• Joan Rivers, I Fucking Love You

    Originally written on Sept 4th, 2014… I’m sitting here working on my latest article and I just got news that the legendary Joan Rivers has died. I’m shaking right now as I am writing this. This is actually a new feeling for me because I don’t think I have ever been hit this hard by

  • Mixtape Music News

    1.Janet Jackson drops Unbreakable track listing and release date!!!!! Who’s ready for a Janet heart attack on this heat stroke inducing Thursday?  This morning, the ageless diva officially served us with a whole buffet of details on her new album Unbreakable, which is set to rock our music worlds on Oct. 2. Along with the

  • Summer Groove of the Day/JoJo/”When Love Hurts”

    Ms. JoJo just snatched my summer music wig…. Just when I thought I had all of my favorite summer 2015 grooves in check, the eardrum shattering songstress not only gets me to add the word “tringle” to my everyday jargon, but delivers “When Love Hurts,” a feisty banger that puts our girl in the middle

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