• Jam of the Day/LION BABE/Childish Gambino/”Jump Hi”

    TweetStarting off, I would just thank all of you who are taking time of your crazy lives to read this. Whether you’ve been following Philly Mixtape since the website launch last year or just giving a shout out for the first time, I personally thank you from the bottom of my music heart. I’m not

  • 5 Reasons Why Jennifer Lopez Is Already That 2016 Diva

    TweetWhere do we truly begin when it comes to spilling tea about the indestructible career of Ms. Jennifer Lopez? From In Living Colour to those infamous movie scripts to On the 6 to those Bennifer headline clips, Ms. Lo has proved herself to be an unstoppable tornado of destructive diva nature.   Perhaps last night if you

  • N.Y.C. Underground Party Groove of the Day/Johnny Vicious/Myndy K/”Moments”

    Tweet We’re going to slow things down just a little bit today….but not really… Although legendary DJ Johnny Vicious’ “Moments” featuring Ms. K closes out Mr. DeVito’s N.Y.C. Underground Party set, this is a track that deserves its time in the middle of the dance floor. Synth-fully mixed with  the classic Art of Noise baby maker, “Moments

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