Summer Groove of the Day/Jennifer Lopez/Ja Rule/”I’m Real”

It was this song that had Ms. Lo keepin’ it real on Oprah…

Back in mid-2001, Jennifer Lopez was in a little bit of a dilemma. While during the first half of the year the multi-faceted diva was riding high due to the simultaneous #1 successes of her album, J.Lo and box office destroying hit, The Wedding Planner, but for the latter part of the year, her music prowess stumbled a bit. Her Second J release, “Play,” didn’t become the smash that preceding hit “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” was, and its follow-up, the original “I’m Real,” didn’t too much for album sales. But like the true fly gal she is, Ms. Lo decided to team up with the hottest music star on the planet at the time, Mr. Ja Rule, for a gritty, sun-kissed hit that we’ll never forget anytime soon-the Murda Remix of “I’m Real.” 

While some critics got on Ms. Jenny for her newfound “gangsta” image (did she just say that word?), the rewerk shook its pink-veloured booty straight to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 where it stayed on top for a month, all while giving the infamous J.Lo set the multi-platinum sales boost that it certainly needed. It was also the “Real’ rewire that was truly the breakthrough hit for the diva, as it would lead her to further smash hip-hop collaborations, including the Murda Remix of “Aint It Funny,” again with Mr. Ja, and of course the legendary, “Jenny From The Block,” with Styles P. and Jadakiss. 

While Jennifer’s new music game was certainly a big risk, it certainly paid off in a big way and led her a bit further down the icon path. But let’s just hope that we never have to witness that pink velour sweat/short/suit (?) combo she rocked in the accompanying video….ever again. 

Boogie down. 

Keep it real with these summer grooves…





Summer Groove of the Day/Nelly Furtado/Timbaland/”Promiscuous”

Whoa, Ms. Nelly…

Cooked up as the lead single from her luscious Loose set, Nelly Furtado & Timbaland‘s “Promiscuous” romp sexed its way up in the charts in the summer of ’06–and we loved every beat of it. Written by Ms. Furtado and Mr. Tim, the cheeky track serves up  lyrics that play out as a verbal Ping-Pong game on top of a stomping beat which was so effortlessly provided by Timbaland. (This was 2006.)

The song was welcomed with open music arms by critics, but of course there were other critics who claimed that Nelly F was “selling out” to the pop game being that her sexy new image was a far folk cry from earlier days when was soaring like a bird. Whatever the music case might’ve been, the track was an international success and also became Furtado’s first #1 single stateside. The slutty banger also went on to win Billboard‘s “Best Pop Single of the Year” and was rightfully nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals the following year. 

While we certainly miss Nelly Furtado these days (really, where have you been, girl?), there’s no denying that “Promiscuous” is just as fun as it was back in the good ol’ Loose days. 




Must Listen Monday

What does mid-August and a buffet of new beats have in common? Everything..

Grab that music fork and knife and chow down on new tracks from Francesco Yates, Tiara Thomas, Babyface (!) and remixes from Cyril Hahn, The Knocks, 7th Heaven take you into the late-summer music sunset.

Dig in. 

Francesco Yates/”Honey I’m Home”

This slinky, sexy, baby makin’ beat provided by Mr. Yates is just what you need in your music life right now. 

The Band Perry/”Live Forever”

Another down home romp from the country crooners await you. Brace yourself for the killer hook. 

Babyface/”We’ve Got Love”

Do you really need a reason to get down to some new Babyface? Absolutely not. 

Dillon Francis/Calvin Harris/”What’s Your Name”

Mr. Harris has done it again with a little help from Mr. Francis. 

Tiara Thomas/”Love You Like I Do”

Go on with this smoky groove, Ms. Thomas. 


Is it 1975 again? Because it sure feels that way with Hurts’ latest disco-ball strewn offering. 

Matthew Koma/So F##kin’ Romantic”/The Knocks Rewerk

If you still aren’t familiar with rewerks cooked up by NYC’s The Knocks, you are f##kin’ missing out. 

Disclosure/”Omen”/Cutmore Refire 

The original and all of this will do.

Mai Tai/”One Nite Man”/7th Heaven Retelling 

That bass line though….

Carly Rae Jepsen/”Run Away With Me”/Cyril Hahn Rewerk 

Philly Mixtape wants to run away with this deep, dreamy remix. Even if it is with Ms. Rae. 

Rita Ora/Chris Brown/”Body on Me”

Last week’s jam-of-the-week. #lasttimeIswear