5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for P!nk’s Wells Fargo Center Domination

So, who’s ready for Ms. P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma tour stop at the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow night? 

That’s like saying she isn’t the baddest bish in the music game. 

Yes, this time tomorrow night, thousands of fans will be tailgating and getting those parties started in anticipation to see just what the fuck P!nk’s going to bring to that beloved WFC stage. And if you throw in this glorious weather that’s headed our way, it’ll make for the perfect Philly music celebration…and we all need to be ready. 

While there are seriously 8,675 ways to prepare for the one-and-only Ms. Alecia Moore, Philly Mixtape has five that’ll no doubt help you get your trapezes spinning in preparation for it all

See you in the parking lot! 

1.Listen to ‘Beautiful Trauma’ on repeat……   Since the acrobatic diva is embarking on the road in support of her fabulous seventh studio album, it’s time to be well versed and ready to sing along with our beloved Bucks County rock pop goddess. Whether on the politically charged lead single, “What About Us” to the acoustic thunder of “Barbies” to the Eminem co-starring “Revenge,” P!nk’s about to bring all of these traumatic tracks (and no doubt…lots of tricks!) front-and-center at the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow night. Ready? 

However, if there’s one track that might hit us all in a soft place, it’s the album’s powerful title anthem. Not only does it come with a red-hot choreo equipped accompanying music video, but…sigh…it can’t help us be like……Channing and Jenna Dewan 4 lyfe

2.Relive everything that “There You Go” has to offer…..   The hair! That sass! The ‘tude! Those moves! It’s always here and so much more in Mizz Moore‘s debut ditty. Sigh, those certainly were the TRL days, weren’t they? Yes..and we’ll forever be grateful for all of it. 

Plus, there’s this classic remix. Now, “There You Go” indeed. 

3.Watch this performance of “Glitter in the Air” over and over again……   There’s Grammy performances and there’s P!nk’s Grammy performances, which should somehow be captured and put in the god damn Smithsonian because they’re fucking legendary. Case in point, this daring and ultimately spectacular, spinning take on Funhouse piano ballad, “Glitter in the Air.” Now, while we don’t know if she’ll transform into a human sprinkler once again a top the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow night (please?), but what we can do is try not to clutch our pearls during what will always be one of the greatest awards show performances of all fucking time. And that certainly isn’t a question…just watch and revel in it all over again. And then…get ready….because she closes out with this one. 

4.Watch this performance of “Lady Marmalade” over and over again….    If we’re really, really good boys and girls, maybe P!nk we’ll give us a heavenly slice of “Marmalade” tomorrow night. But if we’re really, really, really good boys and gurls, maybe Mya, Xtina, Lil’ Kim and Ms. Patti (!!) will join our girl on stage and give it to us like they did on the Grammy stage in 2002 with this performance. Hey, this is P!nk’s hometown territory so anything is possible! But in the meantime….watch. 

5.Figure the last one all on your own…..   Since there’s just too many ways to throw down a proper P!nk party, use your imagination and get it started. Perhaps the choreo from “Most Girls?” Repeat viewings of the LiLo/Paris/Mary Kate/Jessica inspired video for “Stupid Girls?” Anything and everything she put out over her now nearly two-decade career? In a word, yes. Because she’s about to bring it all to us tomorrow night, and all of her Philly phans should no doubt do the same for her. 

Now, who’s ready for P!nk? The entire god damn tri-state area. 

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10 Reasons Why We Should Forever Worship P!nk

Grammy winner…….Earth shattering singer……incredible performer…….jaw dropping aerialist……..four Billboard Hot 100 #1 Singles…….thirty-three music videos…….forty-seven million albums sold worldwide….stand out wife and mother of two…and one bad ass attitude that we simply can’t live without.

Plus, she’s from Doylestown!!

Yes, those are all of the stand out elements–if not just a few–that make up the now nearly two-decade lasting legacy of one Alecia Beth Moore, otherwise known to all of us as the one-and-only, P!nk.

While it’s easy for any one of us to sit around and spill about our favorite Ms. Moore moments in music time (“Feel Good Time” from Charlie’s Angels:Full Throttle and “God is a D.J.,”anyone? Yes.), it takes less time to just simply bow down and worship anything and everything she’s given us over the years and will no doubt continue to do so as the decades roll on.

And if you throw in her well received latest set, Beautiful Trauma (which is aiming to give her another chart-topping record), a much, much buzzed about electrified set on SNL this past weekend and a high-profile spot on this morning’s Good Morning America, there’s a few more reasons why all of us should forever worship P!nk.

Here’s ten more…..

1.”There You Go” The one that started….it all. No further statements. 

