• Weekend Entertainment Mixtape

    Ready, set, and the Oscar goes to….not you…but at least we have all of these weekend plans ahead of us to deal with the pain of losing to Emma Stone.  Let’s go. 89th Annual Academy Awards  La La Land (and hopefully Hidden Figures for a few??) for like, everything. Really, what’s the point of watching this

  • Think Spring Philly Concert Calendar

    Gird your Ms. Grande ponytails, your copies of The Emancipation of Mimi, press out those trademark ’90s Flaming Lips tees, know your Juicy J rhymes and get ready to hit all of those high notes in The-Dream‘s “Falsetto” while “Dancing on the Ceiling” with Mr. Lionel Richie.  Why? Because each of these music artists are

  • Weekend Entertainment Mixtape

    Can’t we all just make like Eden’s Crush and get over ourselves? Maybe not. But, hey, at least the weekend’s ahead of us, so let’s do it…right now.  Britney Ever After Sigh…how can anyone prepare for all of this Britney Lifetime jelly that’s about to be served up tomorrow night? We can’t. See you at the Crossroads,

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