Philly Disco Groove of the Day/People’s Choice/”Jam, Jam, Jam(All Night Long)”

“Got my mind up, gonna put on my new suit,” starts off the funky, “Jam, Jam, Jam” (All Night Long),” by Philly’s own People’s Choice. Now, if there’s a soulful disco song out there with better opening lyrics to help get your weekend started off in the most right way possible, I personally would like for you to try to find one. Booming with bass, slinky guitar riffs and an undeniable scratched up vocal delivery by lead vocalist and instrumentalist Frank Brunson, this classic People’s Choice joint succeeds in funkin’ you right up from the start. 

Created in 1971 by Brunson and drum player David Thompson, People’s Choice began making their local music mark as a stand-out instrumental ensemble. But their music game changed when legendary Philly music producers Gamble & Huff saw them in concert and asked Brunson if he would be interesting in recording the track, “I Likes To Do It” for Philadelphia International Records. Mr. Brunson obliged and People’s Choice signed with the label in 1974 and were an instant smash thanks to the vivid instrumentation and light vocal flavoring that their smooth-and-silky debut single provided. 

The group went on to achieve much success on both the R&B and album charts, delivering funkdafied singles, “Do It Any Way You Wanna,” “Nursery Rhymes(Part One),” and of course, the glowing “Jam, Jam, Jam( All Night Long).” And since it’s been a long week for us all dealing with The Great Thaw of 2016, now is the perfect time to get lost in this one-of-a-kind Philly disco groove.

You’ll certainly be glad you did. 

Here’s all of this week’s Philly disco grooves in case you’re just hittin’ the dance floor of local music life. Have a great weekend! 

Instant Funk/”I Got My Mind Up(You Can Get It)”

Teddy Pendergrass/”I Don’t Love You Anymore”

Jean Carn/”Was That All It Was”

The Jones Girls/”You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else”


Philly Phresh Friday

Here we are at what’s been quite a crazy week, well, that is until Adele came along and made things right again by serving us all with her roaring new single, “Hello,” as well as making every new track on the planet seem invisible this week. But in fact, there was actually quite a bold buffet of new beats sent our way this week, including the latest from Ellie Goulding, DNCE, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani, Panic! at the Disco, Disciples and many more music artists who are aiming to make all of your TGIF dreams come true…and then some.

Ready…set…Adele and everybody else. 

Happy weekend! 



Mixtape Music Truth

1.Get a panoramic sneak peek of ‘School of Rock’ before it hits Broadway next month….

With just weeks until the arrival of the Broadway adaptation of School of Rock, Billboard snatched up a sneak peek to get you ready for what is looking to be quite The Great White Way affair. 

School of Rock — The Musical will feature all the songs from the hit 2003 film, as well as new show tunes provided by theatre legend, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

In fact, a new song titled,  “You’re in the Band” is being helmed as the mission statement from what to expect in the stage adaptation, along with a little bit of the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” to go all along with all of your Dewey fantasies. 

Check out the fun panoramic preview below.  

School of Rock:The Musical will be open to the public on Dec. 6, with early showing starting on Nov. 9. Alex Brightman will play Jack Black’s Dewey Finn and Sierra Boggess will play the school principal.

2.Demi Lovato’s Confident record is almost here! 

Are you ready to get sexy and Confident with Ms. Demi? The “Cool for the Summer” songstress will release her fifth set tomorrow, and to celebrate, Philly Mixtape will be kicking off a new column called Track-by-Track Truth, in which we’ll dive beat-by-beat into the week’s most buzzed about release. 

Early reviews suggest that Demi’s latest studio romp doesn’t contain as much heat as “Summer” and the album’s title track, but it all will come together once the Confident truth is delivered tomorrow phresh for your weekend. 

Stay tuned! 

3.Watch this Lady Gaga Japanse cosmetics ad…..

Lady Gaga is putting a new spin on the classics in music lately, (her most recent was taking on Chic’s “I Want Your Love” in Tom Ford’s fashioned up clip.) and her latest offering is in a Japanese Shiseido ad, called “Be Yourself.”

Beginning with her rendition of her and Mr. Tony’s “Cheek to Cheek,” The Countess, err, Gaga dances around looking fabulously elegantly in a chic, Hepburn-inspired look with a Harajuku twist. 

Find out what that elusive Gaga twist is below.

4.Michael Jackson’s last days are becoming a…..T.V. show???

Fresh of the buzz of her upcoming 2016 book, Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last DaysT.V. and radio personality Tavis Smiley has just announced a deal with Warner Bros to turn the book (a novelistic retelling of Jackson’s final 16 weeks) into a television series, according to a report from Deadline.

Warner Bros are also planning to develop a television series around Smiley’s recent book My Journey with Maya (the dearly departed Ms. Angelou) as ink to the same deal. Keeping on his publishing career trek, Smiley  already has a hand on producing a screen adaption of the “event series” surrounding his book Death of a King: The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Final Year, which is being developed with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions.

5.Dear Rihanna, when the f$%k is your album really coming out? 

Where is Anti?

Rihanna’s long-awaited eighth studio album — which, until last week, was just a nameless rumor — was one of 2013’s and 2014’s most anticipated sets. But after “Bitch Better Have My Money,” “American Oxygen,” and “FourFiveSeconds” stormed the airwaves this past spring and summer, the album still didn’t get served to us.

So, what the f$%k gives?

Earlier this week, there were rumors that RiRi latest studio was hitting shelves on Nov 6th, but that deemed untrue. What’s even more of a tease was the “Disturbia” diva’s “Anti preview party” (which wasn’t so much a preview let alone an art exhibit), leaving us to the think the new album was on its way to Spotify any day now…and it’s definitely not.

Lucky for us while we keep patiently waiting for Rihanna’s latest music offering, EW has rounded up everything they know about Anti, including whether or not any of those classic Rihanna dance tracks will be involved with this record. However, the one thing the article doesn’t have is, you guessed it, an official release date.