Rewerk Wednesday/Zedd

“If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy……If our love’s insanity why are you my clarity?,” chants UK songstress Foxes on “Clarity,” the 2012 Grammy winning collaboration she shares with German DJ producer and beat maestro, Zedd, who’s about to straight up give it to us with a two night stint at the Electric Factory beginning tomorrow night. 

Born Anton Zaslavski in southwest Germany, the future dance floor destroyer and global dominator was raised into a musical family in which Zedd first tickled his music fancy at four-years old by taking on the acoustic guitar. It wasn’t long before he graduated to ticking the ivories and eventually moved on to playing the drums in a local band. And from there, well, the digital world soon came calling and Zedd would become the most sought after names in the dance music business in no time flat. 

Thanks to a batch of high-profile rewerks for Lady Gaga, Armand Van Helden and a handful of A-list others, Zedd served us with Clarity in 2012his first full length album that put him well on the music map and beyond. This was due to the shimmering success of sizzling singles “Spectrum” with Matthew Koma, “Stay the Night” with Haley Williams of Paramore and of course, “Clarity,” which owned the top spot on every music chart across the globe for months on end. 

A successful follow-up, True Colors, got rightfully served to us in 2015 and proved to be an even bigger success in busting charts worldwide due in part to pulsating thunderstorms, “I Want You to Know,” co-starring Selena Gomez, “Papercut” with Troye Sivan and of course the album’s hauntingly beautiful title track which Zedd shares with the Rainbow diva herself, Ms. Kesha.

And that moment he teamed up with Ariana Grande in 2014 to deliver her second My Everything single, “Break Free?” Fucking priceless. 

Of course, we just can’t leave out Zedd’s latest and greatest 2017 werk–the bass bumpin’ “Stay” with the red-hot Alessia Cara(which we all know) and “Get Low,” a somehow underrated groove (y’all just ain’t listening to it enough!) co-starring former One Direction-er, Liam Payne.


And while do hope that his latest bangers make it onto his eagerly anticipated third studio set, what we do know is that Zedd is one hell of a remarkable talent (with that “Clarity” Grammy to prove it) and that he’s going to blow the roof off of the Electric Factory over the next few days. 

Get ready, Philly. 

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Zedd cover photo courtesy of Billboard 


Rewerk Wednesday/Thomas Gold

Whether firing up one of his original works, owning a well crafted remixes or landing high-profile slots in music festivals across the globe, Berlin based DJ and producer Thomas Gold has certainly earned his place as one of the world’s biggest and baddest dance music moguls. 

And this Friday he’s about to prove all of that and then some when he takes over the decks at Coda for a set that’s sure to be nothing short of explosive. 

Getting his start tickling the keyboards at the oh, so young age of seven, Gold soon drew his love for music towards the synthesizer, which would then lead him to pursue his strobe-lit dreams thanks to a makeshift home studio he soon built in his Mom‘s basement, of course. Is there any other way? Absolutely not. 

Soon after, Gold linked up with fellow DJ Björn Mandry and the pulsating pair released the high-powered Paintbootiqa EP on the Mauritius dance label, all while Gold was making a solo name for himself due to his remixes appearing on a handful of red-hot Ministry of Sound compilations. 

But perhaps Gold’s biggest break along the disco way came in 2010 when his fiery retelling of Fatboy Slim‘s “Star 69” went straight to the top of the Billboard Dance charts, and from there, well, it’s pretty much dance music history as Gold is still one of the most sought after DJs on the planet. 

Just ask any of the thousands of festival goers and his legions of fans who’ve witnessed him own the Ultra Music Festival and Coachella. Or, just ask anyone whose gotten down to his sizzling body of werk, including such firestorms as “Take Me Home,” “Beast,” “Sing2Me,” “What’s Up,” as well as his latest creations, “Shake It” and “Better Versions of Myself,” which are sure to headline his takeover of Coda on Friday night. 

In other words, let’s fucking dance…because we must. Thomas Gold told us to. 

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Happy dancing!! 

Thomas Gold cover photo courtesy of Electronic Midwest




Dance Music Tea w/Chris Lake

Whether giving us life on one of his fiery original productions (“Changes,” “Only One,” “Boneless,” just to name a few), holding down shop at his Rising Music dance music label or working side-by-headphones-side with top-notch collaborators like Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki, there’s a reason why British producer/DJ/music mogul Chris Lake has been straight up giving it to us for nearly two decades now. 

It also doesn’t hurt that he’s remixed hits along the way for Sia, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Tujamo and many, many more during his continuous reign on dance floors across the globe.

In funkdafied fact, Mr. Lake is about to give it to all of Philly when his current and ridiculously fiery Lose My Mind Tour takes over the City of Brotherly Love for a stop at Coda Philly this Friday night. 

But before he gets ready to serve out all of his greatest and latest beat business (his just released romp, “Nothing’ Better,” will take you on to check it out), Mr. Lake was gracious enough to stop by Philly Mixtape for some good ol’ fashioned dance music tea, where be broke mugs about his favorite albums, what he plans to do while he’s in town and what no aspiring DJ should ever, ever do if they want to make it in the biz. 

Dance it out with the incredible Chris Lake below. 

First up, how are you? How’s the tour been going so far? I’m great thank you. I’m 2 weeks into the tour and it’s gone so well so far. The vibe has been fantastic, and the fans have been amped up to hear all the new music I promised to drop. I spotted a lot of failed shazaming. It’s quite a satisfying feeling, I’m not going to lie….

What can your Philly fans expect from your upcoming slay at Coda this Friday night?  Well, definitely a lot of new music. I’ve been on a bit of a tear lately and I’ve been testing it all on this run of shows. Expect the energy to be high and your feet to be sore the day afterwards! 

Shout out a couple of albums you absolutely can’t live without… Ok, first that comes to mind would be Air/Talkie Walkie. These guys are pretty much my favorite artists ever. Their vibes get me every time. Secondly, maybe I’d choose Prodigy/ Fat of the Land. It really did change the way I looked at music all the way back in ’97. It’s genius.

Okay, so one of my personal favorite new grooves of yours is “Operator” which co-stars Dances With White Girls. What was the recording process like for that track? Ah thank you. Well, the beat came together very quickly. My management had a new member of staff start that day and they brought him over to the studio and see my space. He was sat on the sofa behind me with my team and I started a new beat with them all in the room. It came together very quickly and I felt it needed a spoken vocal. I remembered Dances had sent me a load of acapellas.a few years back that I’d not done anything with so I went through those and came across the ring ring acapella. It needed a little bit of re-formatting but it came together nicely and gets stuck in your head!

Please tell me you’re going to be able to kick it in Philly after the show… I hope so. I have a lot of friends in the city so I love to spend some extra time there whenever I can.

One more spill….what would your personal words of wisdom to any aspiring DJ out there who just picked up their first pair of headphones right this very second? As tempting as it can be to copy or emulate others…don’t. 

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Let’s groove.