• 5 Reasons Why Janet Jackson’s Career Comeback Is on Point

    Tweet“A diva is a female version of a hustla,” chimes Beyoncé in her subsequent single, “Diva.” Well, she hustles until middle-age kicks in…and then as we’ve seen…the hustle struggle can get pretty real, really quick.  By now, we know that time can be cruel to the female pop star rounding middle age. No matter how

  • Mixtape Music News

    Tweet1.You can buy Michael Jackson’s white glove….for a cool $20, 000…. The white sequined glove once worn by Michael Jackson is selling in an auction on July 30 by Nate D. Sanders auction house, with bidding starting at a cool $20,000. Before his untimely death six years ago, Jackson had given the right-handed glove to

  • Summer Groove of the Day/Beyoncé/Jay Z/”Crazy in Love”

    TweetWhile there seems to be a lot of debate over this year’s song of the summer, back in 2003–there was no debate-it was Beyoncé’s solo single, “Crazy in Love” all the way. Not only did Bey’s sassy number sit pretty at #1 for nearly two months, but as we know, it was this song that catapulted her

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