A Spot of Tea w/ Aunt Mary Pat

If you reside in the tri-state area and haven’t heard of the name, Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino, well, then, you might not actually live in the tri-state area because just like f@#king Cheers…everybody knows her name. 

The Delco flavored comedic brainchild of uber-talented local gentleman, Troy David Hendrickson (who also slays it as Philly drag goddess, Miss Troy), Aunt Mary Pat has only been on the scene for a short time now–and it’s now a proven fact that we just can’t get rid of her–so we might as well roll with her fierce comedic punches…and that we certainly have.

Whether it’s been on one of her many, many sold out stops on her Downashore & More Tour (she’ll be at Delaware Pride in Dover this weekend, kids and kweens!) or on the dance floors as her delectable ditty, “Doin’ Good,” werks the system (she does it all…keep reading), Aunt Mary Pat has proven herself to be a staple on the local talent scene that by this point, we just can’t liiiiive without. 

She’s also proven to be quite the tea spiller as well as she recently flipped the Philly Mixtape entertainment tea table, where AMP broke all sorts of mugs about what it’s like to be her, what words of inspiration she would say to the kiddies, and of course, just which summer music is complimenting her Fireball shots this summer. 

And just what would she knock ol’ bitties out of the way for if she won a shopping spree to ACME?? 

All you have to do to find out is take a seat at the table because the one, the only….Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino is about to spill it all just for you.

Okay….let’s break some Lennox mugs from that cabinet Mom told you not to touch as a kid, shall we? First on the table….spill for everyone about the sacred origins of the now seemingly legendary…..Aunt Mary Pat.   [She]  was born as me making fun of my own mother. So, as the asshole son I am, I uploaded the video and it took off. I know refer to AMP as the love letter to my mom, Susan.

Did you ever in a million god damn years think the character of Aunt Mary Pat would blow up 
up like she did? It must be wild for you…. I never thought my joke would turn into this at all! I am floored by the amount of love and support that I’ve been receiving. It truly gets bigger every single day and I am so grateful.

I also took a gander at the dance music charts and I see you also have a fun single, “Doin’ Good,” slaying it! Now, how in the hell did this all come about? I got approached from a wonderful artist and producer named Kendoll King. He wanted to work on a song together. We put together an awesome beat and have been working hard on it ever since March. We finished the track and it was officially released on[July 6th]. The first weekend the song kept climbing and climbing until it peaked at number 12 on the iTunes dance charts. We were both BLOWN away! 

What other music is rockin’ Aunt Mary Pat’s jukebox this summer? AMP is obviously listening to “Doin’ Good.” Also, new music from Ariana Grande, Kacey Musgraves (“High Horse” anyone?) and without a doubt BON JOVI!

What fonts of wisdom would you personally give to any performer out there who right this very god damn second decided to enter this f@#king crazy entertainment business?? You can’t be scared. You’re going to fail sometimes and that’s okay. You gotta shake it off. Try everything, because you never know which idea will take off or resonate with people. Stay humble. If you’re successful, help others! Don’t take things too seriously. And don’t try too hard. Just be you 🙂

Fuck….marry…..kill …..Ariana……Nicki….Liza. Fuck Nicki, Marry Ariana, and Kill LIZZZZZZAAA with a Z.

One last sip….and it’s an important one here……you’ve won a thousand dollar shopping spree to Acme……what are the first three things that you’re throwin’ elbows for right as you burst through those coveted doors? TOUGH ONE. First, I’m grabbing some Keebler’s Rainbow Chips Deluxe, then a bag of their homemade Tortilla Chips and finally a great big jug of the some pulp Simply Orange Juice!

And there you have it, folks!

For much, much more with Aunt Mary Pat, you should get to werk right here, right now. 

Cover photo courtesy of Troy David Hendrickson.