5 Reasons Why You Need to Pay More Attention to Madonna’s ‘Music’

Do you like to boogie woogie? 

It’s no secret that Ms. Madonna has provided us with a lot of albums over the years–thirteen to be exact. Of course, that’s certainly not a bad thing being that we have all those scrumptious Madge tunes to last us a lifetime. But the problem is that some of those singles’ accompanying sets tend to get lost in the shuffle of favorites. Music case in point, her eighth studio album, Music, which hit headphones everywhere fifteen years ago this week. Now, that’s not to say that we this bold, brilliant, bizarre record, but with albums like her self-titled debut, Like a Prayer, Confessions on a Dance Floor (which turns 10 in November) and Ray of Light always shooting straight to the top of our favorites list, it’s easy to forget just how brilliant and memorable Madonna’s Music really is.

Upon its glorified release, the funked up, folked up record was met with critical acclaim, with reviewers praising its futuristic production, as well as the Queen of Pop’s new musical style, which had this whole ’70s diva-meets-cowgirl-chic thing going on..and we lived for it. The dizzying set of ditties was nominated for a total of five Grammy Awards, and Rolling Stone even ranked the album as one of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

So the real question is, why does nobody ever really talk about Madonna’s Music record? These days, it’s certainly more monumental more than you think..and Philly Mixtape has 5 reasons why you need start paying more attention to this crazy good album. 

1. It’s blessed with her most recent #1 single….

As we know the highlight of all things Music is the album’s ridiculously catchy title track, which in fact boogie woogied its way straight to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart fifteen years ago this week. Cooked up with a trippy breakbeat, campy lyrics, and elusive name-dropping of the bourgeoise and the rebel, “Music” became an instant classic and is still Madge’s most recent chart topping #1 single. The ‘Music’ album also debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 420,000 units, making it her first set to top the chart in more than a decade since ’89’s Like a Prayer

But as all Madonna Music fans know, the clip for the title track is all wrapped up in Material Girl video truth, pimped out in ’70s style, complete with a gold stretch limo and a decked out in white Madonna, who was eight months pregnant with son Rocco at the time of the filming. Also along for the wild “Music” ride are Madonna’s longtime galpals Debi Mazar and Niki Haris, who teamed up with the diva for one unforgettable night on the town that features strippers, a cartoon Material Girl destroying all her chart-topping hits, and of course, Sasha Baron Cohen who introduced us to (one of) his alter-egos, comedian Ali. G…may he rest in pop culture peace. 


2.Because we’re still trying to pronounce the name Mirwais Ahmadzi…

With the music scene of 2000 being dominated by younger divas like Britney, Pink and Xtina, what was a Material Girl to do if she wanted to snatch some wigs in the tween music game? Link up with a producer whose name no one knew how the f#$k to pronounce, of course.

While in the early stages of ‘Music,” Madonna was introduced to producer Mirwais Ahmadzaï through her longtime Maverick Records partner Guy Oseary, who had introduced the diva to the French DJ and producer at a party. While there were rumblings that the language barrier struggle was real during recording sessions (keep in mind, Madonna had adopted a British accent at the time), the Queen of Pop was taken back by Mr. Ahmadi’s desire for pitch-shifting and his utilization of “acid bass” in his tracks. If you’ll remember, Madonna released THIS now infamous statement before the “Music” single hit headphones in mid 2000. 

“Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on… Hi, it’s Madonna. You’ve probably been hearing about my new record, ‘Music’, for a while. Well, I just wanted to make sure you knew that the single is gonna drop very soon. I worked on it with a French guy named Mirwais, and he is the shit. The album will be released worldwide on September 19, and I hope you like my music.”

In fact, Madonna liked him so much that she teamed up with him again on Music’s iffy follow-up, ‘American Life” which now leaves us to wonder…what the hell happened to Mirwais, anyway? Oh, well at least we got this brilliant Music moment in time. 

3.It’s the most brilliantly bizarre record of her career….

