Jam of the Day/LION BABE/Childish Gambino/”Jump Hi”

Starting off, I would just thank all of you who are taking time of your crazy lives to read this. Whether you’ve been following Philly Mixtape since the website launch last year or just giving a shout out for the first time, I personally thank you from the bottom of my music heart. I’m not one to spill on numbers, but they’ve certainly spoken and plain and simple……you guys are the shit. 

If there’s been one thing I’ve learned since kick starting this project (and it certainly is a project) on Instagram almost two (!) years ago  (besides all of the 963, 000 other things), it’s that it’s the hardest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my life……mostly because, all truth be told, I’ve never actually seen myself as a true writer. While I learned a whole lot of writing…stuff…in college (before following my headphones to DJ pastures) as well as in my fabulous two-year residency at Philadelphia Magazine prior to Mixtape (thank you, Josh Middleton for taking a big chance on this music bitch), I’ve always thought of myself to be an entertainer. Never in a million god damn years did I ever get to think I would get the opportunity to be under such brilliant writing guidance, which would lead me to the (eek!) chance strike out on my own and entertain everyone on a daily basis. No matter how hard this journey has been (business tip–you’re not going to make shit your first year and it will drive you crazy like Brit Brit), it’s absolutely been worth it, and I have you (yas, you) to thank for that. I promise that as we head into further down the year two road, the local and legendary truth will be even bigger, bolder and more Brotherly than ever before. Just think…less filler, more Philly. That’s all. 

On a bit of a personal note, naturally, I would just like to take a moment to quote a track off of Madonna’s (vastly overlooked) fifth studio album, Bedtime Stories, called “Survival.” On top of a dreamy ’90s R&B laced beat, the Material Girl coos, “A little up and down and all around, it’s all about survival.” Those coveted words have always stuck with me (as well as the line about never being an angel or a saint..#ownit), because they are absolutely true. Life is never easy, but it’s what we make of those hard times that truly defines us. I know that I’m still learning about my past, my present and my future with this project, and I can only hope to inspire those out there that no matter the drama. the fight or the shade…you got this. All you have to do is follow your passion, and while the road will certainly be tough, it’s always worth surviving in the end. 

Closing out, I would just like to welcome everyone to what is already shaping up an exciting new chapter of Philly Mixtape. While there will absolutely be some bumps along the road (because, that’s business bitch), I look forward to sharing the journey ahead to with all of you out there. 

So on that music Oprah note, let’s get to music werk, shall we? Now, as much fun as it was categorizing the daily grooves every week for you guys. this is Philly Mixtape, so a daily mix of jams will be taking over your music lives each day, no matter the genre–old school, new school, deep house, tropical house, Paula Abdul.

Today’s coveted jam is brought to you by NYC based Retro-soul group, LION BABE, whose romping single, “Jump Hi” sets the perfect tone for all kinds of Philly Mixtape stuff that’s on the horizon…….whether on or off on the pages.

Ready? Go. 

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5 Reasons Why Jennifer Lopez Is Already That 2016 Diva

Where do we truly begin when it comes to spilling tea about the indestructible career of Ms. Jennifer Lopez? From In Living Colour to those infamous movie scripts to On the 6 to those Bennifer headline clips, Ms. Lo has proved herself to be an unstoppable tornado of destructive diva nature.  

Perhaps last night if you were flipping through the channels you might have seen on her both NBC and Fox, owning her bronzer as Harlee Santos on her new (highly, highly promoted) T.V vehicle, Shades of Blue, or owning her residing spot at the judges table for American Idol’s (even more highly promoted) farewell season. It’s pretty safe to say that now that the first week of January has just wrapped up, we should just give her the 2016 diva crown already. 

In fact, Beyonce’s upcoming announced appearance with Coldplay at Super Bowl 50 has nothing on the next few months that the “Im Real” diva is about to have. Because much like 2016, her takeover is just getting started. As everyone will see on Philly Mixtape next week, the race for the 2016 diva crown (who had it last year? Does anyone know?) is certainly going to be a close one with albums and spectacles from Britney, Gaga, Xtina and Katy (sorry, Iggy) all on the way. But for now, we’re going to let J.Lo have the first pair of 2016 of gold hoops because here are 5 other reasons why our favorite Bronx boriqua is already crushing the competition in owning it in the new year.

1.She just put herself in competition….with herself.

While there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned diva showdown, what happens when that blessed diva takes on herself is..priceless. Last night, Jennifer did exactly that when both of her T.V gigs aired on the same night. So, which J.Lo was the victor? Actually…both. While Shades of Blue premiere last night to an in-the-middle 8.6 million total viewers, the debut did become NBC’s highest ranked drama in the Thursday 9. P.M time slot since Southland premiered all the way back in 2009. Mission accomplished, Ms. Santos. 

