Philly Venue Spotlight/Johnny Brenda’s

A high quality and most thirst quenching local beer selection….a locally supported menu stacked and stocked with delicious items for all of the Philly foodies out there….a kick ass live and local entertainment venue….and just an all around phantastic place to cheers to the frickin’ weekend, the weekday, kick some game to that Tinder date, saying “thank u, next” to that ex, that job…..

…..hey, whatever gets you to raise that Johnny Brenda’s glass like our very own Ms. Pink. 

Yes, these are all of the lip smacking, vibe craving ingredients that make up Philly hot-spot Johnny Brenda‘s, and as anyone that truly celebrates that Philly, Philly life and style knows that this is simply the be

Standing proud at the corner of Frankford and Girard Avenues in the southern tip of the city’s Fishtown section, Johnny Brenda’s was once a rough neighborhood tavern in a then very sketchy part of the city until William Reed and his business partner Paul Kimport came along a decade ago and took a gigantic risk…

…..and luckily for the entire city of Philadelphia and its impending travelers, that risk certainly paid off. 

Not only did Reed and Kimport transform the once dumpster fire of a dive bar into a shimmering gastro-pub with a 250 person live music venue just up those stairs for Philly entertainment lovers from all of walks of life, but the oh, so smart business gentlemen are purely responsible for the still ongoing boom of the city’s Fishtown section, which as we all know by know, it’s certainly the be.

Okay, so, our journey through everything this booming Philly venue has to offer you (yes, you) begins with a legendary word coined by America’s favorite cartoon Dad, Mr. Homer Simpson…”Beer.”

Lots and lots and lots of beer. 

With a rotating draft list with 12 taps and 2 hand pumps for cask-conditioned drafts, Johnny Brenda‘s fine-tuned beer selection will not only want to make you sample..them all, but the venue also takes major pride in supporting a hearty handful of local breweries including Flying Fish, Free Will, Dock Street, Manayunk and many, many more.

There’s also tons of Jameson and other booze-y goodies to toast to our frickin’ glass raisin’ lives to, and you (yes, you again) can dive into all right here and begin planning your next Johnny Brenda’s happy hour/life gathering…now.

And fun Philly history fact….the red-hot venue was named after famed boxer John Imbrenda, whose ringside name was Johnny Brenda. 

Of course, we’re going to need a couple of carbs (okay, all of them) to perfectly compliment those beers and that booze (and may you drink responsibly always), which is why much like their support for the local breweries, JB’s shows buffets of food love for the local farmer by using fresh ingredients supplied from area farmers on their truly out-of-this-world menu, which you can feast upon right here.

Herloom tomato salad, fresh raw oysters, the world-famous JB’s Burger, mushroom croquettes… Sunday brunch by the pool table!! Oh….yes to all..of…it…right this very mouth-watering second. 

And did someone say lots of music to dance and get funky to as we can properly burn off those carbs and live our truly best local entertainment lives?

Abso-f@@king-lutely. Let’s serve it out on the Johnny Brenda’s upstairs dance floor like this…whether you want to support tremendous local music artists (and may you always, always) shake your groove thing and/or money-maker, or twerk the weekday pain away, this City of Brotherly Love nightlife favorite has got you covered like a brown paper grocery bag on a fifth grade textbook the way Mom used to do it. 

Now, that’s some serious business. Know what else is serious business? The always eccentric vibes that are served up daily at Philly local and legendary entertainment venue, Johnny Brenda‘s…and you should absolutely grab your guys, girls, gays, your Mom…whoever and just go there….right now. 


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Johnny Brenda’s cover photo courtesy of Victory Brewing


Philly Venue Spotlight:The Met

John Legend…..Pentatonix……Weezer…..Dancing With the Stars!……Philly’s very own Kurt Vile.…..and of course, the legendary Bob Dylan

Yes, those are just a few of the iconic musicians and entertainers who have helped the City of Brotherly Love’s latest booming live entertainment venue, The Met, become the place to get lost in some truly dazzling shows and performances since it opened its gleaming doors to the public this past December 3rd. 

Now, who’s on the way, you may ask?

Well, prepare to clutch your live entertainment pearls because Boyz 11 Men (Feb 16th), Meek Mill (March 15th & 16th), Sarah Brightman (Feb 3rd), Jim Gaffigan(Feb 9th), James Bay(March 9th), Trevor Noah (May 3rd &4th)Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Farwell Play (March 20th-24th), Bill(!) and Hillary(!!) Clinton (April 13th) and Ma…ri..ah Carey(April 3rd…and these are only a few, check this out) are all making their way to the exquisite Met stage to keep the grand opening train rolling on the local and legendary entertainment tracks. 

Oh, yes, there’s one more…how about the acclaimed cast of perhaps the greatest show in the world, Schitt’s Creek, are also coming by on February 20th to soon give Philly a night we’ll never, ever forget!!!! 

