• Must Listen Monday

    TweetThe final Must Listen Monday of the Philly Mixtape summer is upon us….. But not to worry, because the latest singles and rewerks provided by Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Diplo, Sleepy Tom, Barry Harris, Little Mix, Tinashe, DJ Gryffin, and many more are guaranteed to turn that end-of-summer frown upside down.  Get those headphones ready….and go. 

  • Summer Groove of the Day/Fifth Harmony/Kid Ink/”Worth It”

    Tweet Sigh….. It’s time to face the music truth….summer is coming to an end. But not to worry because as we know, the fall always has the potential to bring the music heat, especially since Ms. Adele and Ms. Janet are poised to make their grand return to diva form in the upcoming months. But

  • Forgot About Friday/Coolio

    Tweet Let’s get dreaded up like Mr. Coolio, shall we?  One of the first rappers to balance pop hooks with gritty, street-level subject matter and language, Coolio had no problem delivering radio friendly, happy-go-lucky hits. While still sharing the West Coast scene’s love of laid-back ’70s funk, most of Coolio’s good-time party anthems (except for

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