Philly Venue Spotlight:The Met

John Legend…..Pentatonix……Weezer…..Dancing With the Stars!……Philly’s very own Kurt Vile.…..and of course, the legendary Bob Dylan

Yes, those are just a few of the iconic musicians and entertainers who have helped the City of Brotherly Love’s latest booming live entertainment venue, The Met, become the place to get lost in some truly dazzling shows and performances since it opened its gleaming doors to the public this past December 3rd. 

Now, who’s on the way, you may ask?

Well, prepare to clutch your live entertainment pearls because Boyz 11 Men (Feb 16th), Meek Mill (March 15th & 16th), Sarah Brightman (Feb 3rd), Jim Gaffigan(Feb 9th), James Bay(March 9th), Trevor Noah (May 3rd &4th)Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Farwell Play (March 20th-24th), Bill(!) and Hillary(!!) Clinton (April 13th) and Ma…ri..ah Carey(April 3rd…and these are only a few, check this out) are all making their way to the exquisite Met stage to keep the grand opening train rolling on the local and legendary entertainment tracks. 

Oh, yes, there’s one more…how about the acclaimed cast of perhaps the greatest show in the world, Schitt’s Creek, are also coming by on February 20th to soon give Philly a night we’ll never, ever forget!!!! 

Okay, so now that you’ve somehow picked yourself up from the floor (that’s a lot of entertainment lovin,’ right?), it’s time to put our spectacles on and take a closer look at this already legendary Philly venue that is quite simply known as The Met

Owning the corner of North Broad and Poplar streets, the former Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House was originally constructed in 1908 by opera legend Oscar Hammerstein, grandfather of equally legendary playwright, Oscar Hammerstein II. A century-and-$56 million dollars later, Live Nation, Eric Blumenfeld and Holy Ghost Headquarters teamed up to renovate the historic theater to transform it into the king of North Broad Street’s reinvention kingdom.

Once inside, eager show connoisseurs are greeted by a neoclassical layout complete with endless horizons of gleaming (and most likely very, very, very expensive) chandeliers that already make your Met experience worth it before you set a fancy foot into the incredible theater. 

Let’s put it this way, with an extraordinary 100,000-square-foot residence and seating for 3,500 guests, The Met theater has enough room for Mariah, her entourage and her ego. Yeah, it’s that serious. Getting intrigued yet to check it all out?  And let’s not leave out that the venue still holds its classic opera house feel and vibe, which is adorned with gold-flecked ornamentations on the ceiling, walls and columns, as well as several tiers of seating and two-level balcony. And all of you Philly history lovers out there will get to revel in the an appreciation of some of building’s original classic fixtures, for example, the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House crest that’s still laced within the lobby floor. 

Wait, it seems as if we’re forgetting about something here….yes, that’s right….what about sips-and-snacks while you feast upon all of this local entertainment truth? Not to worry as there’s a total of 12 bars within the Met, all while Brûlée Catering (feast your eyes here) does their best to calm your growling stomach with light bites served before each show and also at intermission. Okay, now we’re really ready to get our Met life on. 

But perhaps the grandest part of this bulldozing Philly hot-spot is that it’s indeed bringing all kinds of new life and energy to Philly’s Broad Street corridor as other notable landmark reinventions in the area include the Studebaker showroom and the Divine Lorraine Hotel, which up until recently was looking to be the setting for the next American Horror Story, but has now reopened as a swanky apartment building.  

In other words…The Met better work for all that it’s doing not just for Philly, but for our well deserved local and legendary entertainment lives. So, now begs the question….who are you most exciting in seeing? Madea? Mariah?? Moira??? Either way, The Met has a little something for all of us, and now all we have to do is grab those tickets and revel in it all

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Cover photo courtesy of Visit Philly 


Holiday Entertainment Groove

Who’s ready to bump all of this holiday jelly?

Because everything on this list is just so Santa-licious for ya, baby. 

And I personally promise that after this weekend’s calendar, there shall be no more holiday puns, so it’s a gift for everyone!! 

Happy last weekend before Christmas to all, and please be safe out there and have the most fun possible without any drama….that’s what the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  is for. 

Merry, Mary!! 

For your 2018 holiday pleasure……

…….the Philly Christmas Village is back with a giant gift….literally. This year, the beloved Philly tradition returns to a newly renovated LOVE Park (and a big ol’ lit up present right in the middle-of-it-all!) for its 11th season to put us all in the mood for the upcoming delightful madness of the holiday season….yes. Today through Monday, December 24th, be on the lookout for all of the usual holiday sights, sounds, creations, treats (Maker’s Mark plus hot chocolate equals bliss) and of course, lots of eats! Happy holidaze, Philly! Go right here for much more Philly holiday tea.….and don’t forget about the ice skating in front of City Hall and pop up holiday bar, Tinsel! , which is featuring….wait for it….snow globe cocktails this year! Go, Rudolph, go. 

