• Forgot About Friday/R&B Baby Makin’ Groups of the ’90s

    While last week’s Forgot About Friday list lived that random dance diva life, this week’s list is all up in those R&B baby makin’ groups of the ’90’s. We know the slinky decade was full of nostalgic feelings, but none were as surprising as the feeling that came over you once those bangers served up

  • Summer Groove of the Day/Shakespears Sister/”Stay”

    What song is a little creepy, a little beautiful, and all wrapped up in Forgot About Friday music love? That would be “Stay,” the one-and-only hit single from now defunct UK diva duo, Shakespears Sister. Released stateside in the summer of ’92, “Stay” became an instant smash, going on to hit the top 10 of

  • Philly Mixtape Music Tea w/ Daniel Bennett

    “Jazz, folk & minimalism” & “Refreshingly capricious & trippy!” Yes, those are just a few of the words and phrases that The Boston Globe and Yahoo Voices use to describe the eclectic, melancholy sounds of the Daniel Bennett Group, a daring music trio who blends sounds of modern jazz, American folk and experimental classical into one tightly-winded music package. Currently, the critically

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