N.Y.C Underground Party Groove of the Day/SM-Trax/”Got the Groove”

It’s time to heat things up on this brisk September Monday…

While in today’s music day-and-age this crazy concept certainly feels like a million years ago, but there was a time when dance music compilations absolutely owned every part of our music lives. Dance Mix USA, anyone? 

Another one of those fiery groove compilation series was the N.Y..C Underground Party sets which were miraculously mixed by legendary house DJ, Louie DeVito. In late-’99, Mr. DeVito began serving us with the first of eight of these pulsating mixes, with each one vying to out dance the next. But as explosive and destructive as each of these mixes were (and still are) today, nothing beats the funkdafied fireworks of volume one. 

From it’s fifth letter of the alphabet feeling start to its begging for more finish, the original plays out like a non stop ride of unspeakable music joy that will still certainly get you sweating and taking your shirts off. But what’s really crazy is that while all of the N.Y.C Underground Party mixes are listed for sale on Amazon for less than 10 bucks, volume one is listed for $60.00, (!), only further proving that that the original is just that real slice of house music truth. 

All week long, Philly Mixtape will be serving up select tracks from this ecsasty acclaimed set, and it all kicks off with German dance duo’s SM-Trax‘s whirling dance smash, “Got the Groove.

Dive in. 




Fall Music Preview 2015/Part Two

While part one of your Philly Mixtape fall music preview covered the latest sets from Demi Lovato, Duke Dumont, Keith Richards, New Order, Don Henley and (maybe) Britney, part 2 really goes rolling in the music deep by covering Ms. Adele’s long, long, long awaited follow-up to 2011’s chart destroying 21 set. 

Oh, yeah, there are 24 more albums on the list that will all be begging for attention in your headphones this fall. Go. 

Don Henley/Cass County/Sept 25th

All this ’80s nostalgia this fall. For his first solo LP in 15 years, Henley will be representing the twang of Nashville and Dallas with country greats like Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert all hopping on board for the legend’s latest music ride. “The record company prefers to call it a Don Henley record and refuses to put it in any particular category,” he adds. “I think that’s wise. People can decide for themselves.” We most certainly will.

Chvurches/Every Open Eye/Sept 25th

The buzz worthy Glasgow groove trio are aiming to follow-up their critically acclaimed The Bones of What You Believe set with an even bigger album of killer pop-hooks and melodies with just a touch of ’80s music lovin.’ Really, what could better than that? Nothing. 

Selena Gomez/Revival/10/9

If sexy lead single “Good For You” provides us any insight into Ms. Gomez’s next studio venture, it’s that we’re definitely not in Wizards of Waverly Place anymore. 


The most brilliantly spooky album of the fall will certainly arrive in a cappella group’s Pentatonix long-awaited debut studio album.

Rod Stewart/Another Country /Oct 23rd

Another legend who’s set to make his mark in fall music this year, Mr. Rod Stewart is back with a shiny collection of all-new tunes that the “Downtown Train” crooner penned himself. “I was born in London, so I’m a cockney Scotsman,” Stewart says. “There’s a huge Gaelic feel throughout the album, lots of violins and mandolins,” as noted in the album’s lavish lead single, “Love Is.”

Vanessa Carlton/Liberman/Oct 23rd

For her first album in what feels like a hundred years, the “A Thousand Miles” songstress is ready to move out of Forgot About Friday land and back into mainstream music’s good graces with her latest offering. Do you think she can do it? Or will he be stuck in White Chicks world forever?

Joanna Newsom/Divers/10/23

Hard to believe, but It’s been five years since Newsom’s released her daring, dazzling triple LP Have One on Me. (in which we certainly did.) However, her latest is just one disc, but lead single “Sapokanikan” is already catching on as a super hook-y tune that’s just dripping with all kinds of music life.


Her 2012 breakthrough Visions made fans out of Katy Perry and Lorde, and now Ms. Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) is poised to strike this fall as a bona fide pop diva. The eclectic singer produced her latest album herself at her new L.A. home studio, and says the songs on the LP are split into three groups: “aggressive bangers” with a rock edge (see “Flesh Without Blood,” about a false friend); “weirder, more experimental things”; and “really, really poppy songs, like almost rococo pop.”

M.I.A/Sometime This Fall

For her follow up to 2013’s “wtf?” Matangi, M.I.A has traveled around the world to make a record full of synth-ed up dance and hip-hop beats, in which she says, “It’s like a journal. And the journal just happens to be a very wide journey.” As long as she leaves the middle finger at home, we’re good. 

Ariana Grande/Honeymoon/October

While there’s no official on Ms. Grande’s My Everything follow up, (she even deleted Twiiter posts about it recently) , there’s spilled tea going around that it could be released as early as October and that the lead single will be called, “Focus on Me,” which is all we’ve been doing with Ms. Ariana all year long, right?

5 Seconds of Summer/Sound Good Feels Good/Sometime this fall

Now that One Direction is breaking up next year, where do we turn our tween intentions to? 5 Seconds of Summer, of course.

