Philly Event Spotlight/Philadelphia Monster Ball

What’s kooky, spooky and all together ooky? 

No, we’re not talking about your last Tinder or Grind‘r date (well, maybe), those scary words perfectly describe the murky mood for the debut of the Philadelphia Monster Ball, which is all set to haunt The Trocadero tomorrow night. 

Yes, guys, girls, gays and ghouls, the time is right now to get ready for a fabulously scary night that’s guaranteed to be filled with freakish fun and monstrous music like a pillowcase stuffed with Halloween candy. 

Oh, wait……there’s one more thing…it’s creative perpetrator is none other than famed Philly entertainment legend and one hell of a life updater, Mr. Robert Drake, who along with The Striptease Orchestra is quite simply is going to give Philly one of the best–if not the best–Halloween events of the season. 

But before those “spooky wooky” doors swing open tomorrow night, Mr. Drake was kind and gracious enough (as he always is) to stop by Philly Mixtape to spill all kinds of Monster Ball tea, breaking witches brew filled mugs about his favorite scary movies, how this grand event came to be, and why The Trocadero is the perfect (supposedly haunted?) place for…it all

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Kicking off our Monster spill, what’s your all-time personal favorite scary movie? While I love campy horror and such, I’m a fan of the cerebral scare. The Shining continues to be my classic go-to flick for lights out viewing!

How about a favorite of yours that you think is a bit underrated?  I’m a big fan of pointing folks to watch The Others (2001) with Nicole Kidman … it’s a unique flick with a great twist.

Let’s break some mugs about the Monster Ball. How did…it all come to be? Back in 2006 two friends of mine (Dave Ghoul and Melissa Torre) and I decided to create a Zombie Bar Crawl on Easter … in celebration of the world’s most famous zombie on His big day! We strolled South Street and had about 120 zombies follow long. The next year close to 300 zombies showed up and were clamoring for more! So that fall we rolled out the Philly Zombie Prom at The Trocadero! Keep in mind this was before zombies were all the rage – before Walking Dead, etc. Each year more and more undead showed up to our events – we even launched a zombie beach party for a couple years – and even helped set a Guinness World Record for the ‘most zombies on a roller coaster’ at Dorney Park!

…..Once the dust settled – we realized that – just like any good monster movie – we couldn’t just die. We had to resurrect ourselves and so we have – The Philadelphia Monster Ball! This is the first year, so we’re figuring it all out as we go along – but the core is to simply channel your inner monster and bring it! Come as one we all know and love – or debut your own creation! Best of all, you don’t HAVE to be in costume! Unlike other Halloween parties, there’s no penalty for those who simply want to come out and celebrate – same ticket price, just $13 in advance.

I’ll be host and DJ – spinning a slew of spooky retro dark wave sounds from the Halloween Vaults – like Siouxsie, Sisters of Mercy, Ministry, The Cure… Then The Striptease Orchestra – best known as the band with Peek-A-Boo Revue – will perform some insane covers– complete with a A-list of guest vocalists! Joining us also will be The Dead Milkmen’s Rodney Linderman and Rob Windfelder of Live Not On Evil … performing a haunting rendition of a classic song…  I’ll be awarding prizes at 10pm – so those in costume need to be in house before then to be considered by our celeb judges!

Why is The Trocadero the perfect place for it?  First of all, the Trocadero is seriously haunted. It’s been a performance venue for over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS … starting out as the Arch Street Opera House back in 1870. It hit the skids after a long stint as a burlesque house and was saved from destruction in the 1980s – becoming the venue you see today. I’ve been in this venue alone and have heard and witnessed several paranormal things; shadows, moving objects, whispers and even captured some EVP when running a digital recorder. What better place to have monsters (and their friends) gather to celebrate Halloween!?!

This might be a tough one for you, and I apologize in advance, but if you had to play one Halloween song for the rest of your DJ life, which one would it be?  While the crowd pleaser would be Thriller from Michael Jackson – for me, it’s Every Day Is Halloween by Ministry. Sums up my life nicely.

Lastly, why should everyone and their Monster Mother go to The Troc on Saturday night?  If you’re a fan of Halloween and a fan of local art and culture – this is your one stop. From creative local musicians to a sea of local folk all dressed to celebrate the season – it’s a win/win.

All treats… no tricks.


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