Summer Groove of the Day/En Vogue/”Free Your Mind”

With its rockin’ R&B tinge, superb harmonizing and luscious sample of the classic George Clinton/Funkadelic track, “Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow,” En Vogue‘s ’92 smash “Free Your Mind” has all of the makings of one hell of a classic ’90s tune and then some.

But, of course, whenever we think of EV’s powerful hit, our music minds take us straight to its accompanying video featuring the funky divas at a rocked out fashion show complete with crazy paparazzi, glamorous mosh pits and beautiful people for days. Visualized by famed music video director Mark Romanek, the clip instantly hit heavy rotation on MTV while also becoming one of the girls most iconic music videos. Even today, the bold, in-your-face clip still plays out as current and post-modern as it did nearly 25 years ago. 

And here’s a fun fact for you on this sticky Monday-Ms. Janet Jackson included the “Free Your Mind” video in a countdown of her twenty-five favorite videos of all-time, where it landed at number eleven. Hey, if Ms. J’s got your back, you know it’s always all good.

Happy Monday! 

Free your music mind….and the rest will always follow. 



Mixtape Music News

1.Drake and his producer defend ghost writing rumors…

Recently, Philly based rapper Meek Mill claimed that  that Drake “don’t write his own raps.” Now, Drake himself has responded to the diss – and as with all things Drake, he’s keeping it chill by simply saying, “I signed up for greatness, this comes with it.”

However, longtime Drake producer Noah “40” Shebib, however, is taking a more aggressive route.  In a series of tweets yesterday, Shebib pointed out Quentin Miller — the alleged ghostwriter behind Drake and other rappers — is openly credited in Drake’s liner notes.

“Sometimes [Drake’s] skill is used to recognize other great songs,” Shebib tweeted. “Thankfully for me drake isn’t just a rapper. He’s also a musician and a producer and a creator.” Werk.

2.Demi Lovato drops “Cool for the Summer” video….

Grab the sunglasses-Demi Lovato has just released the video for her dark, bright smash “Cool for the Summer.” As you would expect, there’s all sorts of neon-tinged odes to summer fun — with an emphasis on what happens when the lights go out.

Take an ice cold summer music sip below.

3.It’s all good between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift….

We can all rest easy….

Nicki Minaj tweeted her acceptance of Taylor Swift‘s apology and said that everyone should “move on.” She did so publicly, via Twitter, where every part of this latest music hoops holding began.  Ms. Nicki also gave a quick emoji shout out to Katy Perry, who weighed in on the controversy Wednesday.

Swift apologized to Minaj earlier today following online outcry over her response to Minaj’s Tuesday tweets expressing disappointment that “Anaconda” wasn’t nominated for video of the year at the VMAs.

“I thought I was being called out. I missed the point, I misunderstood, then misspoke. I’m sorry, Nicki,” Swift wrote.

It’s all over now — unless VMA host Miley Cyrus decides to bring it up again when she takes hosting duties on August 30th. We have a feeling that she will.

4.Billboard has all of the truth about the gracefully aging divas….

It’s no secret that time can be cruel to the female pop star rounding 50. No matter how little her talent might fade, critics and fans have no problem picking out wrinkles and listening for pitchy vocals. Just ask Madonna, 56, or 45-year-old Mariah Carey, whose journeys into middle age have been ­challenging at best…especially for Madonna.

There’s also Ms. Janet Jackson who just turned fifty this past May and is in the midst of a major career comeback with her first tour and album in over close to a decade. There’s no doubt that that she’s off to a strong start, but as we’ve already seen, the struggle can certainly get real…quick.

Billboard takes a look at Janet’s comeback and also looks at the hurdles for all of the aging divas. Check it out right here.

5.You need some Prince Royce in your music life….

“It’s been kind of a long creative process, and I think now is kind of when it feels right,” says Latin pop star Prince Royce about his upcoming debut studio album, Double Vision. The 24 year-old rising star has been keeping very busy these days, but he took some time out to spill some music tea with Billboard where he dished on the album and how he incorporated his Bronx upbringing into the record. Check it out right here.

While you’re reading the spillage, get lost in two of his tracks, “” with J.Lo and the albums title track with Tyga.


Summer Groove of the Day/SWV/”Weak”/”Right Here”

Since Philly Mixtape had an unexpected day off yesterday, its absolutely necessary to double up the daily summer grooves. Also, since its Throwback Thursday, we’re also going to dive deep in the summer music vault and serve up the classic ’90s R&B tracks, “Weak” and “Right Here” by Taj, Coko and Lelee, otherwise fabulously known as SWV.

Anyone that experienced the music of the ’90s knows that before Destiny’s Child started saying “No, No, No,” SWV was certainly kickin’ it on the music scene.With their timeless flow, bold, diva-licious vocal arrangements and a style that was in a class of its own(those fingernails!), there’s no denying that these talented gals musically owned us all through middle school and junior high…

What makes “Weak” and “Right Here” stand out besides being truly fantastic summer wonders, is that they’re both each in a very groovy style of their own. Their trademark tune, “Weak” is laced with an insatiable organ intro, slowed down new jack beat and the fact most of us still attempt it karaoke certainly proves its timeless staying power over the years. But, “Right Here,” with its soft flow and smart, seductive Michael JacksonHuman Nature” sample, it proves to be another gem that still sounds as mellow and fresh as it did back then.

In a music word, Long live Sisters With Voices

Get musically weak in the knees over this summer grooves playlist.