• Philly Weekday Entertainment Groove

    Don’t just stand there…let’s all get to it..now.  Sing Your Life Karaoke w/Sara Sherr What’s your favorite karaoke song? How about..all of them. Whatever your song butchering/slaying truth, chances are the fabulous and always very hard-working Ms.Sherr has them all in her always scorching Sing Your Life Karaoke collection, which will be serving your vocal

  • All of the Pride Month Tea w/ Ms. Brittany Lynn

    Oh, Heyyyyyyy June! Lawwwwd it’s time for Pride! Everybody has been eating two tics tacs a day with a glass of water since late March in preparation to show off their summer bodies during the gay high holidays. And let me tell you….and I’m sure I did in person….I did a 45 day cleanse to

  • Music Tea w/Madelin

    Originality…….. Let’s face it, in today’s ever oh, so changing music and entertainment (and sometimes frustratingly so) industry, it’s a word that certainly gets lost within it…all. Drama and bullshit aside, of course.  Lucky for all of us red-hot and rising pop star Madelin is rising above it all, serving us with a fresh sound

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