Oh, yes, there’s just one more glistening thing we must mention…..and as usual, it’s superb for all of us kids one-to-ninety-two…..the Macy’s Christmas Light Show has also made its grand return! All you and the phamily have to do is show up at the Grand Court atrium at Macy’s Center City (look for the big ol’ Wannamaker Organ) kicking off at 10 a.m. every two hours until 8 pm through Monday, December 31st! It’s just that easy to get lost in the lights and the magic of the 2018 holiday season. For much more hot and piping Macy’s tea (wait until you see this year’s third floor theme), check your bags right here. 

DJ Robert Drake  ‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house, nothing was stirring…except for the voice of acclaimed Philly DJ Robert Drake on top his collection of favorite grooves spinning out on WXPN radio! This Sunday night beginning at midnight, join the local beat legend as he once again takes over the controls for his 26th annual Night Before holiday music fest! For much more info so that you don’t miss any treat or beat, check out Mr. Drake’s official Instagram page and then get the whole phamily checked in to all the gloriously festive grooves that are about to reign down upon the whole world! Yes, that’s right…he doesn’t mess around with the holidays, kids! 

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker It’s official, the magnificent curtain at the Kimmel Center’s Academy of Music has officially risen to the holiday tune of the Pennsylvania Ballet’s always glorious take on The Nutcracker! Which of course means the Philly holiday season is officially in full, festive swing! And now the question is…did you get your tickets to those glorious seats yet? If not, tip-toe to the box office and get them now! And for much more tea on this year’s enchanting production, dance your way right over here. (Tonight through Monday, December 31st)

Adventures in the Arctic Elf Trade  So, who’s looking for a few sexy dancing elves this season? Since that answer is indeed all of us, you should waste no time in  getting those tickets to explore the North Pole with the latest round of locally talented goodies served up by Brian Sanders’ JUNK performance arts troupe. With a dash of The Nutcracker and other holiday favorites, this is one show that’s guaranteed to put your candy cane in the upright position as we get ready for the holiday madness. There’s nothing left to say but go right here for more JUNK holiday tea and then…go. (Tonight through Dec 23rd

The Color Purple/Theatre Horizon While we could easily spill Broadway tea all day (we really could) about everything this award owning/life-changing show has to offer, you just have to revel in it for yourself as its rightfully taken over the Theatre Horizon all the way through Sunday, December 23rd! Plus, when you get those tickets (some dates are already sold out…so you better hurry!!), you’ll get to see what other critically acclaimed productions are headed to the Theatre’s esteemed way, like, well… click right here to get lost in it all! Tickets start as low as $45, too!! 

The Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House The rumors are true…..he does exist! But besides that holiday magic….yes, the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House (aka..The Met) has finally opened its grand doors to the public! While indeed we could go on and on about the building’s extravagant construction process and just what a spectacular entertainment beacon it now truly will be for everyone ((click right here for all of the tea on the big D’s), let’s spill about who else is stopping by for the grand opening celebrations–Charlie Wilson(Saturday), PnB Rock(Dec 28th), Kurt Vile(Dec 29th), John Oliver(Dec 30th-31st), Sarah Brightman(Feb 3rd), Boyz II Men(Feb 16th) and the entire acclaimed cast of Schitt’s Creek(!!!!!) on February 20th…and that’s truly only the beginning. But what it really comes down to is… The Met is now open for business in taking all of your hard-earned holiday green for those tickets…and we simply can’t wait for it all. 

The Grinch/Merriam Theater  Move over, Mariah?? Because it looks like there’s a new(ish) holiday champion this year. Not only is the beloved “tiny-hearted” titular character of Dr. Seuss’ magical holiday story taking, err, earning lots of green at the movie box office ( a little over $200 million ain’t bad), but he’s looking to steal your heart this Philly holiday season! Through next Saturday, Dec 29th, join the traveling national production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Merriam Theater  for a night that you and the whole family will never forget! But, like the last can of Who Hash, those tickets will fly away quickly, so don’t you be a Grinch in waiting too long to bag them up when you click right here!