While we know American Idol is certainly not the ratings juggernaut it once was (no need to add salt to the wound, let it go, Mr. Aiken) the swan singing competition still hit a solid 2.6 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic with 10 million viewers, never mind the fact those numbers were an all-time low for Night 2 of an AI season premiere. But, guess what? It still topped Thursday primetime.

All meaning, go on, Ms. Lopez’s…

2.Because she’s about to hit a milestone of one of her biggest accomplishments…

No, it’s not the anniversary of Maid in Manhattan, (that’s next year) but later this month, J.Lo will celebrate the coveted fifteenth anniversary of when her hit film, The Wedding Planner, (hey there, a still very underrated Matthew McConaughy) and her classic album J.Lo took over the number one spot on both the Billboard chart and the box office…at the very same time. 

Not only did this esteemed accomplishment land Jennifer a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, but to this day she’s still the only entertainer (and basically only person in the world) to rightfully own a position like this. You have to admit it, if you were living and breathing in 2001, you lived that J.Lo life. 

Oh, and yes, it was just about fifteen years ago when the “Waiting for Tonight” goddess made her debut on SNL by hosting and performing, but also serving us with that now infamous diva battle royale that was Mango vs. J.lo. Truly, how can we ever forget. By the way, has anyone heard from Gemini’s Twin these days? 

Go right here to relive all of the Mango vs. J.Lo truth. 

3.She’s about to have Britney take a row of her Vegas residency seats….

Just when you thought there was no diva who could come close to matching Britney’s Vegas residency prowess, (you know it’s true) here comes Ms. Lopez ready to strike with her All I Have residency, which will take over the stage on Jan 20th at Planet’s Hollywood’s Axis theater where Ms. Spears currently resides. 

While the Selena star’s residency is only running until late February, (for now) if any one of her live performances over the years are any indication, Jennifer will certainly be giving Brit Brit a run for her performance wigs over the next few months. 

In case you might have forgotten how caliente Marc Anthony’s baby momma can be on stage, let this destructive performance of “Let’s Get Loud” from 1999 refresh your memory. 

4.Because although we’re only a week into 2016…she’s managed to age backwards ten years. 

If there’s another accomplishment that Jennifer should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for, it’s her accomplishment of aging backwards. Over her two decades of owning the planet, the “If You Had My Love” songstress has somehow succeeded in looking better than everyone (yes, even you) and everything. Just by glimpsing at Cris Judd’s ex boo, you would never know that she’s going to be…wait for it…47 years old this year. In fact, she looks even better when she did was wearing that dress and in the Bennifer days. As if that were possible.

If you’ve seen her making the rounds promoting anyone of her twenty-five projects this past week, you can visibly see that she..just..keep..aging..backwards. Seriously, what’s her moterf#$kin secret? Guess all that dancing really isn’t a crime, is it? 

5.Because out of all the divas…she’s the only one whose taught us how much love really costs…absolutely nothing. 

While our beloved divas have taught us many things over the years–how to vogue, run the world, put our paws up and go against the music–there’s only one of our music girlfriends that has taught us the most valuable life lesson off all–that “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” honey. 

Besides being one of her most beloved tunes, the iced out groove also celebrated a major milestone this week as it was served to us in Maxi Single form (the School Yard Mix, anyone?) fifteen years ago today, where it would soon straight to the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. And of course, there was also the time she made sure we all truly got it when she repeated her trademark phrase in the Murda Remix of “Ain’t It Funny in 2002. Now, that’s how a true diva does it. 

In fact, wants to see how well you know the lyrics to J.Lo’s trademark jingle and wants you to take this quiz that wants to personally make sure you understand you can’t buy J.Lo with your bliny-bling. Go right here and refresh yourself with the lyrics to the classic ’00s song that may or may not be about Puff Daddy. #itis 

Keeping owning that 2016 crown, Ms. Lopez, because seriously, by this point, it’s already yours….you deserve it. 






N.Y.C. Underground Party Groove of the Day/Johnny Vicious/Myndy K/”Moments”

We’re going to slow things down just a little bit today….but not really…

Although legendary DJ Johnny Vicious’Moments” featuring Ms. K closes out Mr. DeVito’s N.Y.C. Underground Party set, this is a track that deserves its time in the middle of the dance floor. Synth-fully mixed with  the classic Art of Noise baby maker, “Moments in Love,” this rewerk simply soars and will leave you absolutely breathless and begging for more.

Mr. Vicious actually plays a big part on volume one of the Underground set (which we will get to tomorrow), but since it’s hump day, now is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the “Moments” that he and Mr. Louie have whipped up for us on this classic record. If you haven’t reveled in this whirling dance wonder before, do yourself a favor and dive headphones first….it will be the best thing you do this week.