Charlie Puth/9/November 6th

Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” co-star is no doubt ready to strike with his first studio set. Shouldn’t be a problem considering that his Meghan Trainor assisted lead single, “Marvin Gaye” is gaining tons of buzz and the fact that he’s just oh, so adorable. 

The Band Perry/November

For their third country outing, the trio decided to use a little less twang and a little more….Gaga? Yes, that’s right, the crooners have teamed up with the famed producer RedOne to give their new record an oh, so different kind of music life. “One night, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber were hanging out in the hallways,” the band says. “It was such a fun atmosphere to create in.” Oh, To be a music fly on the wall that day..

The Knocks/So Classic/November

Looking for a relaxing music ride this fall? Look no further than NYC based nu-disco duo, The Knocks, who are aiming to take you there and back again with their hotly anticipated first full-length venture. 


One Direction/November

The UK boy band’s next set will officially known as the album they give us…..before they leave our worlds forever. Sigh…


Here’s what we do know…the “Set Fire to the Rain” diva has put in studio time with veteran pop songwriter Diane Warren, as well as recorded new tracks with past collaborators Paul Epworth (“Rolling in the Deep”) and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder (“Rumour Has It”). The highly anticipated album may also reportedly include first-time contributions from Pharrell Williams, Danger Mouse and Blur’s Damon Albarn and Madonna’s Ray of Light bestie, William Orbit. Another thing we know? The suspense has been absolytely killing us waiting for her 21 follow up to finally come out..

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/November

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ much hyped follow-up to their million-selling 2012 debut,, The Heist,, ran into tricky ground when Macklemore derailed his drug addiction recovery by backsliding with weed and pills. But now it seems as if the boys are ready to school us once again, as proven in funked up lead single “Downtown,” which is already proving to be a smashing success.

Coldplay/A Headful of Dreams/December

After last year’s whispering Ghost Stories, which reflected frontman Chris Martin’s separation from wife, Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow. Martin has said Coldplay are seeking “something colorful and uplifting” for their seventh LP. “It’s hard to perfect a happy song,” he confessed recently. “Pharrell managed it. Stevie Wonder managed it. Bill Withers managed it. I haven’t managed it yet.” We have a feeling that this time they just might…being that there’s rumors the band could split after their next studio set.

Frank Ocean/???

While the out-and-proud baby makin’ crooner has teased us with his Channel Orange follow-up for days, there’s no official word on when –or if–it will ever come out. Much like Adele’s long-awaited set, this has been an album that’s been on album previews since 2013. Who do you think will win this race? 

Gwen Stefani/??

Last fall, Gwen got us all thirsty for new material with tracks  “Baby Don’t Lie” and ‘Spark The Fire,” but since then the buzz on a new set has been minimal at best. But there is rumblings that the No Doubt diva is finishing up her set by year’s end. The same goes to you, Ms. Fergie Azalea



After a busy first-half of ’15, you know, promoting his presidential campaign, West has said he’s working “slowly, to make it an art project.” While we’re not sure if the  tracks he made with Paul McCartney (“Only One” and “All Day”) and the Sia collaboration “Wolves” will make the cut, West has also reportedly been working with Bruno Mars on his latest adventure. And what an adventure it will most likely be. 


No music shade to Ms. Missy, but she kind of got us all hype when she appeared during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, which was followed with some pics of her in the studio with Timbaland. But, the second half of the year? Not so much hype. But the legendary rap diva is always full of surprises, so a new album on top of our Christmas lists might not be a far stretch.


Remember just two years ago when Bey destroyed the Internet by dropping a surprise album? Well, there’s rumors that the diva is recording a follow-up. And just how will she surprise us this time?  By breaking the Internet one more time, of course.

Hed Kandi/The Mix 2015

The fall began with Hed Kandi’s From Dusk Til Disco set, and will end with their annual The Mix compilation, which will be packed full of this year’s hottest deep house disco ditties, just in time to ring in 2016.

For part one of Philly Mixtape‘s 2015 fall music preview, check your music life right here.


Summer Groove of the Day/Demi Lovato/”Cool for the Summer”

Ms. Lovato’s “Summer” music cherry sure was tasty….

If there was a single released these past few months that absolutely pulverized my very sun-soaked existence, it was Ms. Demi’s oh, so tantalizing tune, “Cool for the Summer.” Besides being laced with that undeniable Max Martin production flavor, Ms. Lovato also came through exuding a new confidence on the blistery banger and it’s simply werked like a charm. While we know that this girl can sang, her voice is delightfully restrained throughout “Summer,” and is matched perfectly to the ’80s wrapped beat and groovy synths that Mr. Martin provided for her…and all of us. 

But the real mystery is…why didn’t “Cool” go higher on the summer music charts? Currently, Demi’s ditty is sitting at number sixteen on the Billboard Hot 100, and in my humble music bitch opinion, it should be at number one. (Sorry, “Cheerleader,” but enough is enough.) But not to worry because our girl is sitting pretty at the top of my personal summer grooves countdown and I have a feeling that it just might be for a lot of you kids out’s just that delicious.