Sing Your Life Karaoke  Whether during the hustle-and-bustle of your week or the sleigh of your holiday weekend, the always lovely Ms. Sara Sherr (treat her right this holiday season, kids) has got your vocal chords covered like a light snow on the ground thanks to her always on-point Sing Your Life Karaoke collection. And as always, it’ll be rightfully serving Philly at each of these fabulous locations listed below all holiday season long. Ready, set, sang and be merry! Sun/9-2 Bob and Barbara’s, Thurs/9-2/Milkboy South Street Fri/9-1 Southhouse Saturday/9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap   

Distrkt C:Dirty Santa Philadelphia/Concourse Dance Bar Boys, boys, all types of naughty boys…and there may be a couple of nice ones, too, if that’s your thing. But either way, DJs KRK and Deanne will be spinning them cuts all night to get you fierce, festive and ready for jolly ol’ St. Nick. If there ever was a Sunday night to dance like nobody’s business, it’s certainly this one. Shake that Santa hat right here for more info, and then get ready to shake it this weekend. Did we mention adult film stars Dylan Knight and Seth Santoro will be stopping by? Yas, holiday kween, yas. Ready?  (Sunday/9 pm)

Fabolous/NOTO  Yes, that Fabolous. Now, holla back right here, “Young’n,” and don’t deny yourself those tickets. (Sunday/10 pm

Tabu’s Nondenominatioinal Christmas Show   Feeling a bit nondenominational this year? Or, do you really just want to break away like Ms. Clarkson from the family holiday madness on Christmas night? Either way, Tabu has got you covered as Philly Drag Goddess, Brittany Lynn, along with Miss Tabu her damn self, Zephyra Rivers and YouTube’s favorite “Princess of Hot Topics,” Kyle Ayotte, are packing up their slay with a variety show that’s guaranteed to take you miles away from that one Aunt who asks you why there’s no “special someone” in your life. And as always, there’s no cover, which is all the more reason to get your “ho-ho-ho” on at Tabu this Christmas night! (Tuesday/9pm)

Sunday/December 23rd 

Good Old War@Johnny Brenda’s(8 pm)………..State Property@The Fillmore(8 pm)……….Korine@Ortlieb’s(8 pm)………Miles Chancellor@Kung Fu Necktie(6 pm)……..Alec Stewart@Bourbon & Branch(7 pm)…….Dentana@Saint Lazarus Bar(10 pm)……..Pain @Voltage Lounge(2 pm)








Weekend Entertainment Groove

Now, what to get to into on this impending seasonable second weekend of August? 

How about…all of it. Let’s do it. 

Sing Your Life Karaoke  What better way to glide through the dog days of summer other than to go sing your little heart out courtesy of the fabulous Ms. Sara Sherr and her always scorching Sing Your Life Karaoke collection, which is serving Philly all year-long at all of these fabulous locations listed below. Fri/9-1 Southhouse, 2535 S. 13th St.Sat/9-1:45 Les & Doreen’s Happy Tap,1301 E Susquehanna Ave Sun/9-2 Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street Tues/9-2 12 Steps Down, 9th and Christian Thurs/9-2 Milkboy South Street/401 South St.

Cirque Du Soleil Volta  Where do we begin when it comes to this incredible entertainment spectacle? How about with the fact that it’s simply dazzled the tri-state area all summer long? Or, that it’s (literally) under the BIg Top??!! So, you see, we can go on and on about how this is a must see for the whole entire family, but there’s only just two weekends left to experience it all, so you better go right here to grab those tickets now….and then prepare to be amazed. Various dates&showtimes/Greater Philadelphia Expo Center/100 Station Ave/Oaks, PA, 19456

BB & T Pavilion  Whether it’s the hazy beats and rhythms provided by Wuz Khalifa and Rae Sremmurd tonight, or the classic modern rock flavors that will no doubt be served up by Counting Crows and Live tomorrow night, there’s no denying that BB & T Pavilion has got you covered like Coppertone for your live music needs this weekend and for the rest of the summer. Get those tickets. 

The Offspring/311 Hey, it’s a crazy f@#king world out there, but if there’s one thing that we can all agree on right this very second, it’s that there’s going to be a whole lot of ’90s music lovin’ taking over Penn’s Landing tonight. You betta mosh right here for access.  Friday/Festival Pier /7 pm 

DJ Chris Urban  Whether he’s makin’ you werk on the dance floor at L’Etage every Saturday night (10 pm) or helping you groove responsibly to cure your Sunday hangover over at Positano Coast (12pm-4 pm), this red-hot local DJ will keep your dance music needs in check with his collection of delicious grooves every weekend for the rest of the summer. 

