Mixtape Music News

1.We can all relax….#EDM is back on Instagram…

In your “wtf?” moment for Thursday, just one day after releasing a public statement saying that #EDM had been blocked because it “was being used to share content that violates guidelines around nudity,” Instagram has now reinstated the hashtag, much to David Guetta‘s relief. 

While Instagram has yet to publicly comment on the reversal, in an original statement of the incident, a spokesperson said, “We’re working on a way to more quickly restore certain hashtags that have previously been blocked. We’re also working on ways to better communicate our policies around hashtags.”

Instagram for nudity? Don’t people know what Tumblr and Snap Chat are? 


2.Bruce Springsteen is set to be Jon Stewarts’s Bette Midler…

Get ready….it looks like Bruce Springsteen will be the wind beneath Jon Stewart’s wings for the T.V. host’s farewell The Daily Show tonight.

Stan Goldstein, a Springsteen expert who guides fans through the singer’s old and new haunts on the Rock and Roll Tour of the Jersey Shore, tweeted that it won’t be just The Boss in Stewart’s house, but the whole entire E Street Band in all of their Jersey music glory.

In further confirmation of the news, also dropped a hint that the Springsteen will give the Lawrenceville, New Jersey host a big send-off on his final air date tonight.

“You REALLY won’t want to miss the final Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorrow night,” the website shared on Twitter. When reached for comment, Daily Show said “we are not discussing any elements in regards to tonight’s taping.”

Guess it’s time to brush on the lyrics for “Born in the U.S.A.”

3.Ryan Adams just made Taylor Swift’s 1989 dreams come true….

While indie-rocker Ryan Adams may not be a household music name, he’s certainly recognized by one who is-Ms. Taylor Swift. In fact, over the years, Ms. Swift has continuously shown her love for Mandy Moore‘s ex-hubby through various social media outlets, especially on Twitter.

Earlier today, Mr. Adams absolutely made Taylor’s day by announcing that he’s recording a covers album of her chart destroying 1989 set that will have a reminisce of Morrissey fronted UK rock band, The Smiths. You can see by the tweet below just how excited Taylor is about the upcoming record. While no word is out on an official release date, Mr. Adams has posted a buffet of pics from recording sessions on his Instagram account. Go here to check them out.

4.Billboard tweened out at One Direction’s Met Life Stadium show last night…

Last night, Billboard reporter Erin Strecker attended the One Direction at the Met Life Stadium and highlighted five of the show’s most memorable. Unfortunately, a surprise visit from former 1D member Zayn Malik wasn’t one of those moments, Strecker did go on to say that “the decibel level at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey was out of control for nearly the entirety of One Direction’s touchdown in New Jersey Wednesday night.” 

The Billboard music writing diva also went on to say that opening act Icona Pop served up quite a saucy set and that the guys of 1D were “their playful selves,” and that the “interacting with the crowd more than in previous tours,” and they also expressed how grateful they were to their fans during what’s been quite a roller coaster of a ride for the band. 

For the complete review, click on here and check it out…you know you want to.

5.Finally like CeCe! Congratulations, Ms. Rachel! 

Pictured: Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals 2/23/15, Beverly Hills, California, United States of America Reference: 022215_GFLA_BDG_232

Pictured: Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux
2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter – Arrivals
2/23/15, Beverly Hills, California, United States of America
Reference: 022215_GFLA_BDG_232




Summer Groove of the Day/Nicki Minaj/”Super Bass”

Tonight, Ms. Nicki Minaj alongside special guests Tinashe, Dej Loaf and Meek Mill (grab those shades), will hit the coveted stage at the Susquehanna Bank Center as part of her summer Pink Print Tour. While there’s no telling what crazy “Anaconda” antics the oh, so voluptuous music vixen has up her, um, sleeve (Mariah shade, perhaps?), one thing you can guarantee is that she will no doubt be performing her summer smash, “Super Bass.” for everyone’s Minaj music pleasure. 

Along with its candy-button-coated video,”Bass” quickly boomed the Billboard charts in the summer of 2011,going on to become Ms. Nicki’s first certifiable top 5 smash. With its mix of pop and hip-hop, the uber-catchy single played a big part of the diva’s rise to music fame, with Claire Suddath of Time magazine naming “Super Bass” as one of the Top 10 Songs of 2011. But we must also give a shout out to the lovely Ester Dean for lending her vocal chops to the track’s catchy chorus. Because, let’s face it, where would we be without that “boom, boom-badoom boom, boom badoom-boom” in our lives?

Practically nowhere. And neither would little Sophia Grace and Rosie, either. 



Always grab that summer super bass….always. 




Rewerk Wednesday/Dave Audé

Earlier this year, Philly Mixtape added the Dave Audé/Jessica Sutta starring “I’m Gonna Get You,” to its growing list of favorite songs of the year. The fun, perky take on Bizarre Inc’s classic ’90s tune of the same name plays out like a disco dream come true, packed with plenty of punch, sassy vocals and another top-notch production from Mr.Audé, which further proves that the legendary DJ can do no wrong. But besides crafting dynamite dance ditties for a feast of other artists, Mr. Dave has also crafted up a smorgasbord of his own hits spanning over his explosive two decade career, where his remixes have gone on to rewerk us pretty much every day of the week. 

The older brother of former Major League Baseball player Rich Audé, Dave began his career teaching at the Los Angeles Recording Workshop as a MIDI instructor at the young age of 22. In the early 90’s, he began making house music at Truth, a Los Angeles dance club, and formed Lunatic Fringe with the club’s owner, Steve Levy. Together, they founded the Moonshine Music record label, and soon built a studio in West Hollywood which would lead the DJ to start his own record label, Ultra Music and a little bit further down the music road, he would kick off the vey successful, Audacious Records.

Audé’s first big splash on the scene came when he served up a series of compilation albums and played a big part in one of the label’s biggest techno hits, DJ Dan‘s, “That Zipper Track,” which he recorded under the alias Needle Damage. (Oh, those DJ aliases never stop.) Some of his most tremendous floor-fillers include ’99’s, um, “Floor Filler Tune,” “Make It Last,” co-starring Ms. Sutta, “Something For The Weekend” with Luciana, and more recently, “Take Me Away” featuring freestyle dance diva Rokelle. 

In 2010 Dave was Nominated for a Grammy for his remix of Dean Coleman’s “I Want You,” and his tremendous discography also includes whipping up remixes for artists such as U2, KoЯn, Coldplay, Chris Brown,, Ryan Skyy, One Direction, t.A.T.u., Katy Perry, Barenaked Ladies, Demi Lovato, the Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, CeCe Peniston, and many, many, many more. 

There’s no doubt that Dave Audé’s production contributions have spanned the barriers of dance music and there’s also no doubt that they will continue to do so for the rest of music eternity. If you’re a young DJ just starting out in this crazy business, let the the groovy catalogue of Dave Audé to help guide you towards the strobe-lights. It will absolutely be worth every bit of your music time. 

Get your Dave Aude on…