Jam of the Day/Disclosure/Sam Smith/”Latch”

Here’s a little hump day summer music tidbit for you…’s already been two years since Disclosure & Sam Smith took over our sun-kissed souls with their lucky number seven Billboard Hot 100 groove, “Latch.” Going back even further, the shimmering sonnet was actually released overseas in 2012 and it took two years for stateside radio to actually start playing it. 

But we’re so glad it finally did. 

The deep collaboration also broke both music artists into mainstream territory, with Disclosure taking over every festival from pretty much that moment on, while Mr. Smith’s In the Lonely Hour era began and he would soon terrorize us with another summer love anthem that same year with, “Stay With Me.” Sigh…

Last year, Disclosure and Smith teamed up on the synth-ed up siblings sophomore set, Caracal with a deeper track called, “Omen,” and while it packs quite a pulsating punch (as does the rest of the album…check it out here ), “Latch” is just that summer groove that you need in your life again…..right now. 



Mixtape Music News/Dudes Edition

1.Justin Bieber has nothing but nice things to say about Kris Jenner’s new man..

Did we miss something here?

By now, we know Mr. Justin Bieber loves the whole entire Kardashians/Jenners clan. Now, he’s included one more “member” to his liking-Kris Jenner’s new boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

The Biebs uploaded a photo (taken during pal Kylie Jenner’s recent 18th birthday party) of the new couple to his Instagram, pairing it with the caption “hottest couple in the game.”

However, in addition to his Jenner/Kardashian connections, Gamble is also part of Bieber’s management team. Go figure. 


2.The virtual duet between Jason Derulo and Luke Bryan is all you need in this rainy Tuesday. 

A little awkward at times, but will cheer you right up on this dreary Tuesday.  Plus, Mr. Bryan’s facial expressions are beyond priceless. 

3.Did One Direction bring Burger King chicken fries back?

It sure seems that way…

Fans of Burger King‘s trademark chicken fries may have UK boy band-ers One Direction and the website Buzzfeed (naturally)  to thank for the return of the genius food creation.

At an event to hype a spicy version (!) of the chicken fries coming out this week, BK said it decided to resurrect the fries last year after seeing the enthusiasm they constantly generate on social media.

Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer for Burger King North America, said the company noticed a spike in chicken fry clucks in January 2014 that was traced back to a Buzzfeed post titled “35 Foods From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now.”

One of those coveted items on the list was the world famous chicken fries, which BK sold between 2005 and 2012.

However, it was a few ew months later that Hirschhorn says there was an even bigger surge of mention One Direction member Liam Payne mentioned them in a tweet–“I’m so fulllllll!!! Think I just ate my body weight in chicken fries and sides owwwwww.”

Now, who’s ready for more chicken fries? Everyone.

4.Go on with your wax self, Mr. Smith….

Judging from this pictue you’re about to see, UK crooner Sam Smith thinks that getting your own wax statue is pretty cool..and a little hilarious.  In fact, The “Latch”  decided to seriously get on with his wax himself when his official wax stature debuted at Madame Tussauds in San Francisco.

From licking his statue to candidly taking selfies with some of his favorite (wax) celebs, Mr. Smith owned every waxed up moment.

Possibly the most surrealist experience of my life…” Smith said in the caption to one photo. “Sorry for so many pics this is just so sick!!!!”

Singer Sam Smith, right, licks the face of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds wax museum in San Francisco, Monday, Aug. 10, 2015. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) ORG XMIT: CAJC103

Singer Sam Smith, right, licks the face of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds wax museum in San Francisco, Monday, Aug. 10, 2015. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) ORG XMIT: CAJC103

5.R.I.P., Mrs. Doubtfire…

Even one year later, it still sucks.


To check out some of Mr. Williams’ finest music moments, get your funny on and click here.



Mixtape Music Tea/ Stetson Rose

A few weeks ago, Philly Mixtape sat down in a much well deserved air conditioned room at the Firefly Music Festival to spill some music tea with local singer/songwriter, Stetson Rose.

Having already won the hearts of many at Philly Songwriters Project, Ms. Rose was offered an opportunity to play the annual festival, where she was quite gracious in spilling all of the local music dish for us. Take a sip below…

PM- How did you get your start as a musician?
SR- I just always have (been a musician). I started on ukulele then my parents got me a guitar when I found a broken one in the garage.

PM- Hey, that was like me! I found one in my mom’s attic after being enamored by my cousins. She got it fixed up for me and I started just riffing on it. So, Firefly is a pretty amazing opportunity. How was the experience for you?

SR- It was phenomenal. I was so scared before going on but it was so much fun while I was up there. I just wanted to keep going.
PM- You did have a good crowd going. I could hear your voice half a mile away when walking up to the tent.
SR- Aw thanks ! People came up afterwards telling me they were headed to another stage and that I had stopped them in their tracks.

PM- That’s an awesome thing. So you have traveled a bit before I’m told?
SR- I was born in the Bay area on the west coast. I have traveled to New York and Florida, was a part of California’s West Coast Songwriters. I’m well traveled I guess you could say. For a long while I took a on music to focus on family. It definitely feels good to be back and this is probably the first time I’m professionally promoting it.

PM- It looks like it’s working quite well for you. What inspires you as an artist?
SR- Making someone cry (laughs). It’s being so touched within that moment that I try to evoke.

PM- Any artists?
SR- My parents lived in San Francisco in the 60s…so The Band, Paul Simon, Sam Smith. I’m a sucker for a vocal. First and foremost I’m a singer. But the feeling…I don’t know how to describe it. Oh and Ray la Montagne. His album, Trouble, so good.

PM- So you do have a day job and a child at home as well as being a performer. How do you juggle all the responsibilities?
SR- I cry a lot (laughs).
PM – So do I. Trust me haha.
SR- I have a lot of support though from friends and family. No one becomes successful alone. For me it’s about how to get the energy and then keep the energy.

PM- Any act that inspired you here at the festival?
SR- Paul McCartney of course. I’m also excited to see Max Frost.

Listen to her single “Silver Lining” and check out her TOUR below:

Tour Schedule:

Jul 11Rose Tree Summer FestivalMedia, PA Free

Jul 15Penn Museum Summer Nights Music SeriesPhiladelphia, PA Tickets

Jul 18The Oval StagePhiladelphia, PA Free

Aug 16Bethlehem Musik FestivalBethlehem, PA Free