LiPSMACKeRS:’90s-’00s Edition  What happens when you take a whole lot of TRL-worthy grooves and throw them all on the dance floor at Tabu courtesy of DJ Mike Shaffer? You get the absolute best night of your f@#king life. Go. Saturday/9 pm/Tabu 

Lil’Kim  AKA….the one-and-only…..Lil’ Kim because there ain’t no other and there never will be. So, show your girl some love and go see her in AC this weekend. Saturday/10 pm/Haven Nightclub AC 

Jason Mraz   Now that you’ve swooned over him in his well-received “Have it All” documentary, get ready to swoon over “The Remedy” crooner when he takes over the Philly stages this weekend…and you can get your tickets right here…that is if you haven’t already. Saturday/8 pm/Mann Center for Performing Arts 

SWEAT 2018  Now, what could be better than an all-inclusive LGBTQ party down by the river thrown down by Back to Basics which is guaranteed to be filled with lots of glitter and rainbow love? Actually, don’t answer that……just get ready to gussy up for a par-tay full of sunshine and sonnets provided by DJs Lioness and Deluxx, all while Di the Comedian owns your life as your hostess with the mostest.  Go right here for more shiny info and then….go. Saturday/3 pm/Cavanaugh’s River Deck 

KC and the Sunshine Band   What’s your favorite classic KC groove? How about…all of them. So, do a little dance, make a little love and then get down right here for those tickets.  Saturday/8 pm/Sugarhouse Casino 10 pm/

Gladys Knight & The O’Jays   Where do we truly begin with the impending celebration of music life that’s going to be taking over the Mann this Sunday? How about with just getting those tickets and going? Works every time. Sunday/8 pm/Mann Center for Performing Arts 

Green Velvet   First, get down to this exquisitely rewerked display of “Sorry” in preparation for Madonna’s oh, so big 60th birthday celebration next week, and then go see the legendary DJ behind it all take over Hq2 Beachclub at Ocean Resort Casino this Sunday night. Let’s f@#king dance. 10 pm 

Summer Concert Guide  Don’t let the Halloween candy displays at all of the local drug stores get you down (seriously, CVS, calm down), there’s still plenty of summer left……which means plenty of time to go to lots and lots of exciting summer concerts. And just who’s on the way from now until Labor Day? You’ve got Pentatonix, West Philadelphia Orchestra, Ben Folds Five, Keith Sweat, Two Friends, Arty, Cher(!!), Interpol, Smokey Robinson, and many, many more. So, check this official guide out right here and waste no time in getting all of those tickets. 

Also on the local and legendary entertainment for your……


SNL’s Melissa Villasenor @ Punch Line Comedy Club (730 pm)………Lots of fabulous dancing @Woody’s & Tavern on Camac all weekend long(10 pm both spots)………Boatloads of local entertainment from all walks of life @Time Philadelphia all weekend long……..Cazzette @ NOTO(10 pm)………….Lydia@The Foundry(9 pm)………..Drugdealer@Johnny Brenda’s(915 pm)………..John Gilbride@Milkboy Philly(830 pm)…………Andrew Combs@Boot & Saddle(830 pm)………..Free Time@The Dolphin Tavern(10 pm)…………Rick Wonder @Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City(10 pm)…………..Warchyld@TLA(9 pm)……….Mountain Ride@Underground Arts(7 pm)………Mat Burke@Kung Fu Necktie(730 pm)………Doc Rotten@Tusk(8pm)


The Piano Guys@Borgata Event Center(8 pm)………..Steve Angello @ HQ2 Beachclub @Ocean Resort Casino(9 pm)…………Pedro the Lion @Union Transfer(830 pm)…………Impending Doom/Within the Ruins@Voltage Lounge(5 pm)………..Garcia Project @World Cafe Live:Upstairs!(830 pm)…………Tailgunner@Kung Fu Necktie(730 pm)…………Vinyl Countdown@Ortlieb’s(10 pm)…………Echo Courts @Johnny Brenda’s(9 pm)………DevaLily @The Pharmacy(8 pm)…………..E. Joseph & The Sparrows @Boot & Saddle(830 pm)…………Ships in the Night@Bourbon & Branch(7 pm)………..Dame Luz@The Dolphin Tavern(10 pm)


104.5 Summer Block Party w/Robert DeLong @Festival Pier(2 pm)………..Elephante@Daer Nightclub(10 pm)……………Nancy Wilson@Xcite Center @Parx Casino(630 pm)…….Sinful Sundays w/The Godess Isis @Tabu(10 pm)…….Showtunes Sundays @Tavern on Camac(9 pm)………….The Blasters@Kung Fu Necktie(7 pm)…………Jonah Matranga@Boot & Saddle(8 pm)………..The Upper Room@Franky Bradley’s(630 pm)…………Alice Bag@Johnny Brenda’s(8 pm)…………Aw Shucks@The Barbary(8 pm)

Cover photo courtesy of Pinterest

Since we’re all in this music and entertainment life together, be sure to also check out Uwishunu and Visit Philly to see what other kind of shenanigans you can get into this weekend.