• Weekday Entertainment Mixtape

    When it comes to this week in Philly entertainment….just do everything on this list. It’s that simple. Now, get to it.  Sing Your Life Karaoke What’s your favorite karaoke song? Chances are the fabulous Sara Sherr has them all in her always in season Sing Your Life Karaoke collection, which will be serving your vocal

  • Mother’s Day Weekend Entertainment Mixtape

    Lots of rain tomorrow and lots of “I Love You, Mom’s” on Sunday.  Let’s Mother’s Day Weekend and make those plans full of love for Mom.  BB & T Pavilion From tonight’s Future:Nobody’s Safe tour stop to this weekend’s Radio 104.5 Lawn Jawn (day two is sold out) starring Bastille, Empire of the Sun, The

  • Weekday Entertainment Mixtape

    The trick is not to focus on the weather forecast, but focus on lots of things to do in Philly all week long.  So, do them and be happy.  Jerry’s Girls Keep some delightful Philly theater vibes going all May and beyond (Dirty Dancing and Saturday Night Fever are also on their gleeful way) and

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