Holiday Groove of the Day/Tom Petty/”Christmas All Over Again”

As much as 2017 is a year we all just want to get the f@ck over with, it’s also a time to reflect and remember those oh, so god damn great entertainers we lost over the past twelve months, with the death of Mr. Tom Petty a huge loss that music lovers around the globe are still feeling. 

However, while it’s easy to be sad over the now said legendary rock gap in our lives, we simply can’t be. For one, his incredible catalog with the Heartbreakers and beyond will live in our music dreams forever, and two, he gave us, “”Christmas All Over Again,” a rockin’ holiday groove that indeed still makes us feel that holiday spirit all over again every December. 

Appearing on the charity album, A Very Special Christmas 2 (along with such gems as Darlene Love’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and Luther Vandross’ “The Christmas Song”), Petty’s dashing ditty was a holiday hit straight out of the music gift box, with a drum based, jinglin’ rhythm that would make even Scrooge get into the holiday spirit. 

Rest in Peace, Mr. Tom Petty….and 2017, too. 

Now, let’s holiday groove like Rudolph, shall we? Yes. 

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15 Classic Aaliyah Grooves

Tomorrow will mark fourteen years since the music world lost a princess when the small plane carrying R&B songstress Aaliyah, along with eight others, crashed in the Bahamas, sadly killing everyone on board. At the time of her tragic and oh, so unfortunate death, Ms. Aaliyah was an absolute force to be reckoned with, serving up hit singles and albums, as well as quickly becoming a bona fide movie starlet, appearing in films, Romeo Must Die and Queen Of The Damned. It also didn’t hurt that our girl had Timbaland and Missy Elliot by her side as the three of them were always cooking up unforgettable collaborations back then. “Up Jumps Da Boogie” all day…

On a personal note, Aaliyah was–and still most certainly is–one of those singers whose music will never stop bumping-and-grinding through the Philly Mixtape headphones. Whether in the club, bumpin’ beats in the trunk or bangin’ headboard in the bedroom, the sultry grooves and slinky melodies of the late, great Aaliyah are always on point.

While there are many people out there who are familiar with the fallen diva’s werk, there may be a few out there who haven’t gotten lost in Aaliyah’s music magic. So, as we get ready to mourn the anniversary of the “Try Again“chanteuses’s death,  Philly Mixtape has these classic ‘Liyah singles ready to go that will have you throwing your hands up in the air….and then some. Because as we all know, there will never be another fiery R&B diva in our music lifetime quite like Ms. Aaliyah.

Miss you, boo.

“Back & Forth” 

“Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number” 

“At Your Best(You Are Love)”

“Up Jumps Da Boogie” 

“One In A Million” 

“4 Page Letter”

“The One I Gave My Heart To”

“Hot Like Fire” 

“If Your Girl Only Knew” 



“I Don’t Wanna” 


“Are You That Somebody” 

“Try Again” 

“We Need A Resolution” 

“Rock The Boat” 


“More Than A Woman” 

“Miss You”