Rewerk Wednesday/7th Heaven

Earlier this summer, tremendous overseas dance music production act 7th Heaven took on two bangers from disco-legend Giorgio Moroder‘s new set, Deja Vu–the Sia-owned title track, as well as “Right Here, Right Now,” with Ms. Kylie–and turned them into even more delightful strobe-lit music treats. If that wasn’t enough heat, they recently also took Kelly Clarkson‘s Sia-penned anthem, “Invincible,” and reshaped it into a true slice of disco heaven;leaving Philly Mixtape wondering why this talented music act hasn’t been featured before. So, today 7th Heaven will be getting their music freak on in the Rewerk Wednesday spot while serving up a groove catalog that that will take all of us to new levels of music ecstasy. 

7th Heaven was created in 2006 by Jon Dixon and Andy Wetson, two members of the team of people who worked at Almighty Associates, a gigantic overseas dance record label. During the late-’90s and early-’00s, Wetson worked his magic in sales and marketing at Almighty, and was also making waves as a longtime resident DJ at gay London nightclub, Royal Vauxhall Tavern;eventually going on to be a top associate at fellow UK music label, CD Pool. Dixon was the lead producer at Almighty, and together, they both played an intricate role in putting the destructive music label on the disco map. 

The two got their big break as 7th Heaven when they released the Katherine Ellis starring, “Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on But the Rent,” originally a hit in 1986 for R&B singer Gwen Guthrie. Their rewire took off up the dance charts, leading them to a path that would have them creating heaven-touched remixes for a buffet of dance and pop artists, including, Katy Perry, The Wanted, OneRepublic, Tina Arena, Diana Vickers, Ricky Martin, Jason Derulo, Keri Hilson, Enrique Iglesias, Kelly Clarkson, Sia and Ms. Minogue. 

Aside from their breakthrough smash and their explosive remixes, the punch-y pair have maintained their status as a solid music act, going on to rewerk Lonnie Gordon’s Italo classic “Catch You Baby“(aka “Gonna Catch You“), “This Is Your Life,”which features now defunct ’90s girl pop duo, Banderas, as well as, “Don’t Make Me Wait,” another big banger featuring dance diva Donna Gardier-Elliott.

These days, the rewerk career of 7th Heaven is certainly very much alive-and let’s just hope that it stays that way. What these two talented gentlemen have done for the rewerk business speaks volumes, and Philly Mixtape is sure that there isn’t a club DJ out there who doesn’t bump one of their brilliant remixes on a weekend basis. Their takes on Cher‘s “Take it Like a Man,” Jason Derulo‘s “Can’t Take Me Home,” and really any diva you can think of, pack plenty of punch as we kick off a whole new month packed full of summer music heat. 

For all things 7th Heaven, go here….you know you want to. 







10 Classic Thunderpuss Rewerks

Words can’t describe the feeling that comes over me whenever I hear the dance thunderstorm that is the Thunderpuss rewire of Tamia’s classic baby makin’ joint, “Stranger In My House.” For one, I get those fifth-letter-of-the-alphabet feelings all over again, and two, hearing the dazzling reworked disco ditties of this explosive production duo, well, it takes me back to a much simpler time, when I was just a young kid getting my groove thing on at now defunct Delaware Avenue nightclubs like Envy, Babylon, Baja, Maui(penny Budweisers!), and MOST notably, club Egypt. So,on that monstrous thundering rewerked beat, today, Philly Mixtape is serving up 10 classic remixes that will prepare you guys for when one half of the Thunderpuss duo, DJ Barry Harris, stops by for a music tea spillage this Friday on Philly Mixtape! 

Oh, how I remember cruising down to the Avenue fresh from Bucks County, a nineteen year old young music bitch in training, not knowing what I was about to get myself into. There was nothing like pulling up to the parking across the street from Egypt, anticipating the night, jumping out of the car and having a dance party(Alice Deejay, perhaps?), smoking joints and drinking 40 oz’s of Colt 45… (Maybe, I did know what I was getting myself into. Sorry, mom.)

While I most certainly did have the underage time of my life back then, the music I was exposed to is what truly make those magical musical memories, especially if it was provided by Thunderpuss. Really, where do I begin? Remixes of some of the biggest diva hits ever to shatter our eardrums? Check. Sounds and production that sound like(and still do) no other of its time? Yas. Legendary DJs Barry Harris and Chris Cox joined forces to bring grooves so gigantic, they’re guaranteed to get even your grandma on that dance floor of life. From 1997-2003, these two iconic DJs just came in and destroyed charts, speakers and dance floors all around the globe, all while gearing this guy towards a life of DJ realness-and I’ve never looked back.

While I wish I could post every pulsating production Thunderpuss have magically crafted up, they have so much memorable material that we would be here until disco eternity sorting it all out. However, I went on a mission to pick out the stompers that best reflect that crazy late-’90s Delaware Ave era of my life (as well as a lot of you guys who are reading this), because let’s face it, they’re delectable offerings were throbbing in every single Philly club back then-and most certainly still are today. You ’90s kids can’t tell me that you didn’t get your triple-stacked-Mitsubishi on to their monstrous reworks of Billie Myers, “Kiss The Rain,” and Amber’s addicted-to-perfume groove, “Sexual.” Or perhaps a little roaring remix of Britney’s “I’m A Slave 4 U” will bring those seratonin memories rushing back? Of course, their warehouse destroying remix of Whitney’s(sigh…)’98 smash hit, “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” will always go down as one of the greatest rewerks….ever in music history. 


Rewerk Wednesday/Afrojack

For almost a decade, Dutch born DJ Afrojack (real name Nick Van de Wall), has been cooking up bangers for dance floors all across the music globe. Mr. Jack got his start in music at the young age of five playing the piano, but after getting his music talons on a copy of the music-sequencing program, Fruity Loops, his inhibitions changed and he was directed to playing around with samples and creating his own werk. After getting lost in the Holland club scene, he started playing short DJ sets before musically setting sail to the Mediterranean, where he played at various clubs while perfecting his individual style. After he established himself a bit, he returned to his native Holland, where he formed his own record label, Wall Recordings, while scoring massive club smashes with his singles, “Math” and “Drop Down(Do My Dance).”

After a string of performances at dance festivals and a high profile spot on the classic David Guetta track, “Toyfriend,” Afrojack soon began remixing for the likes of Madonna (“Revolver”) and Lady Gaga for a fiery remix of her hit, “Alejandro.” One his biggest breakthroughs occurred with the soaring, “Take Over Control,” featuring fellow Dutch diva, Eva Simons, which then led him to produce the Ne-Yo/Pitbull smash Billboard #1 single, “Give You Everything.” That batch of hits would then have the superstar DJ going off on his own American tour, including spots performing at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the ever popular Coachella festival, and a whole buffet of other solo concert dates across the states.

His most recent album, ‘Forget The World,” hit headphones everywhere last year, and features his trademark crazy beats with guest stars like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and the legendary Sting all stopping by to lend their vocal support. Tomorrow night, Afrojack is set to destroy the TLA, where he will be putting his new and classic hits on dazzling dance-your-ass-off  display. To help get you guys ready to build those beats, we’ve put together a list of some of his most explosive work. Get lost in the Afrojack Mixtape below…

“Drop Down(Do My Dance)”

“Take Over Control”

“No Beef” (w/ Steve Aoki and Ms. Palmer)

“Can’t Stop Me”(w/ Shermanology)


“Give Me Everything” (w/ Pitbull, Ne-yo, Nayer)

“Ten Feet Tall”

“Hey Mama” (w/ Nicki Minaj and David Guetta)