2.”Lady Marmalade” 4 Lyfe……   Just ponder this for a music moment–and all tea, no shade–out of all of the lovely ladies on this Billboard Hot 100 dominating Moulin Rounge owned Labelle rewire from 2001, which one is still the most relevant? And no, the answer’s not Lil’ Kim, Mya or (sigh) Xtina. Hey, at least they all nabbed a Grammy for this one. Go on, soul sistahs……

3.We’ll always understand “Mizzundastood”   “L.A. told me you’ll be a pop star, all you have to change is everything you are,” chants P!nk on “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” The second single from her sophomore set, Mizzundastood, which is still the songstress’ best selling record with fifteen million in headphones worldwide.

So, why did the music kiss off work? Because this album was basically a big “fuck you” to her label Daddy, L.A. Reid, who had a hissy fit when P!nk wanted to transition from those basic Destiny Child beats from her debut, Can’t Take Me Home, (again..all tea no shade) into a more pop rock influenced sound. 

But what it all boils down to like Alanis (she’s another pop diva who went from cookie cutter to cookie cruncher on her sophomore set) is that first….P!nk truly showed us that’s it’s all good to be your damn self and not part of the clique. Second….she truly fucking rocks.

And it all started right here, which is why we’ll always understand it all when it comes to her standout second studio effort. 

“Get the Party Started” indeed, Ms. P!nk. Like, right now. 

4.Sigh…….”Just Like a Pill”  We fucking couldn’t back in the summer of  ’02, and we still fucking can’t to what is arguably one of the best recorded pop rock ballads that’s ever graced the Billboard charts. Plus, this video and those fucking rabbits. God damn, you, Alecia. 

5.This Grammy performance……    Four words…”Glitter in the Air.” Again…no further statements. Just watch and try not to clutch your pearls while doing it. You god damn can’t. 

6.And then there’s this pearl clutching moment……   Hey, we all have to take a header off of the stage at some point in our lives. But at the end of the day, it’s all about how you pick yourself up and carry on…all while dropping a few “F” bombs along the way, of course. You know, because life. Love you, gurl. 

7.She knows a thing or twelve about love…..      In case you’ve been living under a music rock for the past two decades, P!nk has had quite the fine gentlemen by her side during her rise to the top in that of professional motocross racer Carey Hart, whom she met at the 2001 X Games right here in Philly. Although the two split in 2003, they eventually got hitched in 2006 in Costa Rica and, well, split again three years later.

But lucky for all of us, the two crazy kids worked it out just a short time later and now have two beautiful children together–daughter Willow, 6, and a ten-month old baby boy, Jameson, all of whom are seemingly living that happily ever after kind of life. It just goes to show you that one, long-lasting commitments take a long time and a lot of work. (So, get off of those fucking apps and put it in, guys, girls and gays).

And two, without Ms. P!nk’s and Mr. Hart’s love woes tracks like “So What” (in which Hart also appeared in the video) and pretty much every song off of her 2012 Let’s Talk About Love record just wouldn’t have had the same impact on our music minds……that there is hope out there for the rest of us.

Plus, they’re just like so fucking cool together, aren’t they? 

8.She’s a kick-ass Mommy…..    As we’ve seen, beneath all of those Billboard hits, that undeniable sass and trademark kick ass attitude, P!nk’s parenting skills have got it going on. Whether it’s taking her kids on the road (they’ll be joining the diva on her upcoming Beautiful Trauma tour) to experience the world or teaching them strong family values and how not to be like forty-five, those adorable kids are truly lucky to have P!nk has their fabulous Mother. 

But what truly makes us want to hand P!nk the Madukes of the Year Trophy was the speech she delivered during her acceptance when receiving this year’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this year’s VMAs. Dedicated to her daughter, Ms. Moore served out a beautiful buffet of wisdom laced words that didn’t just reign true to all of the upcoming lovely ladies of the world, but hit close to home for all of us, and well, just watch it over and over again. It’s hard not to. 

Btw…”What About Us” is certainly not a love song..this now infamous speech explains it all. Yas, P!nk, yaaaas.

9.She’ll always be sort of underrated pop royalty……and we love her for that.  If you ask anyone to list the divas that were responsible for changing the pop music game back in the late ’90s/early ’00s, their list would go as follows–Britney, Christina, Jessica and Mandy. Hell, some brave souls might just add Willa Ford.

However, one name that’s always omitted is P!nk‘s…and we truly have no idea why as her debut record came in 2000 right between Britney’s debut and “Oops,” so you know it was seriously right in the middle of all kinds of pop music shit goin’ down. Hmmm….maybe it’s because the choreography in the “Most Girls” video was in a class of its very own? Sigh..guess we’ll never know. 

