VMA Performance of the Day/Britney Spears/”Satisfaction”/”Oops..I Did It Again”

Let’s get this VMA party started, shall we?

Imagine a VMA world without Ms. Britney Spears. Quite frankly, it just wouldn’t be the same. Ever since she graced the stage in ’99 for her first-ever appearance (remember when she went dress shopping with Serena Altschul?), Brit Brit has dominated that coveted VMA stage. Whether she was locking lips with Madonna, dancing with a python or just being there, there’s no need to argue that Britney knows how to make the MTV’s annual award show her bitch. 

But indeed it was her “Oops” performance in 2000 that caused the most stir, you know, that time she had all of us clutching our music pearls by literally serving us with a striptease on stage while performing the Rolling Stones‘ “Satisfaction,” which led her right into that fiery “Oops” performance that we will never forget. While cooing her way through the Stones’ smash, it certainly happened-our girl ripped off her tux (she was 18 at the time) to display that nude two-piece getup and bulldozed her way through her trademark ’00 tune. 

While the 2000 VMAs were memorable for many reasons (hey, Christina and Fred!), it was Britney’s fiery presence that made the show that much more fabulous and no doubt helped cement her into the Las Vegas ruling pop icon that she is today. 

Ready… la la la la la la…





Forgot About Friday/Craig David

Go on, Mr. Craig David

That’s we are all saying in the summer of 2001 when UK DJ-turned-singer Craig David brought his funkdafied garage music flavor to headphones all across the music globe. It was during this time, Mr. David successfully transitioned from aspiring songwriter and DJ to major stateside pop star once his smooth, sensual single “Fill Me In” started to tantalize our every music thought. The English Breakfast music tea sipping singer, who only 19 years old at the time, also went on to become the youngest British male solo artist to achieve such a feat. And then he was forgotten about…

Prior to his breakthrough, David, a native of Southampton, England, was a local radio DJ and migrated up to spinning records at clubs, which allowed him to cross headphones with a buffet of England’s up-and-coming producers. It was also during his early music life days that he connected with Artful Dodger‘s Mark Hill, but his real first big music break came when he won a songwriting contest held by the group Damage, who recorded “I’m Ready,” a track David penned, and released it as a B-side to their 1997 single “Wonderful Tonight.” A few years later, Artful Dodger cooked up the bizarrely mellow “Rewind,” a track in which David provided the delicious lead vocals. Taking off on the charts, the single was billed as Artful Dodger Presents Craig David, and soon the singer would be filling us all in on his incredible talents.

Once the buttery beat of “Fill Me In” hit overseas airwaves in April 2000, the track went to number one and propelled sales of Born to Do It, David’s quite dazzling debut set. A substantial stateside deal with Atlantic Records fostered David’s worldwide success as sales of his Born catapulted to over three million. David’s ultra-sexy set also helped take the U.K. style of “garage music” out of the dark and into the mainstream music light as mega-music superstars like Missy Elliott, Beyoncé, and Usher all took a liking to the rising UK crooner and his buffet of grimy-but-groovy beats.

However, once David released his sophomore set, the gritty, Slicker Than Your Average (“What’s Your Flava?”can certainly stay though.), his heat began to cool a bit and the album didn’t come close to matching its predecessor. While all four of the set’s single releases still reached the top ten of the U.K. charts, David’s U.S. presence started to fade quite a bit. Over the course of the next few years, he would continue to release a handful of hit albums and singles in the U.K., but as far as his stateside career, well, that’s why we’re here today, unfortunately. Sigh… “7 Days,” anyone? Absolutely. 

These days. Mr. Craig still has his hand in the music game, appearing on the judging panel and performing on, the T.V. show South African Idol. He’s also gone back to his DJ roots by hosting exclusive parties at his home in Miami;developing the DJ sets that he whipped into TS5, a weekly residency on the Capital Xtra radio station.

While the days of David ruling the charts seem like a million years ago at this point, you have to admit that his bedroom ready voice and feisty, funky flow absolutely took over your early-’00s music life. If it didn’t, give his grooves another spin–you’ll be glad you did. 


Summer Groove of the Day/Aqua/”Barbie Girl”

That ’90s life in plastic sure was fantastic…

A song that took over all of our summer-of-’97 music lives, (besides Will Smith‘s “Men in Black,” of course.), Aqua‘s “Barbie Girl” instantly glittered its way up the charts, hitting number one on charts worldwide. And why shouldn’t it have? With lyrics about living that Barbie Dream House life mixed in with that candy-coated Euro dance beat, “Barbie Girl,” was a flash moment in pop music time that no one will ever forget anytime soon–especially the makers of Ms. Barbie, Mattel,Inc.  

Once the track began catching on, the toy manufacturer sued Aqua’s label, MCA Records, claiming that “Barbie Girl” violated their trademark and turned her into a sex object (and a slob!) and referencing Barbie as a “Blonde Bimbo.” (LOL.) They also alleged the song had violated their copyrights and trademark and that its lyrics had (gasp!) tarnished the reputation of their trademark diva doll.  But being the crafty hit makers they were, Aqua claimed that Mattel interpreted  their own meanings of the song’s lyrics and MCA Records was not about to let their chart shattering single be taken down without a fight. I know that’s right, Aqua..

In the end, the lawsuit was dismissed by the lower courts (although Mattel decided to take the case to the Supreme Court, naturally. The case was rejected. ), and the song was later protected as a parody. However, in strange tune twist, Mattel ended up releasing a series of advertisements and a promotional music videos of “Barbie Girl” with modified lyrics as part of a new marketing strategy brought in to revive sales. 

If only they would’ve listened like the rest of the world in ’97..

It’s time to party with “Barbie Girl.” Happy Friday! 

Go ahead and live that plastic music life while there’s still a little bit of summer left..