Okay, so now that you’ve somehow picked yourself up from the floor (that’s a lot of entertainment lovin,’ right?), it’s time to put our spectacles on and take a closer look at this already legendary Philly venue that is quite simply known as The Met

Owning the corner of North Broad and Poplar streets, the former Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House was originally constructed in 1908 by opera legend Oscar Hammerstein, grandfather of equally legendary playwright, Oscar Hammerstein II. A century-and-$56 million dollars later, Live Nation, Eric Blumenfeld and Holy Ghost Headquarters teamed up to renovate the historic theater to transform it into the king of North Broad Street’s reinvention kingdom.

Once inside, eager show connoisseurs are greeted by a neoclassical layout complete with endless horizons of gleaming (and most likely very, very, very expensive) chandeliers that already make your Met experience worth it before you set a fancy foot into the incredible theater. 

Let’s put it this way, with an extraordinary 100,000-square-foot residence and seating for 3,500 guests, The Met theater has enough room for Mariah, her entourage and her ego. Yeah, it’s that serious. Getting intrigued yet to check it all out?  And let’s not leave out that the venue still holds its classic opera house feel and vibe, which is adorned with gold-flecked ornamentations on the ceiling, walls and columns, as well as several tiers of seating and two-level balcony. And all of you Philly history lovers out there will get to revel in the an appreciation of some of building’s original classic fixtures, for example, the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House crest that’s still laced within the lobby floor. 

Wait, it seems as if we’re forgetting about something here….yes, that’s right….what about sips-and-snacks while you feast upon all of this local entertainment truth? Not to worry as there’s a total of 12 bars within the Met, all while Brûlée Catering (feast your eyes here) does their best to calm your growling stomach with light bites served before each show and also at intermission. Okay, now we’re really ready to get our Met life on. 

But perhaps the grandest part of this bulldozing Philly hot-spot is that it’s indeed bringing all kinds of new life and energy to Philly’s Broad Street corridor as other notable landmark reinventions in the area include the Studebaker showroom and the Divine Lorraine Hotel, which up until recently was looking to be the setting for the next American Horror Story, but has now reopened as a swanky apartment building.  

In other words…The Met better work for all that it’s doing not just for Philly, but for our well deserved local and legendary entertainment lives. So, now begs the question….who are you most exciting in seeing? Madea? Mariah?? Moira??? Either way, The Met has a little something for all of us, and now all we have to do is grab those tickets and revel in it all

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Cover photo courtesy of Visit Philly 


Rewerk Wednesday/Dirty South

This weekend, there will be much to celebrate because not only is it the last part-tay weekend of the month already–which means we’re getting that much closer to spring–but globally owning DJ Dirty South is coming this Friday night to take NOTO by storm.…..

…..and that he’ll most certainly do. Who’s ready? Everyone. 

Jumpstarting his DJ’d life as a mash-up artist and beat maker, Dirty South (real nameDragan Roganović)  began his headphones lovin’ journey in Australia (he was born in Serbia, but his family moved when he was thirteen) by serving up bootleg remixes of dance grooves with only a tape deck, a mixer, a splicer and tons of ambition at his disposal.

It wasn’t until he bought his first laptop in 2004 that the moniker Dirty South was born, and he’s certainly been slaying our fist pumpin’ lives ever since.

It wasn’t long after the MAC purchase that the Vicious Vinyl label would dish his debut ditty, “Sleazy,” which became a bona fide dance hit and put the up-and-coming DJ to the forefront of our glow stick-ed well-beings on the dance floor of this thing we call life. 

His 2006 rewiring of Evermore‘s “It’s Too Late” took him further onto the floor, but perhaps it was 2008 remix of Kaskade‘s “Sorry” and his 2011 rewerk of Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” that really took him (and all of us) there as they were both nominated for Grammys for Best Dance Recording category.

After his outstanding achievements in Grammy nomination werk, Dirty South began mixing and serving out full length studio sets including 2013’s ridiculously energetic Speed of Life and 2014’s somber-and-dreamy, With You.

He’s also certainly keeping in going in the studio just recently as last year saw him releasing two full-length records-the instrumental based, darko, and the equally delightfully mind-numbing, XV, both of which you can-and should stream right here

It also doesn’t hurt that during his now almost two-decade career, the superstar DJ has remixed for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Pussycat Dolls, David Guetta, Alesso, U2 and many, many, many others.

Oh, yeah, he also remains a fucking force to be reckoned with when it comes to the DJ touring scene and will continue to do so, and it’s really just another shimmering reason why you need to get lost in the Dirty South groove at NOTO this Friday night

Let’s get those phists ready to pump, Philly…he’s comin.’ 

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Cover photo courtesy of Wallpapers Craft