But what we do know is that P!nk knows she’s always been sort of “underrated.” “I’ve never won the popularity contest,” the singer recently spilled in a fascinating article with the New York Times (which you should read right here).  “I was never as big as Britney or Christina. If you look at any paragraph about pop music, I don’t get mentioned — my name doesn’t come up. And yet, here I go again, right under the wave, duck-diving,” she spilled to the Times. 

However, it’s all god damn good because you know what makes a true pop diva? One that not only is completely aware of her career and the direction it should follow (you listening, Mariah?), but one who still has the talent to back it all up, all while never abandoning her fans and giving it to us in a way that only she knows how to do…just by being fucking P!nk

And for that, we’ll all be bowing down to anything and everything for the rest of our music lives. 

10.Do you really need another fucking reason?    Okay, well, how about that time she slayed Ms. Janet’s iconic  “Miss You Much” choreography on MTV Icon?


Her pair of pulsating performances from this weekend’s SNL

Or….this fucking delicious “Sweet Dreams” flavored remix to “Get the Party Started” co-starring Redman? 

Get the point? Good…let’s P!nk…for life. 

“Oh, where, oh where have the smart people gone?” Classic.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Question Pink’s ‘M!ssundaztood’

Picture it….fall 2001. 

Ms. Alicia Moore aka P!nk was fresh off the Grammy snatching high-heeled success of “Lady Marmalade” alongside galpals Xtina, Mya, Lil’ Kim and Missy and had just served us with the news that the follow-up to her 2000 R&B bedroom romp, Can’t Take Me Home was coming soon. 

Then…it happened. P!nk released lead single “Get the Party Started,” which was a little more rocked out than what we were used to with an accompanying video in which our local girl (hailing from Doylestown) was a little less…pink.

Actually, it was the P!nk we never thought we needed as accompanying album M!ssundaztood turned out to be a smashing success, selling fifteen copies worldwide and would also be a big “fuck you” to her record label master, L.A. Reid, who told the diva, “You’ll be a pop star…all you have to change is everything you are.” 

Which indeed turns out to be another reason why you should never question P!nk’s M!ssundaztood, which has just celebrated its fifteenth birthday. 

Here’s five more. 

1.Because “Get the Party Started” will indeed always get the party started. When it comes to P!nk lead singles, perhaps none are as ferocious and fierce as “Party,” which took over our headphones and our Making the Video lives from the moment it skateboarded into our worlds back in the fall of 2001.

With its bouncy beat, campy lyrics and Ms. Moore’s ready flow, it’s the reason why our license plates still say “Stunna #1 Superstar” and why they’re still kissing our ass when we pull up to the bumper while checkin’ our gold diamond rings for life, gurl. 

Of course, it’s most likely the reason you joined Bally’s for a brief moment in time back in early 2002. Anyone remember those commercials? Of course you do.

2.Because “Just Like a Pill” is one of the best pop songs ever recorded. One part rock ballad, one part music truth and all parts a pop music manifesto, Mizz third single “Just Like a Pill” is a song that doesn’t just make you think about like, life and stuff, but P!nk’s delivery of every lyric just hits you in all the right places, taking you to another place that only our girl can provide a first class music ticket for. 

Plus, the accompanying video (with all that black hair!!) has the diva romping with white bunny rabbits for fuck’s sake. Sigh….just watch. 

3.It’s all wrapped up in Linda Party realness… Another reason you should never, ever question this album is because P!nk used her smart music business sense to link up with former 4 Non Blondes front runner, Linda Perry, (really...just what the fuck is goin’ on?), and in turn, the perky, yet delightfully miserable pair came up with an album that’s just full of life, especially on tracks, well, any of the eight tracks the two legendary ladies cooked up on Missundaztood, especially the saucy title track. 

4.It’s why we’re still obsessed with her today. Imagine if P!nk had kept her R&B sass throughout her entire almost two decade career? Now, stop it because we simply wouldn’t have it any other way. Why it was indeed a risky move to give the middle finger to Mr. Reid (although he was married to Pebbles, we still have to show him respect), it was one that certainly paid off as its the rocked our reason we’re still obsessed with P!nk in whatever she does, whether it’s announcing her second pregnancy in a glossy photo shoot, churning out hit-after-hit or flying high above the stage while serving us pure aerlized magic during any one of her performances, this is the album where all of it started from, and we’ll certainly be forever grateful.  

5.Because it’s fucking P!nk…. Do you really need another reason? Okay, here’s another one….the “Sweet Dreams” refire of “Get the Party Started” co-starring Redman and the legendary Ms. Annie Lennox is the absolute main reason why you just shouldn’t ever question M!ssundaztood, but the reason you should never question anything our local girl Pink does….because she does it oh, so fucking well.