8 Essential Rockin’ Remixes

Pharrell “Happy” (Woodkid Sad Remix)

While it’s the lighter rewerk of the bunch, it’s a true masterpiece with its epically beautiful piano. It’s also a fuck of a lot shorter than the original.

Lorde “Royals” (Lazerdisk remix)

Let’s get one thing straight, Lorde kind of bugs me. However, this rewire grips me more than the original…dolphins and sunshine all day.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes “Home” (RAC remix)

RAC has had their hand in every music corner lately, and this remix is testament why. A beautiful lullaby.

Foster The People – “Best Friend” (Rafal Michal remix)

Out of what has seemed like a hundred remixes of Foster’s track, Rafal Michal’s is my favorite. In fact, it’s been on repeat more than the actual original.

Mike Snow “Silvia” (Roboberget Remix)

A little faster than the original, a little more meat on its bones, this version will always be the definitive.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Heads Will Roll”(A-trak remix)

Heard over and over again in every club. The song so old yet still so fresh with A-trak’s production. This IS the definitive version. Hear it in a club near you.

Deadmau5 “Raise Your Weapon” (Madeon Extended)

This is one of my all-time favorite remixes of a track. It’s in the drops, the energy, the punch, the beauty in soft synth. I may have even deleted the original version because this is the one that always gets played.

Fatboy Slim “Praise You”(Maribou State Remix)

My buddy turned me on to Maribou. Blew my mind with hollowness, the air between, the tropical beats, and the dark mood. Especially epic coming from such simple production in the original. That being said, it didn’t REALLY hit me until the bass came in…

Sneaker Pimps “6 Underground” (The Umbrellas Of Ladywell Mix #2)

It was a late night and I was over at an after-party (those situations you find your twenty-two yearold self in), and this song came on…and I just took it all in. The strings, the horns, and the journey it took me on. The song is high class and yet still just as sinful and trashy as ever. This was the sound of London, the sound of city nightlife after-hours in the high rises.





“Rewerk Wednesday”/Freemasons

I know I’ll never forget the first time I was introduced to the explosive work of UK dance production duo, Freemasons. I remember, it was one of the first times I ever went to Woody’s, and I heard a soaring rewire of the Heather Headley R&B hit, “In My Mind.” Once the explosive beat started playing, I couldn’t get over the fact that there was somebody out there who took such a chilled out baby makin’ groove and transformed it into a thunderous dance firestorm. Almost instantly, I became completely obsessed with this remix and even more so than that, I just had to know which musical masterminds were behind this rousing rewire. The moment I found out that it was Freemasons, I absolutely immersed myself in all of their glorious work and have been a huge fan of this dazzling duo ever since. Today, it brings me great pleasure to bring Freemasons into the Philly Mixtape world and give them a spot on today’s “Rewerk Wednesday.” So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Russell Small and James Wiltshire joined music forces in 2005 to become Freemasons, during a time in the UK when dance music was rather quiet and lifeless, due to the teen pop music explosion that occurred earlier in the decade, not giving much to overseas dance floors. The two producers took a chance, coming together to create stomping numbers and ravenous romps, and the pair would soon rise quickly, going on to create remixes for Kelly Rowland, Faith Evans, Solange and teaming up exclusively with Beyonce for remixes off of her ’06 ‘B’Day’ set. The duo have also released albums on their own, most notably their ‘Shakedown’ series, which has spawned a total of three volumes, most recently with Volume 3 hitting headphones last year. If you want to dive into it, you should check this out.

Now, if I were to go through Freemasons entire collective catalog, we would certainly be here until the Molly wore off. Their most noted hits (also ones that I’m sure you guys have danced to at some point or another) include “When You Touch Me” featuring the insatiable Katherine Ellis, “Love on My Mind” with Andrea Martin and “Heartbreak(Make Me a Dancer)” with saucy diva, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. While each track sounds different than the next, they ALL have one thing in common-they will take you hostage on the dance floor and never let go. I mean, that’s what getting rewerked is all about, right? Trust me, Freemasons are the best in the beat business when it comes to turning you the fuck out all night long.

Let’s see, when it comes to my personal favorite Freemasons grooves, wow, there are truly so many that I get down to. Of course, “In My Mind” will always be tops, but I just have to show headphones love to pretty much all of the remixes they did for Beyonce (Particularly “Green Light” and “Ring the Alarm”), their wonderful “Believer,” co-starring the underrated Wynter Gordon, truly makes me a believer upon every listen and of course, their redo of the dearly departed Luther Vandross hit, “Shine,” makes me feel like a superstar. Even last year, they whipped up another favorite, taking the explosive Gorgon City/Jennifer Hudson tune, “Go All Night,” and turning it into a next level disco ditty. However, when it comes to Freemasons, I just have to let the music speak for itself, so dive in and I guarantee you guys that you will truly get lost in all…of…this delicious dance music. Happy “Rewerk Wednesday!”

Heather Headley/”In My Mind”

Beyonce/”Green Light”

Andrea Martin/”Love on My Mind”





 Wynter Gordon/”Believer”

Loleatta Holloway/”Love Sensation ’06”

Katherine Ellis/”When You Touch Me”

Luther Vandross/”Shine”

Gorgon City/J.Hud/”Go All Night”

For more Freemasons, go here.