Philly Mixtape Music Tea w/ Taylor Dayne

If you live for the music of the late ’80s and early ’90s, then you know all about legendary dance/pop diva Taylor Dayne and her explosive catalog of chart-crushing smashes. Since bursting onto the music scene in 1988 with her debut single, “Tell It to My Heart,” the sultry songstress has certainly proven to be a shimmering force to be reckoned with both on and off the dance floor. 

Tonight, Taylor, alongside ’80s queen Stacey Q and fellow fierce Philly queens Philly Drag Mafia’s Brittany Lynn along with Mizz Navaya Shay and Ms.Brittany Marie will hit The Block at Harrah’s Philadelphia stage for the iheartthe80s tour (get those tickets) in which Ms. Dayne is set to perform some of her greatest hits for a show that’s not to be missed.

Before she hits that coveted stage, Ms. Dayne was gracious enough to take time out of her crazy touring schedule to sip some music tea with Philly Mixtape, in which she spilled on how she got her start in the business, what it was like when her powerhouse ballad “Love Will Lead You Back” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and of course, I had just had to ask her which one of her wild ’80s looks she would give a makeover. Here’s a little hint: there’s more than one.

Take a seat and relax with Ms. Dayne at the Philly Mixtape music tea table below…

PM-Kicking off our music spillage, tell everyone about how you got your start in this crazy music business…

TD-My start … well, I can say the radio, my parents, and my first musical teacher in elementary school. They all influenced my voice and gave me music through singles and albums to get the encouragement to sing as well as artists to emulate and admire.

PM-Who were some of those music artists? 

TD-It could be anyone from Bill Withers, Karen CarpenterThe Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye to Chicago. Top 40 was a very eclectic mix of sounds and artists. I emulated the ones I loved, and I was good at it! 

PM-Shout out for me a couple of albums that you absolutely can’t live without…

TD-I wouldn’t want to live in a world where there was no Pink Floyd‘s The Wall, Led Zeppelin‘s Houses of the Holy,
Neil Young‘s Harvest, Aerosmith‘s Get Your Wings, Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, and of course, Aretha Franklin‘s Greatest Hits.

PM-Now, You’ve toured all over the music globe. Any favorite places that you’ve ever been?

TD-I love San Francisco, Greece, and Bali!

PM-Let’s talk about your LGBT fans for a moment. How does it feel to be such a grand diva for the rainbow community? 

TD-It’s a true honor after all these years – 26 to be exact – to be recognized and honored in a community that’s grown and has had such an impact as well as so many changes. I’ve watched families grow together!

PM-Okay, let’s spill about your early videos and all those looks. If you had to pick one of your earlier music videos to do over as far as the fashion – and of course, the hair – which one would it be?

TD-Hands down … I would do everything over. The hair in general looks like three Dolly Parton wigs put together, especially in “I’ll Always Love You!”

PM-I also want to chat about your signature #1 song, “Love Will Lead You Back.” Tell everyone about the moment you first heard that it hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100…

TD-What I remember most about “Love Will Lead You Back” hitting #1 was hearing the news in the office with Clive [Davis] and Diane [Warren], who co-wrote the ballad, and it was just a very special moment. I was also on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at the same time with Leno announcing it and handing me a #1 plaque; it was very, very, very, special.

PM-What would you say the main differences are in pop music today verses maybe 20, 30 years ago?

TD-Well, DJs are now making a shit load of money, and they are the producers of a lot of our dance /pop records. 
But, I love the last 10 years of pop artists and the music – all of the EDM and dance strengths, too. 

PM-Spill for everyone about the greatest hits tour…

TD-I tour all the time right now because it’s behind my Greatest Hits: Live release. I’ve always been a crossover artist on dance, AC, and R&B charts. I’m touring with freestyle and jazz lineups, and I’m performing at festivals pretty much all over! I also have a new single out on iTunes called “Dreaming!”

PM-One last sip, what would you say to someone who right this second decided to be in the crazy music business?

TD-Start putting out music on YouTube; cover artists whose tracks you love; build a fanbase; and get your chops going! 

For all things Ms. Taylor Dayne, go here and here






Must Listen Monday

Are you ready to get this week’s Must Listen Monday on?

Included on today’s dynamic list is a whole buffet of new beats that are deliciously ripe for the summer playlist pickin.’  If you’re looking to get a little rewerked on this late-July Monday, legendary DJ Todd Terry takes Demi Lovato‘s sun-kissed smash “Cool for the Summer” to bright new neon music levels. The same can also be said for Monsieur Adi, who mixes Little GiantsLately” to bright, new shimmering wavelengths. Also dancing on the set are daring overseas diva duo Nervo, who join forces with Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears and Nile Rodgers to serve us with the bouncy, “Those Other Boys.” And A Great Big World (remember them?) return to the scene with another mellow groove called “Hold Each Other,” which contains enough heat to quite possibly become of this summer’s hottest records. 

But, if there’s a music artist who’s ruling this week’s list, it’s UK dance duo, Disclosure. The beat brothers pop up not once, but twice on the list, first with the deep “Omen” which has them magically rejoining forces with Sam Smith. Also, Armand Van Helden refires up their recent single, “Holding On” to dramatic deep house depths and it works like a bloody charm. Now, it’s your turn to get lost in those new grooves as well as the rest of these certified Must Listen Monday bangers that are guaranteed to get grandma on the dance floor. Enjoy!! 

