Groove of the Day/Pink/”Raise Your Glass”

If there’s one thing that most of us can agree on this week, it’s that we’ve been unwillingly served with that not so fresh underdog feeling.

But if there’s one local diva who has the ability to turn our frowns upside down while making us feel a little dance-y and stuff, it’s everyone favorite aerial rock pop goddess, Ms. Pink and her Billboard chart topping anthem, “Raise Your Glass” 

Since this is one those tracks you just have to dive straight into (much like everything she cooks up), don’t waste any time to wash the “ugh” away and always remember to never be anything but loud. 

Let’s raise ’em up. 

This year’s grooves sound like…



Mixtape Music News

1.P!nk serves up Ellen’s new theme song…

P!nk is coming to daytime TV!

No, the high-flying diva isn’t getting her own daytime talk show, (although…the possibilities), the Grammy-snatching singer recorded “Today’s The Day,” a new song to celebrate the start of Ellen’s 13th(!) season on the air, which will officially get its booty dancing starting on Sept. 8th.

Check out Ellen’s new inspirational theme song — and watch P!nk head into the studio with her 4-year-old daughter, Willow. It will make your hump day. Click here to watch.

2.Kurt Cobain is about to release a ‘Montage’ of rarities post-mortum…

After what has seemed like years of anticipation, Nirvana diehards are in for a treat today because it was just announced when we’re going to get to hear the Kurt Cobain rarities housed on the soundtrack to the documentary Montage of Heck.

Director Brett Morgen told AwardsLine, “It will come out November 6th, the same day as the DVD release.”

While No official track list has been served up just yet,  some details of the album’s contents have leaked out. Morgen announced the soundtrack will include all the previously unreleased music featured in the film…plus a dozen additional tracks, which will include “audio montages that Kurt Cobain created” and recordings of the artist talking in between the musical tracks, including “a sketch comedy routine featuring Kurt voicing all of the characters.”

Mr. Morgen also spilled that there will be a “a mind-blowing 12-minute acoustic Cobain unheard track” and a song featuring a Cobain falsetto, which is a real rarity. 

All in all, Morgen plucked the “new” sounds from 107 cassette tapes, which he said contained approximately 30 to 50 demos that were cooked up from nearly 200 hours of audio. Now, that’s a lot of Kurt. 

3.Watch Little Mix get terrorized by a giant bug….

In another music clip that will make your hump day, while performing their song “How Ya Doin?” at a radio event in Phoenix, British girl group Little Mix were savagely attacked by a giant bug!

Well, it wasn’t that dramatic, but the sassy girl group couldn’t keep it together once the Jurassic bug flew straight into the girls, creating a domino effect that would derail their performance for a bit as the menacing bug buzzed around them.

A photographer eventually came to the rescue and got the bug away from the girls, although Little Mix diva Thirlwall later announced on Twitter that she could “still feel it crawling” in her hair, using the hashtag #hauntedforlife.

You just have to watch. 

4.JoJo wants us to start saying the word “tringle”…

Sigh…Oh, Ms. JoJo..

Hard to believe, but it’s been nearly a decade since Ms. JoJo owned the No. 3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Too Little Too Late.” But now, it looks as if she’s going to have three more chances to hit the charts big at the same time with the release of a “tringle.” And yes, it’s exactly what you think it means-releasing three singles simultaneously. 

The 24-year-old singer sparked rumors that she was returning to music (and made fans extremely excited) this past spring when a new song titled “Far From Heaven” leaked on her official SoundCloud page. Although the song was taken down shortly after it broke our music hearts, Ms. Thing has been teasing that she’s back in the music game with Instagrams from studio recording sessions. However, no official announcement of new material has been made…until now. 

Yesterday, the “Baby, It’s You” singer posted an Instagram with the definition of “triangle,” along with the date Aug. 21. According to the cryptic post, fans might not have to wait much longer to hear some new JoJo tunes — and with three at once, it looks as if we won’t be telling JoJo to “Leave” anytime soon. 

5.Zayn Malik did what with his hair????