When Madonna released ’98s music masterpiece, Ray of Light, we were instantly welcomed with “Ashtangi” arms into her newly reformed, Kabbalah driven music world. She dove deep into her new-found teachings and learnings, serving us with a record that introduced us to the Queen of Pop of the future. When she delivered Music just two years later, you could easily tell that she had gotten comfortable in her newer, calmer music self, substituting Orbit’s electronica (except for tracks Amazing and Runway Lover), for a more acoustic sound, compact with bizarre, blinding beats and even more subdued music nature, especially on tracks, “Nobody’s Perfect,”Paradise,” “Gone,” “What it Feels Like for a Girl” and “Don’t Tell Me.”

Critics ate up the impressive Ray of Light follow-up, with Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic praising the album’s layered music, giving it four out of five stars, and described Madonna’s collaboration with Mirwais as the reason why the album “comes alive with spark and style.” Jim Farber of Entertainment Weekly gave the album an A rating, writing that “her most patchwork record since the Sean Penn years… In the way it tiptoes around sundry moods and beats, Music is frustratingly inconsistent, as if Madonna herself weren’t sure where to venture next. At times, it feels like a collection of sounds — clever, intriguing ones, to be sure — that seek to compensate for ordinary melodies and Madonna’s stoic delivery.” 

The perfect example of this bizarre Music world would be on second cut “Impressive Instant,” which burps and chips along with Madonna dishing out lyrics, “I like to singy, singy, singy/Like a bird on a wingy, wingy, wingy.” Truly, it doesn’t get anymore brilliantly bizarre than that

4.It finally gave us that Madonna concert life that we were all patiently waiting for….

Following Ray of Light‘s enormous success, Madonna was all about heading on her first road romp since ’93’s sexed up The Girlie Show, but her record company encouraged her to return to the studio and record Ray‘s follow up before going on tour. Due to Music‘s smashing success, the announcement of the Drowned World Tour soon followed, and Madonna fans finally got their Madonna tour thirst quenched. 

While the smashing show featured tracks from both Light and Music, the stage spectacle was just dripping with elements of Madonna’s latest cow diva reinvention, featuring cowgirls, cowgays, haystacks and the mechanical bull that we were introduced to in the “Don’t Tell Me” video. The tour brought home the bank, as well as leading Madonna into the next chapter of her concert life. 

Just think if “Music” would’ve stalled, we might have not ever gotten to experience what some critics say is one of the best tours of her carer. And the fact that she closed the show out every night with Music’s title track just makes it that much more worth it. 

5.And because you still do the “Don’t Tell Me” choreography at night with the doors locked so no one else can see…

Admit it, you do. Giddy up….

….and of course, because you really wish that the Ol Kuntz Rest Home really existed. 








Mixtape Music News/Madonna Birthday Edition

1.Is Madonna being a major ‘Rebel’ diva? 

We know by now that Ms. Madonna has been known for being a little diva-ish, and music word has it that she may be at it…again.

According to, sources close to her upcoming Rebel Heart Tour say that her diva behavior is getting a little out of control. really crossed the line!

With the 56-year-old’s latest tour set to kick off in a little less than a month, those same insiders say she is cracking under the pressure.

“Madonna is a real piece of work. On Monday night, the dancers declared mutiny on Madonna because she is working them way too hard,” the source claimed to RO.

“One dancer even went so far as to take off his credentials, throw it in her face and say, ‘F*ck you. I quit!’”

Stated the source, “She had to call security to protect her and escort her remaining dancers out!”

The same source also said that “On another occasion, one of her dancers broke her arm during rehearsals and instead of showing concern, Madonna had a nuclear meltdown.”

But the most shadiest of Material Girl shade came when the source also just had to throw in that the dancers are required to ear slimming black head-to-toe at all times because Madonnas quoted as saying there are What’s more, ‘no fat c*nts allowed in her presence.’”

A second source close to the production also spoke to production and threw even more shade towards the Queen of Pop. Grab those sunglasses and click here for more of these, um, rumors.

2.Will you be ready for the Rebel Heart tour?