Ready…set…headphones on. 

Disclosure/Sam Smith/”Omen”

Disclosure/Gregory Porter/”Holding On”/Armand Van Helden Rewerk

Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”/Todd Terry Refix 

Havana Brown/Bebe Rexha/Savi/”Battle Cry” 

Inna/”Walking On the Sun”

Kaskade/Ilsey/”Disarm You”

Nervo/Kylie Minogue/Jake Shears/Nile Rodgers/”The Other Boys”

Major Lazer/MØ/”Lost”/Frank Ocean Cover 

A Great Big World/Futurustic/”Hold Each Other”

Little Giants/”Lately”/Monsieur Adi Remix

The Weekend/”Can’t Feel My Face”/The Not Feeling Bootleg



Mixtape Music News

1.Dionne Warwick remembers Bobbi Kristina on ‘Watch What Happens Live’…

Although news broke of her second cousin Bobbi Kristina‘s passing just hours prior, Dionne Warwick — ever the grand diva — kept her appointment with Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night.

A musical legend in her own right, Warwick is also the dearly departed Whitney Houston‘s cousin and the aunt of Bobbi Kristina, who passed away earlier Sunday after spending nearly six months in a medically induced coma. Ms. Dionne paid homage to her departed family member on live TV.

“She was a sweetheart, she will be missed — she was a good girl,” Warwick said. “It’s not easy. It’s [manageable] because of our faith that Bobbi is with a much bigger and more powerful person, or thing, that she’s in much better hands now.”

Grab some Kleenex and watch the somber clip below. 

2.Madonna defends Tidal….

Remember Tidal?

It’s no secret that the fledgling streaming service has had major shade thrown its way ever since launching in March, but in a new interview with the Associated Press, one of Tidal’s co-owners, Madonna — defends it by pointing to the company’s core ideals and hinting at some upcoming changes.

“It’s just the beginning, so we’re working out a lot of kinks and hopefully we’re going to build something unique and amazing that’s going to attract a lot of people,” says Madonna.

Indeed, one of those “kinks”–perhaps its biggest one–is the company’s own identity crisis, especially when compared to cheaper subscription services like Apple Music. In fact, earlier this month, the company announced a family plan with discounted prices for multiple subscribers using the same account.

“It’s important that people understand we didn’t create Tidal, we didn’t put this together, we didn’t all join forces because we’re broke and we want more money,” the Material Girl also said. “The idea is we want to support other artists and we want people to understand this is our heart, this is our work, and we want people to recognize that and we want other artists to have a chance. We live in a society now where everybody just expects everything to be for free, but you don’t get a house for free; you have to pay somebody to build it.”

We’ll see….

3.Joe Jackson suffers stroke in Brazil…

In a bit more sad news for your Monday, Joe Jackson — the father of the late Michael Jackson and the patriarch of the musical family — suffered a stroke while celebrating his 87th birthday in Brazil. 

While there a little details available on this sad developing story, an email early Monday morning from the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo says that Jackson was admitted to the hospital Sunday afternoon and that he’s in intensive care unit.

Prayers and thoughts are with the Jackson family during this difficult time.

4.The Billboard charts turn 75!!!

Get ready to feel really old….Seventy-five years ago today, Billboard published its very first chart ranking the sales of recorded songs.

On July 27, 1940, the very first listing of  “National List of Best Selling Retail Records” kicked off to bulldoze the way for seven decades – and counting – of Billboard’s hallmark tracking of music popularity.

Prior to July 27, 1940, Billboard had highlighted the national “Sheet Music Best Sellers”; “Records Most Popular on Music Machines” (compiled from national reports from phonograph operators); and, “Songs With the Most Radio Plugs” on a handful of New York radio stations. The “National List of Best Selling Retail Records,” however, was the first to poll retailers nationwide on record sales.

The new chart was billed as a “trade service feature,” based on the “10 best selling records of the past week” at a selection of national retailers from ranging from New York to Los Angeles. In addition to stores specifying in recordings, the interesting mix of contributors included Sears, Roebuck & Co. in Chicago, J.B. Branford Piano Co. in Milwaukee and Nolen’s Radio Service Shop in Birmingham, Ala.

Take a nostalgic look at the introductory Billboard songs chart dated 75 years ago today:

5.Lady Gaga dazzles with U2 on stage at Madison Square Garden….

By this point, U2’s epic eight-night run at Madison Square Garden has become something of a celebrity spectacle with stars filling both the stage and the seats. Last night was no different when the one-and-only Lady Gaga joined the Irish rock legends on stage for a surprise collaboration of “Ordinary Love,” the band’s contribution to the soundtrack for the 2013 Nelson Mandela biopic Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

Watch U2 and Lady Gaga’s fiery performance below. And you guessed it, it’s nothings short of extraordinary. 

6.Just in case you haven’t seen the new Janet video yet….

You must. 

7.This Buzzfeed piece that serves up startled faced Mariah memes is all you need in your Monday…

Oh, Mariah…

Recently, a photo of the “Through the Rain” diva recently surfaced–and she looks absolutely terrified for some reason. Never the one to judge, Buzzfeed took the picture to hilarious new meme levels, captioning Mariah’s now infamous startled face and applying it to many, many different life situations. Take a look at a few below and then check your Monday music life for the rest right here.

When someone asks you who Jennifer Lopez is:  


When you hear someone trying to cover “Dreamlover” and they sound terrible: