Rewerk Wednesday/Paul van Dyk

There’s beats……

…….and then there’s those thunderous beats served up by legendary Germany based DJ, Paul van Dyk, which will deem so thrashing when he takes over HQ2 Nightclub in Ocean Resort Casino in AC this Friday night that everyone and their East Coast fist pumpin’ mother will be able to feel it. 

In other words, yes, Mr. van Dyk, yes. Now, let’s get rewerked, shall we? Always. 

First falling in love with the art of house music on the radio in the late ’80s, van Dyk officially draped his first pair headphones around his neck when he began mixing and playing various nightclubs in his native hometown of Berlin. With his love of hardcore trance beats aside, it wasn’t long before the impending globally renowned DJ made a stellar name for himself, which only skyrocketed after his intense residency at the legendary Tresor club in Prague

His first debut records (94’s 45 RPM & 96’s Seven Ways) and accompanying singles including “Pumpin'” “Beautiful Place,” “Words” and “Forbidden Fruit” put van Dyk onto the dance charts as well as the global touring scene, where by the mid ’90s he became a certified household name to everyone on the club kid planet…which was indeed…all of us

But perhaps van Dyk‘s most thunderous accomplishment came in 2000 with the arrival of “Tell Me Why(The Riddle”,” which still dominates dance floors and strobe lights…everywhere. More than likely, there’s a DJ spinning out this monstrous club cut at this very moment…yeah, it’s like that. No riddles or alternative facts here, the power of “Tell Me Why” truly cemented van Dyk as the beat tossing legend he is today. 

It also doesn’t hurt (well, maybe a little in the best ways possible, of course) that van Dyk continued his reign on the club scene through not just the 2000s, but to the present ditty day as well. This was thanks to his tireless efforts and ambition in the studio creating killer grooves (check out his current floor fire, “Aurora,” below) a buffet of remix collections, as well as his Politics of Dancing volume series, all of which have no doubt helped van Dyk continue his destruction on dance floors around the world and have a permanent pulsating place our klub kid hearts forever. 

So, if you’re truly lookin’ to celebrate the last weekend of February and get into complete #thinkspring mode (hey, March!), go see this iconic DJ make the stage at HQ2 Nightclub his bitch this Friday night, because he really he is just that guy with those beats…and we should all be bowing down right now. 

Now, let’s pump it out for Mr. Paul van Dyk…….because we must. 

For more fist pumpin’ on the floor livin’ like this and so much more, turn the tables with Philly Mixtape right here and here

Cover photo courtesy of Mixmag 



10 Victor Calderone Rewerks Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

In what is going to be a jam packed next few days in Philly including the NFL Draft and Penn Relays, legendary DJ Victor Calderone will be taking over Rumor (10 pm/1500 Sansom) this Friday night to help ease the tensions from all that impending traffic and all those Uber/Lyft surcharges for a set that’s guaranteed to blow the roof off the mother fucking place, kids. 

Just to spill a little dance music tea on Calderone, the DJ got his start in Brooklyn, NYC, by linking up with his older brother and eventually learning enough to bust out on his own. It wasn’t long before Calderone was doing the damn thing across the East Coast, spinning his way at Roxy in NYC and Liquid at Miami Beach.

Within that time he was quickly becoming a worldwide sensation, Calderone was twisting’ up hard, hard hitting remixes for Sheryl Crow, Madonna, Garbage Depeche Mode, Sting Madonna, Gloria Estefan and oh, yeah, lots and lots of Madonna and many, many others. 

Which is all the more reason to dive straight into these 10 Victor Calderone rewerks and then go see him pulverize Rumor on Friday night. 

Madonna/”Beautiful Stranger”  No words…just lots of dancing and lettin’ it all kick in. Plus, the CD Maxi-Single, anyone? Yas. 

Destiny’s Child/”Survivor” Life.

Garbage/”Push It” Again…just let it kick in.

Sting/”Desert Rose” Like…what the fuck. Genius.

Gloria Estefan/Heaven’s What I Feel” Exactly. 

Goldfrapp/”Strict Machine”  Because you’re still freaking the fuck out after this past Monday’s Goldfrapp show at the TLA. Just listen. 

Madonna/”Don’t Tell Me”   Don’t ever tell us to stop dancing to this ginormous Madge floor burner..cause we fucking won’t. 

Destiny’s Child/”Independent Women” (Pt. 1)  And another one…

Depeche Mode/”Precious”  Because it’s called respect for this remix and the respect for Depeche Mode to forever make us bug the fuck out of our minds on the dance floor. 

Madonna/”Sky Fits Heaven”  Done. Just fucking done. 



Rewerk Wednesday/Sharam

Perhaps mostly regarded on the dance music scene as one half of the renowned club/dance duo Deep Dish (“Dreams” for life), Sharam Tayebi seemingly never sought to go out on his own being that he was completely devoted on collaborating with his DD band mate Ali “Dubfire” Shirazinia.

However, in 2006 Sharam decided to just go for it and took the solo plunge, and pretty much straight of the music gate, he hit the big time due to the to the wild success from the release of the double-disc Dubai, which was served up as part of the popular ongoing Global Underground series.

Further down the road, the overseas dance music kingpin released his debut single,  “She Came Along,” a collaboration with Kid Cudi, which charted for 15 weeks on the Bulgaria Singles Top 40. This would also lead the DJ to cook up “PATT,” a pulsating club banger that magically takes Eddie Murphy’s ’80s anthem, “Party All the Time” to shimmering new levels of the dance music sea. The same can also be said for his collection of various speaker destroyers including, “Get Wild, “Taxi,” “August House” and “On & On,” as well as pretty much any remix he’s whipped up for overseas dance music moguls Richard Grey, Cedric Gervais and also Ms. Shakira, in which the DJ gave her hit “Waka Waka” the complete rewerk treatment. 

Last month, Sharam released his sophomore album Retroactive, a deep, dark dance music love affair that features collaborations with Giorgio Moroder, Ahousheh Khalili (a long time collaborator of Deep Dish), Daniel Bedingfield, and Chance Caspian, which you can check it all out right here. 

For much, much more on Sharam, get your groove on to his official website and be sure to step to his show at Coda tomorrow night.