to do (besides, well, everything), it’s that it truly has the aerial ability to take you to another place and make you forget about everything else that’s going on. Now, what could be better than that? Absolutely nothing. Well….maybe another incredible clip. 

7.Did we mention the talented cast?  While we don’t have time at this very moment to get to know all of this tremendous Volta ensemble, you can take all the time in the colorful world to get to know each of them right here by diving into the official Volta website…which we must say…is a party within itself. Go ahead…you know you want to. 

8.Tickets start as low as $49…..   However, seats are limited, so if you want those tickets at this ultra-low price, you better trapeze it up right here, right now to grab them. 

9.This Instinct article will also hit you in all of the right places…..   Since ‘Volta’s’ powerful theme is “find your free,” this wonderful Instinct Magazine feature written by Philly author Devin Randall certainly takes that theme and runs with it while tugging you at every single heartstring. Join Mr. Randall has he chats with two incredible gay couples who work full-time in the ‘Volta’ universe as they discuss the challenges they’ve faced, what it means to work in a show of this caliber, and of course, they break all kinds of mugs about what love is like behind the Volta curtain. It’s a great read and one you won’t forget anytime soon. Check it out right here. Oh, and you just might want to grab a Kleenex. 

10.Do you really need another reason?    Absolutely not. So, go ahead and grab those tickets now before Volta flies (literally) out of the tri-state area next Sunday! Ready, set, find your free…and that you certainly will when it comes to this show. 

Cover photo courtesy of Cirque Du Soleil Volta