Brace yourselves….

former One Direction singer Zayn Malik debuts his new Grey/Blue color hairstyle as he was leaving '1 Oak' Night Club in West Hollywood, CA Pictured: Zayn Malik Ref: SPL1100613  120815   Picture by: SPW / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York:212-619-2666 London:870-934-2666

former One Direction singer Zayn Malik debuts his new Grey/Blue color hairstyle as he was leaving ‘1 Oak’ Night Club in West Hollywood, CAPictured: Zayn Malik
Ref: SPL1100613 120815

Picture by: SPW / Splash News

Splash News and Pictures

Los Angeles:310-821-2666

New York:212-619-2666







Mixtape Music Vault/Pink’s Debut Set, ‘Can’t Take Me Home,’ is 15 Now

You guys know by now that here at Philly Mixtape, we take pride in serving up nothing but good, wholesome honest music truth. So, with that music scouts honor being said, I have a little personal music truth to serve up of my very own-the first time I heard the R&Bedroom laced, “There You Go,” the debut single by P!nk, I pegged her off as a one hit wonder. I don’t know, maybe it was her L.A. Reid style gangsta lean, that suburbs-girl-gone-bad swagger…THAT bright as the exploding sun pink hair…I just wasn’t feeling her…at first. Perhaps most of all, it was because that when P!nk did arrive on the music scene in early 2000, she musically fell amidst all those other young teen acts (you know the ones) who bulldozed their way through TRL and the Billboard charts. However, much to my music surprise, the hot fuscia hued chanteuse was on her way, as follow up singles, “Most Girls’ and ‘You Make Me Sick,” put the Bucks County raised songstress on the music map. We also can’t leave out that it was Pink’s debut set, ‘Can’t Take Me Home,’ that would lead her to that little “Lady Marmalade” collaboration she did with those OTHER music gals. Last week, Pink’s romping debut turned 15, so Philly Mixtape opened up the music vault and got lost in the album that turned P!nk into ‘Pink’…all with a little music shade thrown at L.A. Reid along the way….

Released on April 4, 2000 on LaFace Records, “Home” was a set that was stuffed with a contemporary R&B/pop sound, with a seasoning of white- girl -thug music vibes, which were provided so effortlessly by our talented diva. With a top-notch production team on the album that included Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs, Babyface, Daryl Simmons, and Tricky, the record became a sleeper hit, and while it only peaked on the album charts at #26, it still went on to sell two million copies domestically. Ms. Alicia Moore (her real name), also shared co-writing credit on seven of the album’s tracks, only further proving just how talented she is. 

Three singles were released from the album, the first, of course was “There You Go,” a dirrty R&B ditty that was full of attitude and a lot of groove. The video for the track became a ‘TRL’ staple, only taking the song further into the top 10 of the singles charts, where it peaked at #7. But, it was follow-up single, “Most Girls” that became the biggest hit from the album, with its sexy video and P!nk showing us what she was made of, which included werking it out with some one-armed push ups and dancing…for her life. The song skyrocketed to the top 5 of the charts, peaking at #4,  following with third and final single, “You Make Me Sick.” (Tell me the phrase “Got me lit like a candlestick.” didn’t just pop into your head right now….or maybe you put on ‘Save the Last Dance’….) Once the music dust settled down from ‘CTMH,’ P!nk was enough of a force to be reckoned with team up with the ladies of “Marmalade,” where she would go on to score her first #1 single and first Grammy award.  

While these days, it’s hard to imagine what P!nk’s career might be like had she still been lost in the R&B groove, but you have to give the diva credit for being a soldier and sticking it out for her debut set. Any fellow artist can agree that when you’re held back from your self expression, it gets to be pretty frustrating. That’s why when P!nk stood right up to Mr. L.A. Reid and demanded that he let her be who she wanted to be, she only made all of us further realize that she was becoming the music bitch that she is today. Yes, watching these ‘CTMH’ videos all these years later is kind of crazy to see P!nk acting all musically ratchet, but if it wasn’t for this album, our headphones wouldn’t have been blessed have blessed with rockin’ Pink classics, “Get The Party Started,” “Just Like a Pill,” “So What” “Raise Your Glass” and “Blow Me(One Last Kiss).”  

There’s a lyric in P!nk’s second “Mizzundastood’ single, “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” that says, “L.A. told me/you’ll be a pop star/all you have to change/is everything you are,’ Ms Moore certainly did when it came to this album, and in the end, it was a music risk that paid off in the brightest shade of P!nk possible.