Speaking of Madonna’s upcoming live opus, the show will touch down in Philly on Sept 24th, and judging by the grooves on the supposed leak track list, it’s looking to be another wild on-the-road ride from the Material Girl.

But since every concert tour presented by the Queen of Pop is creatively different, we never know what to expect as in her three decades of touring she has proven to be an unstoppable live force. Relive all of her concert glory with a Philly Mixtape look back at every tour, including the strobe-lit Confessions show, the sexed up Girlie spectacle and her most successful and, um daring show of them all, The Blonde Ambition Tour.

3.When’s the last time you heard this Madonna summer groove? 

With its bubble gum beat, cheeky vocals and Sean Penn inspired lyrics, “Cherish” is still one hell of still a great pop ride. And how can we forget about the Herb Ritts directed accompanying video? We can’t. 

4. Did you get your Philly Mixtape Madonna week on? 

All week long, Philly Mixtape has been serving everyone with a buffet of Materal beats, including some of her most ravenous sun-kissed sonnets, got lost in a sea of essential rewerks, got our “Ashanti” on to “Ray of Light’ and remembered her long lost American Life set. Needless to say, it’ been quite a week. Check out all of the delightful highlights below.Only one more year until we do it again!

Summer Grooves

“Into the Groove”

“Who’s That Girl”/”Causing a Commotion”

“Express Yourself”

“Human Nature”


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5.Which one of these underrated Madonna ’80s gems are your favorite? 

Madonna certainly delivered hit-after-hit in the ’80s, so it’s easy those songs that still fly under the Boy Toy radar. Music case in point, the equally delightful, “Spotlight” and “Angel.” Which one is your favorite? Most likely both. 

6.Because it’s Sunday, too. 

Eroti….ca for life. 




Forgot About Friday/Madonna/’American Life’

There are many questions that arise when it comes to discussing Madonna‘s ninth studio album, American Life. Is it good? Is it bad? What the fuck what she thinking? But if there’s one thing can be absolutely be agreed upon, is that it’s certainly the most forgotten about record of her entire career. 

Served to hungry Madonna headphones on April 21, 2003, Madonna once again linked up with Music co-conspirator Mirwais Ahmadzaï to cook up a concept album that references many parts of American culture, including themes of the American Dream(which we heard Madonna rap about in the albums title track. Sigh..)and Material Girl-ism. The album was a complete 360 then the newly restrained Madonna that we were used to by that point, instead we were served with a diva who was (maybe?) a little angry and just musically realized that maybe nothing…was what it seemed. 

Now, is American Life a bad album? Yes and no. Madonna’s dark, daring folk-strummed eccentricities work at times, but the set drags along at times to retain the same pop consistency of all of her records. But judging by the controversial video for the title track (no need to politically rehash. #justmusichere), you could tell that Madonna didn’t set out to a make fluffy record this time around. So, really, it wasn’t her fault. Right?

While American Life received mixed reviews from most music critics, it still marched into the #1 spot, selling a decent 272, 000 copies its first week. There are a handful of standout tracks on the set, including the Botox-ed up second single, “Hollywood,” the spooky background choir vocals on “Nothing Fails” will destroy your music soul, and even tracks “Love Profusion,” “Nobody Knows Me” and “Mother and Father,” still play out out electronically wise beyond their years. Even Madonna’s James Bond theme, “Die Another Day,” pops up towards the end. Hey, it’s not the worst song on the set…there’s always the title track. 

Whatever the music case may be with Madonna’s long-lost Life she still laughed all the way to the bank that year. Not only did the album to lead Madonna to link up with Missy Elliot for all…those…priceless Gap commercials, but it also led her to Britney (and Xtina, too) for that infamous VMA smooch. Throw in the music fact that it also became the inspiration for Madonna’s wildly successful Re-Invention Tour, and Her Madgesty was certainly living her American music dream. 

Most critics unanimous vote about ‘American Life,’ is that it was “about Madonna.” But then again, isn’t it always?